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    Quote from treeco123

    Next time you say "buck", think about this.

    LOL I already saw that comic a while back. And AJ is pretty good at bucking if you know what i mean ;) . But, yeah it is kind of weird to use "buck" to censor.

    Quote from Flutterwry

    Nah, welcome to EQ Daily, where it has gone from awesome to trash. It has been months since I went on there, I have no intentions anymore. It has literally gone to trash imo.

    I guess the prereader thought Encyclopedia meant it was "real life" despite based on the fiction MLP cartoon. EQD isnt nothing like it was, on a path of downfall none the less.

    I haven't been Equestria Daily for about 2 months now. If I want fan fics I can always just go on fimfiction.net and have a lot more stories available. If I want art then DeviantArt isn't hard to browse through at all. Equestria Daily is sort of dead to me.
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    Quote from ChocoBunny

    No. I've eaten only rice since I was 4 (eating disorder ftl), but this game is about surviving, and I think I wouldn't last a second in the wilderness if I tried to make a rice farm, since I would starve before the rice was able to be cooked.


    Are you a hindu or buddhist? Because I only know that in hinduism, cows are counted as sacred animals and should be protected. But buddhists are vegetarians (I've been a buddhist for 5 years).

    Off-Topic: I feel like a bad Buddhist now for eating meat IRL. Not too bad though since I'm not the one killing the animals.
    On-Topic: A lot of people do things in video games they don't normally do in real life since they know it's just a game. Kind of adds to the appeal that you can experience something that you wouldn't normally. I'm pretty sure I will never parkour and kill random Templars. Past life maybe.
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    Hey I found this mod a while back, I think August of 2011. Just checked back, and it seems like you've disappeared from the face of the Earth. I went to your profile and it seems like you haven't been active anywhere. I'm mostly saying this to anyone asking for an update. I think he has a life and has moved on from this project and that we should stop asking for an update.

    bracomader, if you're still working on NamCraft we would all appreciate you stopping by here and saying hi. If you discontinued NamCraft updates could you possibly release the source code so someone else can continue the project?
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