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    posted a message on 📣 TMV.ZONE 📣 Chill Survival Server 🌳 Hermitcraft-like Community 👋 Creative Plots, Too!


    In-game username: okha316 (PE) and Marauder316 (Java)

    Discord name (4-digit code not required): midnightmarauder1639

    Why do you want to join this community: I've already played on it (oops!) and I really like it. It's now my favourite server!

    Tell me something about yourself: I'm 16, an aspiring photographer and RCAF pilot. I also do some developer stuff on my Chromebooks.

    How did you find the server: Through my brother, Toblerone567. (Thanks, bro!)

    I look forward to knowing you all better, and to have as much fun as possible on TMV.zone.

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