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I've been through a lot more than most people making me stronger both mentally and physically. Now things have improved and I am able to enjoy life. My special gift is knowing a lot about computers and Celtic music. I am home-schooled in which I am allowed to discover more things with my gift even more. It's gotten to the point of wireless security. No, I'm not going to do any black-hat work. I just like discovering new things with computer technology. Now with music. I enjoy music like nearly everybody else. Giving you energy to keep going, syncing with the mood, or just something you think is interesting. I play the harp, hammered dulcimer, steel-string acoustic guitar, and piano. I'm thinking of learning violin as well. Anyway, That's a bit about me.


I like computers in general and stringed instruments. I started with Java which led to C++ which led to C and now I am studying wireless security.

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