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    The server can be pretty scary at first, since there’s so much to do, but that only makes it even better! You can set out your own goals to either make the perfect base, pitch a new idea for the server, or more! There’s even plenty of people willing to help, so even if you don’t know how to start, they’ll tell you what to do.

    There’s also holidays and microevents! Our last one was a fishing event, but we have ones for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more! You can get really cool cosmetics made by users. You can even make some, too, and help the collection grow! :D

    You can either focus on making a lot of money in the server, having a grand base with really cool aesthetics, or a large collection of cosmetics (and of course, there’s other things you can do). You get to decide, and even play with friends!

    We even have really cool bosses at our arena that drop useful prizes. Just make sure you do it with friends! They’re pretty tough...

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