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    posted a message on Huge Crater Seed! Minecraft 1.2.3-1.2.5
    that is insane
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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    Is it just me or are the biomes from the addon pack a lot more frequent? I rarely see biomes from the original pack.
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    posted a message on I miss old minecraft sounds!!
    Totally agree. Minecraft just doesn't feel the same anymore...
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    posted a message on Help! New to Minecraft
    Quote from Paris_of_Troy


    I have only been playing Minecraft for about 2 weeks now. I bought it online and I've been enjoying making lots of stuff with tips from You Tube clips.

    But I've been having trouble with some things - and I'm confused about what version of Minecraft I have and what I can and can't do on it.

    I saw a You Tube with some clay people and I really want to make them - but I can't seem to do it on my version, and I'm wondering if I need to upgrade or down grade to be able to do it!

    I've found heaps of different stuff on You Tubes that other people are making, that when I try, it doesn't work, such as crawl, climb up fences, run really fast and swim. Some of it might be my computer speed. What's going on?

    Can anyone help me with this?



    the cay people thing your talking about is a mod. it doesn't come with the game, you will need to download it.
    to crawl you hold "shift" down. To clim up a ladder (you cant climb fences?) to look up and move forward with the arrow key. To run faster you double tap the forward arrow key. to swim you first jump in water. sink. move forward. and use spacebar to control the depth. update if you can't sprint.
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    posted a message on Modloader problems
    Quote from happyskillz

    So i tried to install the new modloader update for 1.0 and my minecraft crashed! I'm pretty sure i installed it correctly (dragged all the class files to the bin, deleted META-INF). I dont get a black screen, it just freezes at the mojang logo and then crashes. I have not had this problem in any of the previous versions which is why i'm really confused :sad.gif:. Please help!

    make sure your installing the right version for 1.0
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    posted a message on Newly hosted Medieval Roleplay server.
    Name (Minecraft name): onewiddle
    Define ROLEPLAY in your own words: being the role of someone other than yourself
    Any past experience with roleplay?: umm, fable.
    How old are you? (this will not affect your chances of getting on the server): 14
    Can you speak English and use grammar effectively?: yes, im english
    Why do you want to join my server?: I like medieval architecture.
    What can you offer to the community?: creativity and help.

    Character name (this is the name I'll give you upon joining): Ater
    Background story (just give a two paragraph story about your character and his past experience): A friend of everyone in town. I grew up living in a well known family with a decent amount of money. When i was younger i was traped in an abandoned mine that i excaped and built a well crafted house.
    What is your character's occupation?: house builder.
    What is your character's skills? (over-powered characters will be denied):building, and mining.
    Give an example of roleplay (go into detail): Building a city and people living there with jobs. Places to see and do.
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