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    So i just finished my final result for my ram modules.

    So this is the final result. Each module is 3 wide, by 4 long, by 13 tall, and fully tile-able. It took me about 2 days of tinkering and learning about ram to make this. I don't know how to scale this in terms of compactness but it operates at 5 ticks for saving, and 4 ticks for resetting. The inputs are from the yellow lines on top, and the outputs are on the very bottom of it all.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, in terms of compactness and speed.

    Ill post a design specs of this if requested.

    More pics!
    a few more of these then you might be able to maake a dedicated server
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    Quote from thatguy1124

    Anyone who wants the server, please join the Hamachi Network- serverhost124
    This is so I can talk to everyone.
    The password is 123.

    You can email or PM me if you don't know how to get/use Hamachi.

    ... lol i seem to have to redownload himmachi everytime i finaly get it off my pc
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    Quote from 54Roguethian54

    Paintings cause there only used for decor and secret doors but then again thats only for greifers but if theres a server with greifers they'd jsut destroy the paintings i would say air but you cant use air

    without air you cant breath and with breath gurg gasp *dies due to lack of air*
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