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    Quote from frettory

    EDIT: After making LP, I have no desire to upload the video (mainly because I keep cheating).

    However, the Freud puzzle is bugged (right wall, fern picture nearest to door) as all rotations of the fern will output a redstone signal.

    Also, you mught want to put the [PUZ] and the [PARKOUR] tags on your title.

    Not broken, you just have yet to solve the puzzle. "Nothingness" {slightly fiendish grin}
    Empty the item frame, it should have "nothing" in it.
    Thank you for the tag tip, I'm still quite new to this all.
    And you're welcome to cheat, I am more than happy with however anyone chooses to interact with the map.
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    Excellent! Thank you, Cthulhu. As I said in the intro book, this is my first ever map, so I very truly appreciate both the compliments and criticism. I'll respond more directly to them on your video. Most importantly, thank you again for playing and commenting on my map.
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    by OG_Wilbury

    Greetings and salutations.

    Grayscale is a new CTM variant designed to be fairly short, not terribly difficult, and somewhat repeatable.

    There are only four colors for the monument: white, light gray, gray and black (thus, the name of the map), but each has several ways of obtaining the color as either wool, glass or clay. The final branch, to obtain the white colored item, will vary depending on how you choose to obtain one of each of the other colors. In order to see all of the map, you will have to play the map three times, varying your path to finishing the monument each time. (Or, of course, you can be a little cheaty, go into creative mode and see all three final obstacles; but who really wants to be cheaty?)

    As noted in the title of the post, the map is built in and requires the 1.8 snapshots, as vital blocks and game mechanics are only in those recent updates. I will update the map if anything in the final 1.8 release breaks the map.

    You can watch the wonderful sonmica and mighty Blindfire5 testing the map, finding several errors (that have been fixed, naturally), and none the less having a good time. While I want to encourage you to watch their videos and support them as youtubers, if you are intent on trying the map for yourself you should be aware that the puzzles and solutions are there for all to see. It's no fun if you already know the answers.

    (Their fourth and final episodes will be out shortly, and I'll try to add those links as soon as them become available.)

    [Note, though Blind and sonny played the map together, I do no recommend doing this map with more than one player. Most of the mechanisms are calibrated for single player, so if you try to play it with multiple players there will be some things that will not work as they should.]

    I'd also like to say that this is my first attempt at map making, and I've done it entirely without outside editors. So, please forgive any transgressions I have made, both in the map and in this post.

    Finally and most importantly, you can find the map here.
    And please, enjoy.


    P.S.: feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions, complaints, praise, curses, etc. at og.wilbury (at) gmail.
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