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    History of the map:

    -The map is happen in 3 differents times: 1971, 1981 and 2011. In 1971 and 1981, you play with David, a man who's lived in a small town called Desandia, where very people disappearing for no reason. And the theorists said the city has a portal to the Other Reality, a demonic reality, where very and very demons attack the travellers. So, in 1981 David goes to investigate about the Other Reality.


    1- Not allowed for kids, people with cardiacs problems and Psychological Traumas

    2-Don't use commands! please, be respectful with the creators of the map, and don't destroy the map

    3-Don't sleep in the beds

    4-Don't use a another texture pack.

    5-The map was created for 1 player! 2 and more players, is not allowed, and can break the map!

    Please follow the rules! Respect the creators, and don't try to break the map

    If you see a error or fail in the map, contact me: [email protected]


    By: TheRafirox



    Sound Bible

    Horror pack texture: Robo500

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