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    Hello, I've been basically trying to construct a custom modpack together for my sister and I to play together, for almost a month now. I constantly run into performance issues that make no sense to me, incompatibilities between different mods, dozens of the same ore from different mods spawning all over my underground, mob spawning being broken or unbalanced, graphical issues, configs i want changed but struggle to do so properly, crashes and more. I'm not very experienced at all when it comes to making modpacks, so it gets to be quite the headache over time, and I quite frankly shouldn't be spending as much time as I do attempting to mess with it. The modpack would only have around 130-150 mods which may sound like a lot to some but I'm not asking for anything crazy like all the mods or mc eternal who boast over 300+

    I'm looking to have a version of this pack which is as optimized and stable as possible, with balances and fixes pertaining to the various things I mentioned in the last paragraph. This modpack would be like an adventure/kitchen sink kind of pack, inlcuding aspects such as tech, automation, magic, dimensions, bosses, structures, cosmetics, farming, role play, weapons and more. The pack would be chaotic asf but fun at the same time, with the end goal basically being to become as overpowered as possible and free to do and build whatever the heart desires. Picture flying around one day in an auto-recharging iron jetpack shooting the ender dragon with a machine gun, thinking back to the simpler times of hiding from ice and fire mobs in the overworld, struggling to make my way through the likes of atum and the betweenlands, while knowing I have a beautiful base in the aether to return home to. Then realizing I haven't even dwelved into divine rpg yet because I spent so long building with immersive engineering, mekanism, and more. Hope you're getting the vibe I'm going for lol. The pack would be called "J-Rem's Ridiculous Craft"

    I'm literally willing to pay someone who knows what they're doing to make this vision a reality for my sister and I. I'd want to be able to communicate on what kinds of configurations I'd want to customize or balance the pack. I'm 100% open to hearing input on recommended mods to add to help improve compatibility between mods or boost the overall experience of the pack in general, as long as the pack stays optimized for performance without sacrificing gameplay. While my computer can handle much larger modpacks, I wouldn't want to stray too far from the 130-150 range of mods for this pack to that seeming to be a good amount for my sisters computer to handle. If you believe that any mods should absolutely be removed or changed for something else due to incompatibilities, instability, or lack of balance, feel free to let me know that it probably won't work out. Attached to this thread is a list of favorite mods of mine and of my sisters that I got together and am able to run. I've ran the game on singleplayer and multiplayer with all these mods, both on lan and on a dedicated server I purchased. It runs but I do run into all sorts of issues like what I described in the first paragraph. These would be the starting point for this pack.

    We can discuss payment either through this thread or through dm. I have an idea of what I'd be willing to pay but I don't know 100% what people would typically pay for something like this so please Feel free to name prices to me!! This isn't something I expect to be done super quickly, I'd want to be able to test the pack myself after for bugs and incompatibilities, just to make sure I don't end up right back in the same place I end up every time I try to create this pack. I'd most likely want to pay half of the payment when the first test build is done and the rest after I know everythings working good and it's playable. Who knows, maybe this is something that could end up on curseforge someday, but the goal right now is to play with my sister.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope we can work something out and make this a reality and get you your payment!

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    posted a message on Looking for advice on some issues with 1.16.5 modpack I put together

    Hi everyone. I'm quite inexperienced when it comes to minecraft mods, haven't tried them since the 1.7.10 days but recently I built a new computer and I put together a 1.16.5 modpack to play with my father that runs well on both our computers and we just started playing yesterday and it seems to be running fine. However I noticed a couple of quality of life things in my pack that don't normally seem to be an issue in fully fleshed out officially released modpacks. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix these.

    1. I have just enough items installed which shows the mod name when we hover over the item on the jei tab to the right, but it doesn't show the mod name when we hover over the item in our inventory or chests, furnaces, etc. It gets confusing not immediately knowing what mod the item comes from. I noticed on the modpacks I have played such as all the mods 6 to the sky, typically it does show what the mod is for an item no matter what the gui is. I tried looking through config files to see if there's something I can do to fix this but I haven't seen anything so far, does anyone know how I can fix this? I also have just enough resources, jei integration, ftb library, and the one probe installed to go along with it.

    2. I'm having the issue of there being several different types of copper, tin and more ores scattered throughout the underground generation of my world, all from different mods. I did install the all the ores mod so that seemed to make it so every ore smelts into the same item once I put them in the furnace, but my dad and I have still had the issue of coming back from a mining trip with copper ore from create, immersive engineering, thermal series, etc. I even see ores spawning that are from the all the ores mod. I'm not sure if I needed that mod specifically in this scenario. Does anyone know a good way for me to fix the generation so there is only one of each of these ores spawning in my worlds caves?

    3. I haven't gone to the twilight forest in our survival world yet but I was testing it in creative mode and bosses such as the naga and hydra seemed to be missing parts of their body, as if they weren't rendering. I'm not sure if this is an issue with optifine, another mod, or specifically the graphics settings that I have laid out.

    4. That fountain from astral sorcery is generating everywhere and so are npc villages and illager towers from some of the mods I have. I don't know much about the configs and how I can lower there spawn rates without messing up the generation altogether. I just want to lower them because structures just seem waaaaay too common in my pack, there's literally no wild land.

    5. Last but not least, I was wondering if someone could look through my mod list and tell me if there's any incompatibilities I should be wary of and let me know if there's any other mods I should install or other config settings that would make the mods in my pack work together more seamlessly. Also let me know if there's any mods you would recommend removing. So far, knock on wood but there hasn't been any crashes with this current build. . We played for about 3 and a half hours last night. This pack is really just for me and my dad right now but maybe down the line I might be interested in taking it further.

    mods list is attached. Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Let me know if you have any thoughts on these issues or if you need more information from me or screenshots in order to better answer my questions. Also if anyone wants to try and test out the pack for themselves, shoot me a dm!

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