Interests Minecraft, Anthros/Furries/Scalies/Furfreaks/what ever the hell you would like to call them,WRITING!!!!!!!!!, Programming, DRAGONS!, Raspberry Pi Minecraft!, FOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!, Pinkie Pie, My Little Pony (<-- Uh, derp?), interstellar modular mod peace (I.M.M.P.)., Skyrim, Virtual Reality, Sci-fi, Fallout Games, Tails, Saphira, Snakes and Frogs, Magic, Psychic Powers, Incorporating everything from an entire game series into one game, British accents, yogscast, dungeons and dragons, RP, LARP, Pokemon, Massive amounts of collectables, thinking up things more powerful than god, the mysteries of the universe, mac and cheese

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