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    posted a message on Arcn's Photo Realism [ No download yet ]
    Couple questions. Since this isn't done and there's no download link, would this go into Texture Discussion?
    Can you tile the blocks that ARE finished so we can see how well they tile?
    Why don't you use a 32x or 64x resolution pack?
    And have you done any textures that aren't block textures, eg. GUI, mobs, environment, etc?
    I'd be interested in testing and/or helping (though it's true most people prefer to work alone) if you're interested.
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    posted a message on Improved enemy AI
    I think #2 already exists. #3 doesn't really fit with the zombie thing, since zombies are generally only marginally smarter than dirt. Same with skellies. And spiders. Basically, only "sentient" mobs.
    Otherwise, this would be pretty cool to implement.
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    posted a message on The Aether(Anti-Nether Realm) Current Topic: New Nether
    Do not want...
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    posted a message on Hopper Functionality
    Simple suggestion:
    Wooden/Iron/Gold pressure plates on top of a Hopper should not power the hopper, and stop the hopper from outputting items.
    While trying to improve my undetectable cake trap, I discovered, to my dismay, that these pressure plates do indeed prevent hoppers from functioning properly. In my opinion, this is rather useless. I can't see any advantage to having plates on hoppers that PREVENT SAID HOPPERS from activating when an item is on top of it.
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    posted a message on 0ffypack [feedback needed]
    Edit: The tag says 1.5. I'm not sure why. >_>
    Clearly, this is incorrect.

    Hello there! I've been developing this texture pack for quite a while, and I'd really like to get some feedback.
    So far, it's a default edit since I haven't gotten to making some of the more common blocks.
    The emphasis on the pack so far has been mostly on gui, items, and misc. textures. As such, you're welcome to make a complete fool of yourself and proclaim that this texture pack is not a texture pack at all and has no edits. I reserve the right to ridicule your inability to read, and will gladly point such out to you.
    Everything in this pack, save for two textures, along with what was included in vanilla Minecraft textures, was made from scratch. No stealing or copypasta here. (The two textures that aren't part of the final pack are The Last Supper placeholder in kz.png and the diamond armor, which frankly looks quite ridiculous, and is also a placeholder.)

    Here, have a terrain preview.

    And some items.

    Props if you can name all of the painting edits.

    Feel free to use anything in this texture pack as long as you:
    1. Credit me.
    2. Don't profit from it or claim it as yours.
    3. Tell me what you've made and used it for so that I can see it! I'd quite like to see what other people have done. Seriously, you guys are awesome.

    Please, please, please don't be shy and tell me what you think. I'm quite open to suggestions.

    Download link:
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    posted a message on ___
    Go on...
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    posted a message on PHARAOH (Ancient Egyptian Machinima) WIP Cast & Crew
    This certainly does seem like an interesting project, and I'd be interested in helping.

    Real name: This information is on a need-to-know basis
    Age: 17
    Youtube: Offyerrocker (but it's empty)
    Skype: Offyerrocker
    Position: Anything, except maybe voice actor.
    I haven't proof of any previous work, as it's all still in the works. However, if you add me on Skype or something we can talk. I do have a couple of questions, though. Will you be using a texture pack? Is the set static or does it involve props/moving redstone mechanisms, etc? How long will the video be?

    Hopefully I'll be able to help somehow.
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    posted a message on ImprovedCraft [1.3.1]
    The word you're looking for is "default edit."
    Post your terrain.png, if you'd please?
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    posted a message on What was your best kill?
    Quote from Ozzie968

    Well this in SMP but..
    I took out a guy in SMP He had all diamond tools All Diamond armor And i beat him with my Fist. I wasn't even wearing armor!

    Seems legit.
    That would only take, what, 50+hits without being hit two or more times in a period of how many minutes?
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    posted a message on Am I just extremely unlucky with enchanting?
    Quote from Fire_Turd

    you have to surround your enchanting table with bookshelves for the optimum conditions.

    If he hadn't, then he wouldn't have been able to get a level 50 enchantment in the first place, derp.

    Enchantments are generally randomized. You've just been unlucky so far.
    Level 50 enchantments (for me) tend not to be that good. Like DonnZhou said, I get pretty good enchantments around high-30s levels.
    Good luck, because that's basically the only factor in enchanting.
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    posted a message on [250 Posts in and we still need a lot of help] Skyrim world (Looking for Jarls, Soldiers, Citizens, Merchants, Officers, Builder
    Count me in.
    Guard? IDK. Whatever works. Just make sure I know what it is too xD
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    posted a message on {Request} Texture Mix
    Okay. I have Sphax and Misa's, so when I get the others, which parts should I mix/match?
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    posted a message on Texture Pack Help!
    The items.png was edited incorrectly. I can fix it if you'd like.
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    posted a message on The Scribblenauts Pack [Update 10/22/16] [Custom Music, Random textures, Random mobs and more!]
    Quote from SirMelty

    What do you mean by "fix rain or lava"? Is there something wrong with them aside from being default? If there is, I can't see it (lava) or my computer is too terrible for me to check (rain).

    Change rain to the same texture as the water in the particles. It might look odd, but nothing a smaller resolution and minor color tweaks won't fix.
    Suggestions incoming!
    As for lava, I thought you could change the texture of lava with MCP?
    Art could use, at the very least, Post 217's picture.
    Snow could also use Scribblenaut's snow texture.
    Zombie's texture is a bit too smooth/bright neon.
    I can see that many of these textures have more obvious counterparts that I don't see implemented (or is this just a version issue?) fishing rod hook, gold nugget, ghast tear, cauldron, dyes, axes, fishing rod, gunpowder, wheat, painting, cookie, buckets, bowls, compass, clock, paper, clay (both), reeds, bed, seeds, map, sugar, doors, potion, and hoes.
    I'd suggest using Maxwell's Notebook texture for the Book, and maybe the Scribblenauts classic-version Knife as shears.
    I can make most if not all of these if these are changes that would be accepted.
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    posted a message on The Scribblenauts Pack [Update 10/22/16] [Custom Music, Random textures, Random mobs and more!]
    Quote from Joeismoe

    Really. NO ONE. Not one person witha texture.... :(

    Challenge accepted!
    I'm surprised you guys didn't fix rain or lava! I'm surprised at you!
    Really though, I'd be more than glad to help. I don't do 32x32 either, as I excel in items rather than terrain, but if you want, I'm sure I can handle rain, items, and miscellaneous stuff.
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