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    Hi and welcome to my Realm, RazrCraft! I just started this realm. Looking for 10+ members that will bring the realm alive and active.

    The realm is a few days old so not to much progress has been made on it by members.

    We currently have 5 members who will be active.

    We want to have active members that need to be trustful who can play whenever with any supervision.

    This realm takes inspiration from h2m/Hermitcraft. Where member can build shops, communities, etc.

    -No griefing

    -No stealing

    -No cheats

    -Be respectful

    -No trolling (pranks are okay)

    -Mic is required

    -You can PvP (don't abuse this though)

    -Don't use members items/builds or build on members areas without their permission

    How to Apply

    -Enter your GT:

    -Your Age:

    -A short answer what you would offer to the server:

    Thanks for the time and I hope to see you all in the future!

    If you get accepted I will add you to the small discord server for this Minecraft realm.

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