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    posted a message on Factorization 0.8.108

    Requesting permissions to use Factorization in my private FTB Server pack! This is something interesting we all created early game to try to get some simple power.. it's not crazy, but I think it's pretty!

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    posted a message on Tinkers' Construct 2
    Installed the update but I'm finding that the Broadsword, Longsword, Battleaxe, Rapier, Cutlass and cleaver all have no render whatsoever:

    Also, the buckets for the new fluids don't actually place any fluids.
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    posted a message on Flame Gear 1.0.1 - Flame Based Gear
    To fix your bug with the ghost entities, simply do a if(!world.isRemote()) check on your break block function with this tool.
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    posted a message on Redstone Armory - Enhancing the Flux Revolution! (1.7.10 alpha)
    I like this a lot! I've always wished that more would come of RF as far as tools go. Any interest in armor? I know powersuits are everyone's go-to, but I would prefer some old-fashioned armor that simply ran off of RF.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    Quote from Riggs Tooples

    Good point. I thought much the same. However, it's actually already done by Thermal Expansion via the magma crucible. My thought was to simply add support for using the fluid, since I -think- it's already registered in Tinkers' Construct anyway. If not, every other fluid from TE is, so it's probably a very simple operation to implement.

    I'm actually highly interested in a small, yet powerful, mod like this. If you want some help coding it, I'd be thrilled to, I'm pretty familiar with Thermal Expansion's API!
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    posted a message on [1.5.x][1.6.2] Builder's Blocks -- Connecting Glass Textures and more!
    Quote from MinecrafrGi

    I can't download the 1.6.2 version. The Link says it doesn't exist.

    Here's a new link
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    posted a message on [1.6.x][SMP][Forge] Mystic Mods -- Looking For A New Developer
    Quote from GotoLink

    Hi oitsjustjose :)
    I have been requested to keep your mod updated.
    I'd be glad if you could accept me taking over your mod, give me your latest source and full right to modify and redistribute publicly.
    I intend to maintain it to its full glory and give you due credits.

    Anyways, I wish you good luck for the future ;)

    EXCELLENT. I'd love to pass on my code to you. As always, the code is on my github, and you are free to all of it. I was working on MysticWorld with a friend, feel free to continue it (or not, I don't care as it isn't/wasn't finished), but I'm thrilled you're going to take it on! If you want access to the WikiSpaces, let me know, otherwise I can take it down so that there isn't confusion, or keep it up in its current state, doesn't matter to me!
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    posted a message on [1.6.x][SMP][Forge] Mystic Mods -- Looking For A New Developer
    Quote from Blogvampire

    This is plain awesome!

    Glad you like it!
    Quote from FatBobTheSlob

    I'm not sure if that's mystic ruins, but I'll post regardless in case it is. Monsterspawners inside this dungeon are always empty. Highwayman is from Steamcraft.

    Yeah, those aren't mine, sorry. Wish I could help!

    Quote from aspirine101

    Mystic ores' iridium nuggets turn to ic2 iridium nuggets and I don't really want it to :( any fix?

    Do you have GregTech installed? It would probably be that, and I can avoid the issue I suppose, but it's not likely seeing as I'm not going to be working on the MysticMods much anymore
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    posted a message on [1.6.x][SMP][Forge] Mystic Mods -- Looking For A New Developer
    ~News regarding development status in original post~
    Quote from The_Flying_Fox

    What exactly does the magic bag do?

    It links to your EnderChest's inventory

    Quote from Caslomyr

    First, thank you so much for updating, improving and expanding the Mystic Mods! I'm happy to see their future is in capable hands. I remember using it briefly in the beta days, and have been using it's updates extensively as well. I'm looking forward to Mystic World when it's ready for release. :)

    Second, I've run into a small problem with Mystic Stones, and I've been taking the last three weeks to verify it since it could easily be subjective. On my multiplayer server, I've run three worlds so far using the 1.7.2 version of these mods. The first two world only seemed to have limestone and marble from the Mystic Stones mod, but none of the other colored stone types. A started a third world about two weeks ago, and have only been able to find Migmatite and Travertine on this one. I've been playing daily on this world for about two weeks.

    Initially, I thought you might have changed the stones to a biome-based generation system, and it hadn't got into the change logs. To test that, I tunnelled about 500 blocks both north and east from my start point at y=32, but I still only found the two stone types despite crossing multiple biome boundaries.

    My current setup is as follows:

    Basic Information-
    Minecraft 1.6.2
    Minecraft Forge
    World Type: Biomes O' Plenty

    Mod List (Server, taken from sort list in logs)-
    • Mystic Ores(Mystic Ores:0.1): [1.6.x] MysticOres ()
    • Mystic Ruins(Mystic Ruins:0.1): [1.6.x] MysticRuins ()
    • Mystic Stones(Mystic Stones:0.1): [1.6.x] MysticStones ()
    • ArchimedesShipsMod(Archimedes' Ships:1.6.2 v1.3.5): ()
    • barrels(The Barrels Mod:2.3): Barrels 1.6.2+ 2.3.jar ()
    • BiblioCraft(BiblioCraft:1.4.0): BiblioCraft[v1.4.0].zip ()
    • Natura(Natura:2.1.7): Natura_1.6.2_2.1.7.jar ()
    • BiomesOPlenty(Biomes O' Plenty:0.6.2): Biomes-O-Plenty-0.6.2-1.6.2.jar (after:Natura)
    • BiblioWoodsBoP(BiblioWoods Biomes O'Plenty Edition:1.2): BiblioWoods[BiomesOPlenty][v1.2].zip (after:BiblioCraft;after:BiomesOPlenty)
    • BuildCraft|Core(BuildCraft:4.0.2): buildcraft-A-4.0.2.jar (required-after:[email protected][,))
    • BuildCraft|Builders(BC Builders:4.0.2): buildcraft-A-4.0.2.jar (required-after:BuildCraft|[email protected])
    • BuildCraft|Energy(BC Energy:4.0.2): buildcraft-A-4.0.2.jar (required-after:BuildCraft|[email protected])
    • BuildCraft|Factory(BC Factory:4.0.2): buildcraft-A-4.0.2.jar (required-after:BuildCraft|[email protected])
    • BuildCraft|Transport(BC Transport:4.0.2): buildcraft-A-4.0.2.jar (required-after:BuildCraft|[email protected])
    • BuildCraft|Silicon(BC Silicon:4.0.2): buildcraft-A-4.0.2.jar (required-after:BuildCraft|[email protected])
    • camolights(Camo Lights:[1.6.2] Camo Lights v 3.6): Camo Lights v ()
    • ComputerCraft(ComputerCraft:1.56): ()
    • CCTurtle(ComputerCraft Turtles:1.56): (after:ComputerCraft)
    • DungeonPack(DungeonPack:1.6.2 v2): DungeonPack 1.6.2 ()
    • Dynmap(Dynmap:1.9-8): Dynmap-1.9-alpha-1-forge-9.10.0.jar ()
    • eplus(Enchanting Plus:1.16.4): EnchantingPlus-1.16.4.jar (required-after:[email protected][,))
    • EnderStorage(EnderStorage: EnderStorage (required-after:[email protected][,))
    • Forestry(Forestry for Minecraft: forestry-A- (after:ExtrabiomesXL;after:BiomesOPlenty;after:IC2)
    • CARuins(Cellular Automata Generator:0.1.3): Generator_mods_0.1.3(1.6.X).zip (after:ExtraBiomes,BiomesOPlenty)
    • GreatWallMod(Great Wall Mod:0.1.3): Generator_mods_0.1.3(1.6.X).zip (after:ExtraBiomes,BiomesOPlenty)
    • WalledCityMod(Walled City Generator:0.1.3): Generator_mods_0.1.3(1.6.X).zip (after:ExtraBiomes,BiomesOPlenty)
    • IronChest(Iron Chest: (required-after:[email protected][7.0,);required-after:[email protected][5.0.5,))
    • meteors(Falling Meteors:2.11.1): Meteors Mod ()
    • Mystcraft(Mystcraft: (required-after:[email protected][,))
    • Natura|CompatMineFactoryReloaded(Natura compat: MFR:0.1): Natura_1.6.2_2.1.7.jar (after:MineFactoryReloaded;after:Natura)
    • NEIAddons(NEI Addons:1.9.0.r40): neiaddons-1.6.2-1.9.0.r40.jar (after:NotEnoughItems)
    • NEIAddons|AE(NEI Addons: Applied Energistics:1.9.0.r40): neiaddons-1.6.2-1.9.0.r40.jar (after:NEIAddons;after:AppliedEnergistics)
    • NEIAddons|CraftingTables(NEI Addons: Crafting Tables:1.9.0.r40): neiaddons-1.6.2-1.9.0.r40.jar (after:NEIAddons)
    • NEIAddons|ExtraBees(NEI Addons: Extra Bees:1.9.0.r40): neiaddons-1.6.2-1.9.0.r40.jar (after:NEIAddons;after:ExtraBees;after:Forestry)
    • NEIAddons|Forestry(NEI Addons: Forestry:1.9.0.r40): neiaddons-1.6.2-1.9.0.r40.jar (after:NEIAddons;after:Forestry)
    • NEIAddons|MiscPeripherals(NEI Addons: Misc Peripherals:1.9.0.r40): neiaddons-1.6.2-1.9.0.r40.jar (after:NEIAddons;after:MiscPeripherals)
    • ObsidiPlates(Obsidian Pressure Plates:2.0.0): obsidiplates-1.6.2-universal- ()
    • pchan3(PChan3 mods:0.7): PChan3_mods_0.7(1.6.X).zip ()
    • Railcraft(Railcraft: Railcraft_1.6.2- (required-after:[email protected][,);after:BuildCraft|Core[4.0.1,);after:BuildCraft|Energy;after:BuildCraft|Builders;after:BuildCraft|Factory;after:Forestry;after:[email protected][2.0.44,))
    • SoulShards(Soul Shards:1.0.39): SoulShards-1.0.39-universal-srg.jar (required-after:[email protected][,])
    • TConstruct(Tinkers' (required-after:[email protected][,))
    • TConstruct|CompatMineFactoryReloaded(TConstruct Compat: MFR:0.1): (after:MineFactoryReloaded;after:TConstruct)
    • TwilightForest(The Twilight Forest:1.19.0): twilightforest-1.19.0.jar ()
    • weaponmod(Balkon's WeaponMod:1.6.2 v1.13.5): ()

    I'll be happy to provide any other information you like if it will help.

    Finally, I noticed that you had plans for making the ores compatible with Tinkers Construct a few pages back. Is that still planned, or has Mystic World eaten the time available for that?

    Time to test a fourth world, I think. Good luck on college, work and coding!

    May have something to do with the worldtype you're using, I'm not sure if MysticStones fully supports ALL world types, or simply default/large biomes
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    posted a message on [1.5.x][1.6.2] Builder's Blocks -- Connecting Glass Textures and more!
    Quote from Drucrazy

    Wooo I am bringing this back! Looks pretty sick ;3

    I've actually made tons of code changes, so I'd be careful of using it too much if I were you. There are now 5 glasses, 1 "bordered" type glass for each plank, and a clear glass, which has nice CTM but a default(ish) texture. Pillars are now only in 3 colors, Normal (stone brick colored), black and white.
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    posted a message on Vanilla100% Server:: NewMap ::18+:: [Like Mindcrack Server]Hardmode
    1. In game Name: oitsjustjose
    2. Skype/RazorComms Name: stovallj1995 [skype]
    3. Age: 18
    4. How often do you play minecraft?: Daily
    5. Why would you like to join?: Looking for a small vanilla server like this one!
    6. Can you respect other people's things/are you trustworthy?: Of course
    7. Do you understand that if you are caught cheating, stealing, or griefing other people's stuff you will be removed from the server?: Absolutely
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] JET LIFE [mcMMO] [Economy] [ChestShop] [Jet Life Market] [Anti-Grief] [Ranks] [Mature Staff] [Friendly Community] [No Pv
    Minecraft Name: oitsjustjose
    Age: 18
    Past Server Experience: Host my own, have for nearly two years
    Do you agree to all the rules above?: yes
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Forge] Natural Biomes 2 - v0.5.4 - Adds More Vanilla-Like Biomes!
    Quote from asilyad

    I hope one of the things you re-introduce is the extreme hills being above the cloud layer. I miss making variations of Machu Pichu and Shangri La. It was kind of cool having clouds drift around your feet.

    I agree with asilyad, you should:
    1. add a config file for rewriting Extreme Hill biomes
    2. rewrite extreme hill biomes to actually be extreme
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    posted a message on Help with "place block" sound replace
    The placing sounds and breaking sounds are both the same sound, changing the two would require a pretty big rewrite of the core block system in Minecraft. Sorry I can't help much, but Puredarkness is right about the location being in dig
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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016
    Quote from Wreckage

    When using Mcpatcher the textures for the lamps are all brown. Anyone else having this issue.

    Don't use MCPatcher, it isn't needed for HD textures and hasn't been since forge came out for 1.4.7, and will also break most of forge if installed alongside it. If you want CTM, then I suggest using optifine.
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