About Me
So your reading this to learn about me ok i will interview myself now

so what are my interests: they are unicorns minecraft football rainbows and cocaine (not really i don't like football ;D).

So you smoke cocaine and like unicorns are you sure your sane: No I'm not sure last time i tested they said i was insane and i nearly fell off my unicorn.

Ok I'm kinda scared now, so whats your favorite thing to do in your free time: In my free time i like to take my unicorn and ride over rainbows to the leprechaun palace where i sweep the candy canes off the floor.

Ya I,m scared now, but anyways whats your favorite song: well i cant decide its either what what in the butt, chocolate rain or what makes you beautiful by one direction.

Ok you are terrifyingly weird and I'm quite scared now so I'm gonna go: Ok see you on the flipside home slice. Peace out dog
Interests I like to do more stuff than you will ever know.

Profile Information

Minecraft otafraid Xbox Since when did i need an xbox