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    Framed Panes
    framed panes demo

    Framed Panes adds unique window frames to each of Minecrafts stained glass panes.

    For the best experience install Optifine or use the connected textures Mod and turn on Connected Textures.

    Framed Panes Website

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [V6.3.0] [320,000 Downloads] The Wars Mod
    i like this mod but i liked it better when you did not have to get all the kills to get the different rolls like archer knight scout .... "exatra" i think the ability to chose you type of armor and weapon is vary important. cuz some people are better with archer then scout or better with a knight. you see what i mean ?
    :steve_wink: ^_^
    i like having the roll picking block, it is alot better then having all the extra blocks. but i think you should not have to get kills for the different rolls
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [V6.3.0] [320,000 Downloads] The Wars Mod
    i cant get on the server. i even tried to reinstall forge and the mod. it just says :

    "forge modloder has found ID mismatches"

    then it lists a bunch of f ID's like this one

    "ID 4069 from mod warsmod is missing"

    and this one

    "ID 4065 is mismatched between world and game"

    and after all that it says

    "you can not connect to this server"
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Ships and Boats -- Looking for programmers who may take the lead developing this mod. See the main post.
    i want a program that will UPDATE MODS for me
    and tell if there is a problem it cant solve and what it is
    so i can develop mods and not have to do it when mojang develop minecraf
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    Quote from zech299

    Could anyone please update the Zeppelin mod to 1.5.1? I've been checking since 1.2.5 but it hasn't been updated by anyone anymore. I'm asking anyone who knows how to update mods.
    I would love to...
    ...but i realy dont like working in JAVA :steve_blushing: to much typing !!!
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