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    I posted this on Reddit a couple days ago. Figured I should post it here as well. I did look around to see if anyone had made it before, but I don't think I saw one. I know there's a few Boo skins for the ghast, which is why I went for Lady Bow (from Paper Mario) instead.

    Here's a few pictures of Kirby - http://imgur.com/a/sugc1#wx56X and here's the skin - http://imgur.com/a/ztmDa#8uh0Q (there's arms up and down for firing/flying depending on how you want it to look)

    This has both pictures and the skin for Lady Bow - http://imgur.com/a/VJtQi#zaMQF (and yes, I did get lazy and just edited from Kirby skin and kept the arms the way it is).
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