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    I'm alive! Just haven't been keeping up with this so much... I might come back in a year to fix the photos. Bahahah

    Quote from Blohod»
    I may be making a video, if I do I will post it here.

    Okie dokes! Thanks for letting me know, and I hope all is well either way. :D

    Quote from emberiza»
    Of course I'll tell them :) This map is so much fun :) We play it for 20+ hours and we don't have all the heads yet. Sometimes I am little confused what to do, but maybe I'm just stupid ;)

    And now time for spoilers:

    Oh man, I looked all INSIDE mobs and I didn't check outside near them. I have to go back to "Confused Party"
    I thought about milk but I think I will try an enchanted pickaxe. BTW is there any way to get bookshelves? I need sugar canes but I didn't find any.
    OMG, this is so obvious! Stupid me!
    I found another way to the Nether. I have obsidian from mining ender chests and I just built a portal outside a theatre. Is this considering as a cheat? ;)
    Also one more question. I found lots of diamond ores inside a bat in "Witchcraft", but they are falling into the void below :( Is there a way to mine them properly?

    Nah~ You're perfectly intelligent! I'm sure it was a bit confusing. Minecraft is already confusing at first, and I was trying to do something with that kind of experience. Hahaha

    • I should have placed bookshelves in one of the "villages" at least in the foresty scene. I'm not sure where I put sugar cane though. hahah Maybe the smaller iron golem in the same scene?
    • I deem making another portal is not cheating. ;P It just might pop up in a random, awkwardly placed area because of the way it's built. Hahah
    • To be honest, I was hoping someone would figure that out and tell me. Bahaha I just put as much ore as I could so players wouldn't lose too many and because I was curious. :/ Did you ever find a way to get them?
    Quote from huffpuff1337»
    Downloading now. Will edit this post for progress reports.

    Not played the first map.
    Edit: Is keepInventory supposed to be off?

    Hey there!
    Thanks for downloading and the progress reports! :D No worries for not playing the first one~
    keepInventory should be false though since it's the Minecraft default. Feel free to change it to what you find more enjoyable since it doesn't affect anything vital in the map.
    Happy Minecrafting!

    Quote from GinMoriarty»
    like this great map so much! :)
    Btw that some of my friends they think the valuable blocks hiding inside the animals (iron block, gold ores, diamond ores ect,) are not placed on purpose for detecting, and cuz that we shouldn't dig a lot inside animals (that seems like "killing" these lovely animals they thought) to get valubles.
    is that the ores only be used as good view, or can be mined as some rewards for adventure?

    Thanks for leaving a comment! It's really refreshing to hear that you and your friends are thinking about that in such a deep way. Obviously, it's up to you how you'd like approach the map in the end, but even though you're literally popping into their insides, I hoped to present it as a glimpse inside what makes up these mobs as a characters in my silly world. Some of it is literal, and some of it is symbolic with references to the literature it parodies, but it's up to you how you'd like to interpret all that as well. You could always play it as a normal Minecraft world just with massive piñatas if you prefer. In the end, it's all perspective, and you can mine whatever you'd like, and the reward will be whatever you find more enjoyable. :D Good luck!

    Quote from Sakura_Liddel»
    ammm one ask this game avilable for xbox360 ?

    Hello! I'm not sure how to put custom content onto Xbox 360s, but I'm sure there are many other wonderful games made for it already. :D Sorry I couldn't help. I wish you the best of luck!

    Quote from SkeleCrafter»
    Haven't finished MTM so maybe I'll do some kind of segway into this map. Definitely checking this out and playing it :D

    Quote from SkeleCrafter»
    Hello there Qio_Oip, Oip_qio something...

    Yep, still can't say your name properly without thinking hard about it. Just letting you know that I'm launching my Meet the Mobs Again series tomorrow 12pm AEST. Great map, but a little confusing if you haven't watch the trailer or someone else play it. Anyway, just letting you know :D


    See ya later. Oiq_pio

    oip_qio, oip_qio, oip_qio...

    Hahahah Thanks for letting me know and still trying to say my name properly. :P
    ~ and yea... The start is pretty confusing. The theatre thing was just a shortcut though, so I suppose it doesn't break anything if they don't use it, right? Bahaha
    Of course, I'll keep it in mind if I ever get to working on another map.
    Hope all is well, SkeleCrafter!

    Quote from FireMaster343»
    Your map looks good! I'm going to try it with my brother!!

    (Sorry for my bad English, I'm French)

    Oh! Parlez-vous français? J'ai étudié le français pendant trois ans, mais mon français est horrible! Hahahha You're English is wonderful. :D ~and thank you for trying the map!

    Quote from YingTuo»
    hi, i like your map, and i really want to try it. but it doesn't work~~

    see, i already download it in the minecraft/saves folder

    but when i lunch the game. there's no world~~:steve_tearful: (plz see the attachments) ....how could this happens!

    Hey there! So sorry about this. Could you try looking inside the folder and seeing if there is another folder named the same thing and moving it to where that folder is now?

    Also, I was looking at the screen caps, so... 你会说中文吗? 我想练习一点。请你告诉我我的翻译好不好吧?

    Quote from smeetie»

    Any OTHER download websites its on? I dislike mediafire because advertisements interrupt your service there. I would reccomend a simple dropbox.

    No worries~ I don't really like using MediaFire anymore either, so it's just linked on my site now at this link.

    Quote from DarkGamerPro»

    how do you install it??

    Hey there, if you're looking for an install guide, MinecraftMaps.com has one here.
    Otherwise, I know the link was broken, so here is this link.
    Please let me know if you were looking for some other information. :D

    Darn it I had been wanting to play this one for a long time but the download link, and apparently all the images, are broken now. Someone message me if this gets addressed, otherwise it is unfortunately removed from my "to play" list.

    Sorry about that! Here is this link. I might get to those pictures in a year or something. LOL

    Quote from Jon_salad»

    idk if this is an very old map (or if oip is still alive)

    i remember playing this game as my frst map

    i want to play it but i cant

    can someone send me a message??

    otherwise ill post this and share

    thanks :)

    happy hunting

    Quote from Jon_salad»

    were it says to click the heart.

    click the first corrupted pic under the download

    Hey there~ I guess you got my message. :P
    Thanks for coming back and clearing that up. Maybe in a year, I'll finally fix all those images. Next time though~ haha

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    Welcome to "Jumpin' Around the Christmas", the eighth map in NateT_Bird's Map Advent Calendar for 2015.

    Here you have been asked to gather all eight menu items to complete the Great Harvest dinner, which comes every year after Jamie, Morgan, and Taylor, the very large snow golems, have begun decorating the tree that you call home for their favorite holiday while each community within the tree is quite busy harvesting from the newly placed ornaments made of food and crafting their local dish from the Great Harvest.

    Good luck, and we'll see you at the dinner!



    One day...


    Please let me know if you have one recorded!

    Would you like to see more "Jumpin' Around the Christmas Tree"?
    Placeholder for other playthrough playlist.
    // SPOILER END //


    It's just a survival map with some useful command blocks.

    Yet Another Letter to You


    Here are some hugs.
    <(^-^)> <(^-^)> <(^-^)> <(^-^)> <(^-^)>



    Proper Credits

    Map: "Jumpin' Around the Christmas Tree" by oip_qio (http://oipqio.toastyawesome.com/)
    Download: http://oipqio.toastyawesome.com/Minecraft/Maps/JumpinAroundtheChristmasTree/

    Download Links

    Both Survival and Hardcore worlds are available.
    Please select the appropriate heart image.

    Have a question?
    Check the Note section on the "Jumpin' Around the Christmas Tree" page to see if I already have the answer for you!
    If not, feel free to ask below.
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    posted a message on Underground Survival
    Hi Sparxy!

    Congrats on releasing this map!
    I know you had a lot of troubles here and there before, so it's great to hear something finally worked out. =D

    Also, I have problems with the image uploader, too, so I've been linking them from MediaFire. haha
    Since you already have them on imgur though, could you link them from there as it is in the spoiler below?

    Good luck with everything!
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    posted a message on "Dungeon Arena II" Custom Map - Fighting through hordes of mobs while leveling up with unique items and skills!
    I'm such a bad dog owner... You wanna own them next time?? hahah
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    Quote from emberiza»
    For me Animal Farm was very interesting part of a map - so many mobs and places to explore ^_^ Beautifully done :)

    And it makes sense as a reference to George Orwell. I love George Orwell's novels. "Animal Farm" is a sad story and you pictured it very well.

    Hello again! I actually just responded to your other comment, right after this post went through. :blink:
    Talk about the timing~ Hahaha

    Anyway~ Thank you! It's actually probably my favorite scene conceptually because I love the book so much. Hahah
    The meaning and lessons from it are just so valuable to me, and it's very comforting that you could make sense of it. =)

    I do however think that I have some work to do with how that scene plays out since it doesn't seem to be clear if you're not as familiar with the book.
    I'm not sure how and if it'll change yet, but if you have any suggestions, please do send them my way! =P
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    Quote from Blohod»
    I will add this map to my list of maps to play, looks great.

    Why thank you! I'm grateful for a good first impression.
    Please let me know if you're a YouTuber so that I can add to my playlist. =)
    If not, I hope to hear from you again anyway!
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    :( I'm having troubles with downloading the map, when ever I go onto Media-Fire I cant download it. Is it a problem with my computer? Please someone tell me I thought the map would be really fun to play on.

    Hi there! I just tried relinking the mediafire address.
    Do you think you could try it out now and let me know what happens??

    Thank for the interest! =)
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    Quote from emberiza»
    This map is amazing! I play it with my husband and my son, we all enjoy it! :D Besides it looks beautiful!

    Great work!

    Can I ask for some hints/spoilers? ;)

    Where are slime's, squid's and magma cube's heads?

    What's the deal with this Guardian in "Le Savon?". When I approach it I get Mining Fatigue and I can't do anything with it.

    What to do in this "no smoking" room after Le Savon (before Sleeping Dragon)?

    That's amazing! I am ecstatic to hear that you play with your loved ones. =D
    Please tell them thank you for trying out the map, and thank you so much for telling me.

    As for the spoilers, I'll put them in these spoilers! Hahaha

    • The slime head is in "Confused Party" behind and outside the Slime mob on the ground made of "cake" or snow.
    • The magma cube head is also on the back wall the Magma Cube if you walk around the outside of it. The statue is in a corner in the Nether, so it's not the one on the cake.
    • The squid head is inside of the horizontal squid. There should be a sort of hill of stone in the bottom corner next to the eyes and opposite of the pile of ores where you can walk under.

    To deal with the Mining Fatigue, the Minecraft wiki suggests going in with milk or a pickaxe with Efficiency II or higher.

    The scene with the no smoking sign means "Mobs' War" or just "Mob War" in Korean, and you'll need to light the obsidian to connect it to the portal in the Nether.
    There should be a few mob heads waiting in there for you, too! =)

    Hope this helps, and thanks again! =)
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    Quote from PL9»

    Just the heads need to be put on the monument. Also apparently A Fairy Story is the actual original name of Animal Farm. The subtitle was removed when it was published in English... hmm...

    Thanks for responding to everything!

    ...but... it was dropped when it was published in the United States. Hahaha
    George Orwell was an English writer. o.O...
    ~and, sorry if it seems like stickling, but I just think it's important to note what kind of power publishers and marketing ideas have over an author's work starting from back then =/

    You're still my best enemy friend. <(^-^)>
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    Quote from rsmalec»

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I totally had no idea! Are they required to be on the monument, in order to be detected at the end or something? Or just the heads?

    What PL9 said up until the subtitle part. Hahaha
    The banners are just for fun and decoration after you get into the scenes. =D
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    Quote from PL9»
    The number of banners the ticket salesman gives you on purchase of a scene is the number of heads in the scene. The banners are supposed to go on the monument, but I think it could be clearer. It's not very obvious.

    Oi! Why didn't you tell me that before?!?!? :steve_rage:
    Hahaha :steve_lol:

    What do you think I could do to make that clearer??
    I don't if just writing it in the first post or a "Read Me" would suffice. Hmm~~
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    Quote from rsmalec»
    Feedback on Animal Farm
    Not very interesting.
    Several empty chests?
    Barely any room for mobs to spawn.
    Felt very much lacking in lore, as compared to the first story. Only one cryptic emote (from Jessie) that we didn't understand. Why is it called a fairy story?
    No real clue as to how many heads we were supposed to find (we got 3). And some decent iron.
    We weren't sure if the pig was part of this scene, way in the distance. Since the pig head was next to the cow and mooshroom, we thought it might be 'next' and bridged all the way to the pig. Then we realized the pig is probably part of the scene at the table :/ But other than a few diamonds, the pig seems like it's not worth the time.
    Looking forward to the 3rd area!

    Hello again!
    I'm sorry that it wasn't very interesting, but I'm not sure why there were empty chests since there should only be empty ones on the main island.
    Did you happen to open the map on a different version or anything like that before going there?
    If not, do you think you could tell me which chests they were since I can't seem to find any that are empty.
    Also, I'm sorry, but looking back at the scene again, I can see why it's not completely clear that the standing pigs at the table are part of the same scene.
    If I'm understanding what happened in your series, I believe that may be why you felt that way about the mob spawns, and I'll have to think about how close I want to move them in if at all without losing the meaning of the scene.
    Probably later since it's a bit late here... >_<... Hahah

    Otherwise, from what I understand, the reason George Orwell called it A Fairy Story is because the moral story it carries while using fantastic elements of talking animals to represent the more serious things that happened beginning from before the Russian Revolution, which is more like what I know as a fable.
    Also, according to Wikipedia, the subtitle was dropped when the book was presented to publishers in the United States and from then after for almost all other translations, which is why most readers don't know about the subtitle.

    As for the number of heads in each scene, there are as many tickets sold by the Ticket Vendor as there are heads within that scene so that each head has a matching banner. =P
    Specifically speaking, Animal Farm should have six in total.

    To explain what's happening overall in Animal Farm though, the scene mainly conveys the last moments of the book where men and pigs are indistinguishable while playing a card game inside the home while the other animals are separated outside of the window peering inward. Snowball, the pig far away still on four legs who also mostly represents Leon Trotsky, is being chased away by Napoleon's trained puppies as he was near the middle of the book, Chapter 5 according to SparkNotes. hahah XP
    Anyway, the scene was meant to convey the distance between classes created by the pigs corruption, greed, and manipulation and the trusting and naive working class of animals through the difficulty of reaching the pigs altogether; at the same time, I wanted players to feel literally closer to the suffering animals because they were much easier to reach.
    My apologies if any of it felt like too much suffering since it was actually a part of how I was attempting to convey the lore. =/
    Also, I'm not really sure what I would change about it to help make more sense as a scene without losing that underlying meaning, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! =)
    I'll have to keep thinking about it still. Hmmm... haha

    Could I ask what would have been more worth your time to go to the Snowball pig?
    Specifically, would different items or more items been better?
    Also, did you have a certain expectation of how the reward would be besides the mob head that might give me a better idea of what would be worth it?

    Thank you for all the feedback! =D
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    posted a message on "Meet the Mobs Again" by oip_qio
    Oooh, looks like a huge improvement over the first! :D

    Thanks!! =D
    I thought of you as I tried to make sure nothing felt empty~ Hehe~
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    Quote from rsmalec»
    Review Summary (tentative)
    Whimisical themed CTM, in which you watch various movies (each one a poetic, mob-themed area where you collect mob heads for the monument) at a theater (the central hub). Areas can be attempted in any order and are primarily floating islands around the central area. Sources for stone, wood, and food are plentiful - but higher tier materials seem well portioned. The areas themselves are small to moderate, relying mostly on natural darkness spawns. Lots of lore and personal touches throughout.

    Total Rating: 12/20 (tentative rating)

    Wow! I just said wow on the last comment...
    Anyway~ I really appreciate how descriptive that brief was, and I think I'll have to use it now if anyone asks me about this map! Haha =D

    I also want to say thank you for all the explanations for each score in the map review video; they were very useful, and I'll have to keep them in mind while making future maps.

    Besides that, I'm very flattered. :steve_blushing:
    The two of you were quite entertaining!
    One note though, the beacon signs are for three nether stars that are hidden throughout and one from a wither if you choose to complete the normal Minecraft achievements.

    Thanks again for the feedback and your time!
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