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    posted a message on Helpful Villagers v1.4.0 BETA - Builders and more on the way...


    I made a nice guild hall a short distance from the village.

    I led two villagers to the new building.

    I designated the guild hall for lumberjacks.

    The lumberjack profession doesn't become available.

    What is wrong?

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    posted a message on Windows 10 version.

    Thank you for the clarification webrosc.

    Still, I don't trust a huge corporation that owns a game... look at what Blizzard has done to their flagship titles. I hope Microsoft has smarter people than that.

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    posted a message on Windows 10 version.

    I am aware that this forum is not run by Mojang. This is my only option to request information, since their tech support never responds. I suspect microshaft will live up to it's name, and kill the normal PC version when it suits them. You know, force millions of minecraft users to get windows 10 which is ransomware, and thus boost their profits by a predictable amount.

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    posted a message on Windows 10 version.

    Since you have made a new version of minecraft just for windows 10, does this mean you will no longer support the old version?

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    posted a message on SEVERE REALMS SERVER LAG in 1.8
    It seems everyone is laggy with 1.8..... previously smooth servers are now stuttering like crazy...... I hope mojang fixes this soon, or they are going to have to start refunding realms subscriptions.

    Even my single player game is stuttering... I switched 1.7.9, and it's smooth as silk.

    Mojang needs to stop living in a fantasy world, and fix this problem FAST
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    posted a message on 24/7
    • In Game Name: Ordinaryman
    • Age: 43
    • Where are you located? Texas, USA
    • Have you ever been banned? (If so, why?) Once, for making the server owner's spawn look like amateur crap compared to my home lol He banned me and took my home as the new spawn. What a little twerp!
    • What are your skills/ favorite things to do in minecraft? I love making sprawling castles, villages, etc.
    • How neat/clean do you build? My builds are generally met with awe, envy, anger..... they are clean, logical, and sometimes amazing
    • Tell me about yourself! Why do you want to join? The more you type here the better! I've been looking for a decent server for a long time..... I am stuck at home due to medical issues, so I tend to play games for hours and hours every day (I'm talking 12-16). I am friendly, and enjoy chatting.
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    I think we need more information .... you are asking us to go blindly into a mysterious server...... probably to be harassed, griefed, robbed, etc.
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    posted a message on Vanilla SMP Server For Youtubers to RECORD ONLY
    No grief protection? not worth my time :P

    Someday I will find a good server.... good thing I haven't been holding my breath :)
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    posted a message on RedCo: Small Mindcrack Like Community Server Looking For Members
            What is your Minecraft username?

            How old are you?


            How long have you been playing?
    since beta 1.2

            What type of player are you?
    90% Builder, 10% explorer

            What can you offer to our server? What makes you different?
    I am friendly, helpful, and chatty.

            Have you read the rules?

            Do you agree with our rules? Anything you would like to change?
    Yes, I agree. As long as the rules also apply to mods and admins.

            How can we contact you back? (Steam/Skype/email)
    Steam: (Lenkdrache) Skype: (Drachehund)

            How often would you play on the RedCo Server?
    Several hours every day. If I'm enjoying the community, as many as 12-16 hrs.

            Do you have a Skype or Mumble account?
    Skype (see above) I'm always online, just add me and give me a call :)
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    posted a message on 1.8 100% Vanilla server looking for some new, mature players (18+)
    Name: ordinaryman

    How often will I play? Daily, unless the server is full of brats... then I'll play for a bit then never return.

    How old am I? 43yr old home-bound retiree.

    Kind of player..... I enjoy building castles, villages, etc. The more I trust the owner and the admins/mods, the bigger I build.


    A small castle I made.... then the owner decided he wanted it for his new spawn (his construct was pathetic) then he banned me LOL what a little sh**head.
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    posted a message on The authentication are currently down for maintenance
    Patience is something gamers lack, on general principal.... LOL

    That being said, I would really like to get back to setting up my server :P
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    posted a message on [1.6.2/1.6.4] [Forge/Jar] Advanced Darkness - 1.5
    Please make this a bukkit plugin... this would be awesome to pop onto my server :)

    I have nothing but trouble getting mods to work......
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    posted a message on AuroraCraft Survival [Now Open!]
    Seems ok to me.... I'll give it a few days before passing judgement
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    posted a message on Ak's Server ☺
    my IP? not on your life LOL

    username ordinaryman
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    posted a message on VanillaCraft!
    Quote from Yackitori

    This is a bad idea just waiting to happen.

    I agree LOL
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