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    posted a message on Paradise Gaming - 24/7 - 100% legit survival - Grand opening
    In-game name: otafraid
    Have you read the rules? yes i have
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    posted a message on Looking for builders and server hosters for a huge building project
    I otafraid need builders and one server hoster to help create a medieval city. Now you may be thinking what makes this special well the one thing is we will build it completely survival so that means we will be surviving mining and trying to build this city without dying at all. Now this is a daunting task so i need your help forumers to make this city. I am going to need at least 10 builders and probably 3 redstoners along with someone who can host a server. Now to apply fill out the form below.

    Builder Form
    How long you've had mc:
    examples of work:(please have some it will almost guarantee that you will be chosen):
    previous building experience (a.k.a server spawns or whatever):
    building skill 1-10:
    why you want to join:

    Redstoner Form
    redstone skill 1-10
    examples of work:
    why you want to join:

    Server hoster form
    can you host a server:
    will you participate as welll as host:
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    posted a message on Youtube parter: Who wants to advertise?
    Quote from ninjasebFan

    I have a problem with what you said, you say its hard get subscribers but a channel like his cant say "lets advertise" Whats to advertise on his channel, only like 10 views each video is not very good for advertising.
    thats why he wants advertising for his channel so he can get more views.
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    posted a message on Anyone want to join us in our videos?
    Age: 13
    Skype name: bobbyknight1211
    Minecraft username otafraid
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    posted a message on Dunklecraft- Mindcrack-like Dedicated Server
    Age: 13 (i know its kinda young but i try my hardest to be mature and i definatly dont act like a baby on servers so please dont check me off for my age)
    IGN (in game name): otafraid
    Skype (Y/N): yes i will pm it if accepted
    Minecraft Experience (what version did you start playing, e.g. Beta 1.5): beta 1.7
    Redstone experience (Rate 1-10): 4-5 im not great but i can do some stuff
    Will you build quality builds on this server: yes i will
    Will you cooperate with everyone on this server: yes if asked by a superior (a.k.a admin or mod) i will be happy to comply
    Microphone (Y/N): yes
    Recording (Y/N): No
    Hours per day played: around 2 right now but thats because i cant find a server i enjoy
    Favorite LP I don't know if you mean general LP paulsoare junior if you mean mindcrack like thing Pause'es
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    posted a message on What is the least crafted thing in minecraft?
    I believe its a diamond hoe I mean why would you need a diamond hoe
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    posted a message on Rooms in your home
    I kinda have a castle like house im building which has 4 towers and a main center area along with a wall thats has corridors these are my current rooms listed by floor

    -left back tower cauldron room
    -right-back tower potion gear storing room
    -left front tower nether portal
    -right front tower brewing room with lot of brewing stands
    -main/middle room enchanting room + piston doors down to my mineshaft

    floor 1
    - back right tower access to basement and just empty room leading up to second floor
    - back left tower same as first
    - front right tower same as first
    - front left tower same as first
    - main room general greeting area with a few chairs and tables along with paintings
    - hallway leading in with paintings red wool carpeting and lit by redstone torches

    floor 2
    - back right tower furnace room and access to 3rd floor
    - back left tower crafting room and access to 3rd floor
    - front right tower guest bedroom with balcony's and a single bed access to 3rd floor
    - front left tower storage room with tools and weapons access to 3rd floor
    - main room eating area and a bathroom

    floor 3
    - back right tower same as second floor access to 4th floor
    - back left tower same as second floor access to 4th floor
    - front right tower same as second floor access to 4th floor
    - front left tower same as second floor except stores all building materials and mining materials access to 4th floor
    - main room my master bedroom with a 3 wide bed glowstone small desk a small table and a few chairs along with a rug of blue and green.

    floor 4
    - back right tower battlement equipped with bows and arrows in a small chest
    - back left tower same as first
    - front right tower same as first
    - front left tower same a first
    - main room large greenhouse with melon farm pumpkin far wheat farm sugar cane farm and vine farm.

    thats about my houe might add a mushroom farm to the basement later though.
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    posted a message on What did you do on the first day of minecraft
    Spawned and commenced to spam click to break a tree. I failed and then decided I didn't have enough power whatever the hell that means
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    posted a message on funniest bans ever -almost 200 crackup ban hammers that spoken-
    I once got banned and this is the reason Dont be a party pooper dickface Appareintly i was a party pooper for yelling at the staff because they griefed my house and a rule was no griefing
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    posted a message on Why can't we craft cobwebs?
    Quote from crazyapplezz

    The problem is cobwebs can be used to troll people.
    so can lava, tnt and, fire
    Quote from Cyclon3

    In real life can humans make spiderwebs? No. Well you can, but not the way spiders can. That is a good point though. Ill look for a mod really quick.

    Edit: Here is a mod I found, but it is outdated. http://www.minecraft...ble-cobweb-v10/
    in real life can humans make a portal to hell or kill zombies minecrafts not a real life game now is it
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