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    posted a message on ✨Aurora ✨ 18+ | Community Based | Vanilla Survival | Discord | DynMap

    IGN: YourBestBudd
    What You'd Like Us To Call You: Budd is probably best
    Age: 22 (I put in 21 and re'reading through my application I realised I 100% forgot my age.)
    Time Zone: 10:00+ (AEDT, Australia)
    Do You Agree With The Rules?: Absolutely!
    Do You Participate in Voice Chat?: I absolutely love voice chat, of course
    How Would You Discribe Your MineCraft Play Style?: Im not entirely sure, it really changes with my mood but recently ive really been trying to get a bit more involvement with my builds
    What's Your MineCraft Petpeeve?: Floating, god damn trees. I can spend an entire day just to clear these things up
    Tell Us A Bit About Yourself: Ive been in a few servers that seem to die in a week and from the sounds of this server oh my, oh my, oh my am i excited, It is so inline with what I've wanted and i cant believe how many slots it fits in what i wanted of a server.

    Other then that, a few hobbies of mine is field hockey and baking, I use to beatbox but havent practiced in a few years or so. Im also a future aurora smp server player.......... hopefully (heh ; ))
    Anything Else?: Let me in!

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    posted a message on Join Soul SMP!

    IGN: YourBestBudd

    Discord Name(If you want to keep it private just Pm me). AlphaBr33d#5150

    Why you want to join: I am already appreciative of letting out the seed and knowledge of spawn rates, I feel as if this server will give a good prior time frame of changes before making changes to the server! I've been looking for a server for awhile now but this is finally one I believe is appealing

    Do you agree with the rules? Of course I do, I believe those rules are just common etiquette

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    posted a message on {SilverCraft} Vanilla Gameplay Community Server With New World, Bringing “The Good Ole Feel” back to MC -HermitLike-

    In Game Name (IGN):[/b] YourBestBudd

    Preferred Name: [/b]Alpha

    Language: [/b]English

    Discord (Please include your 4 digit number. Ex: ChickenRat#5326): [/b]Alphabr33d#5150

    Location/Timezone: [/b]ADST (+10:00)

    Age: [/b]21

    How much time can you contribute to the server per week?: [/b]This varies alot due to working 2 jobs but i think i can safely put in about 8 hours a week consistently, I also dont want to put TOO much time to avoid getting burnt out.

    How can you specifically contribute to the server?: [/b]I like to have fun, I hate joining a server and almost having a solo experience, I do like to try and make community based activities.

    What is your favorite thing to do out of Minecraft?:[/b] Build somewhat large structures

    Do you watch youtube? If so, who?:[/b] I use to watch alot of videos but now if i ever am to watch minecraft related videos it would have to be either Mumbo or Grian

    Tell us a bit about you as a person: [/b]It takes alot for me to open up but when I do its hard for me to really not talk! Im quite a shy individual and love playing field hockey, I am a very mediocre beatboxer and for my jobs, I write some Music and also am a Baker.

    Why do you want to join this community?: [/b]I'm just really wanting to play with some people, its just more enjoyable that way.

    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?: (I left this question in here just so you can maybe edit your application, its in here Twice.)[/b]

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    posted a message on Potato Hermit Craft | Looking for a handful of players who are 18+ for some fun. Vanilla Minecraft Server (with essentials)

    IGN: YourBestBudd

    Age: 21

    Reason for joining: After recently getting a new computer, ive kind of faded out of the old server i was on due to the inactivity without my computer and from what I have seen, i believe this server is a great place

    What you are looking forward to most about this style of gameplay: I have always been a builder, and being a builder is just is not fun without others, my one goal is too after i make my main goal is general for a more interactive server builds whether if the build is destroyed in a just fun, intense battle! (most maps do get wiped, as i assume this will also one day, so whats the point of not a bit of fun on the builds before they dissapear!)

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    posted a message on ▓▓ The Frozone ▓▓ Whitelisted - 100% Vanilla SMP - Mature (16+)

    Still searching for people! Apply! :)

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    posted a message on ▓▓ The Frozone ▓▓ Whitelisted - 100% Vanilla SMP - Mature (16+)

    Personally age does not particularly bother myself, so I can see where you are coming from, but unfortunately its what current members want, Thanks for applying though, greatly appreciated.

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    posted a message on ▓▓ The Frozone ▓▓ Whitelisted - 100% Vanilla SMP - Mature (16+)

    @Creepynerd @Sirawesome @cptwow Applications denied, sorry we are looking for a older age group :(

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    posted a message on ▓▓ The Frozone ▓▓ Whitelisted - 100% Vanilla SMP - Mature (16+)

    Welcome to Frozone!

    Frozone is a brand new community starting in minecraft and we are making a server! We are okay with expanding to other games eventually depending on how many people would want that!

    We also have a discord! Come in and talk! Upon a accepted application you will be sent the details of our discord!


    - No Griefing

    - No Mods

    - Only Consensual PvP

    - Be Respectful




    Your favourite thing to do in minecraft:

    (optional questions)

    Other games you enjoy:

    Plans for the server:

    IRL Hobbies:

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    posted a message on Dark Sect. - VANILLA - WHITELIST - SURVIVAL

    In game name: [/b]YourBestBudd

    Age: [/b]20

    Why do you want to join the server? [/b]Alot of your goals/views of the server matches up with many of which I have, love the idea of interacting in more ways then just minecraft!

    What type of builder are you? [/b]I definately trying and push my limits and go for large scale builds that are not really there for functionality but more for looking at or having some event on (because whats the point of building something if its just there to be looked at, its a game, not a museum)

    Are you good with redstone? [/b]I'm actually fairly okay with redstone, im not a mastermind but I definately know a little bit pass the basics.

    As for pictures, I could get probably one or two but I dont have it on the computer!

    Cheers for the consideration!

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    IRL Name: Scott
    IGN Name: YourBestBudd
    Skype Name: Scott.on3kn1ghtstand
    Do you have a Mic?: Yes. Steelseries headset.
    Will you record for youtube?: Most definately, I am unsure on frequency and when i will start (i want to move soon :P)
    Why do you want to be recruited?: Just been looking for a server for awhile and i really am interested in actually having group activities.
    Age: (13+) 20
    Anything Else?: GraphiteMC, My youtube channel is : no videos yet but i have alot of stuff setup! :D

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    posted a message on SMP - Vanilla Whitelist - Frost Control Apply!

    Applications open :)

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    posted a message on SMP - Vanilla Whitelist - Frost Control Apply!


    Greetings! If you are reading this, then obviously you will want to join a Minecraft Server! Well what do I plan on providing that will be different from others? I more or less want to make the server more of a group of friends that can hopefully even branch out to other games in later dates. To keep minecraft a bit more a well knit server we will branch out into teams, or divisions to make a competitive atmosphere.

    Also later on to fit more refreshing sort of vibe based on the people we can talk about what can be added to the server and just make it a bit of friendly competition and just overall a more fun experience rather then just playing minecraft with people we say Hi- Bye to.


    The rules, are fairly basic.

    No Hacks/Mods

    No EXCESSIVE cursing

    No griefing - This means, fix creeper holes, no floating trees and also no destroying other peoples builds

    If you read this put potato in your application

    No pranks with TnT Lava Fire etc without asking. (Basically no completely hazardous pranks)





    Game Genres you like (Eg First person shooter)

    Whats your goal when it comes to finding a server?

    What would you say your best at when it comes to Minecraft?

    What is your top 3 Hobbies

    Thanks for your applications! Have a wonderful day!

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    posted a message on RoyaltyKraft SMP - {Closed}
    IGN: YourBestBudd[/b]

    Age: 20[/b]

    Skype (required): Scott.On3kn1ghtstand[/b]

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since Beta 1.7[/b]

    What is your favourite part(s) or minecraft and SMP servers?: Meeting new people![/b]

    What is the longest period of time you have spent on a single Minecraft world?: Would of had to be with my old Youtube buddies on a server "MineRage" was there for a good year and a bit till the server closed due to money issues.[/b]

    What are your plans to do on the server?: I dont have a specific plan. But I am very tempted to record.[/b]
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    posted a message on **Our grand opening is finished** **THREAD CLOSED**
    What is your name (or nickname)? Scott
    What is your IGN?Your Best Budd
    How old are you? 20
    Have you read the rules, and will you be able to follow them? I have read them all, and am willing to follow them all, however, is optifine alright? It does give the zoom in feature.
    How often should we expect to see you online? Atleast twice a week 8-40 hours a week (I work in a underfilled bakery so i work alot of hours)
    Will you be able to join our forums? Should not be a issue! :)
    What are you looking for in a server, what is it that keeps you around? Alot of the make or break for a server is the people in it and Im very appreciative of how you have set up everything in the thread.
    Do you have any questions or concerns about the server? Where is the server located?
    Do you understand that the IP will be messaged to you after your application is accepted? Understood!
    In addition: Sorry about any spelling errors and sorta jumble writing i am pretty tired, just got off a 14 hour shift at work. If you would like I can rewrite my application.
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