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    We are back at it ! Warrior Cultures Mod is being developed, I have joined forces with TEAM DEV to get this done.

    No estimate as to wen the first release will be available yet, but we are doing our best to bring it to you as fast as possible.

    W e are moving ahead with the first of the Mediterranean/ grecko - roman cultures (Spartan, Classical Greek, and Roman) for the first release.

    Images and previews on this page might be outdated and subject to change.

    Thank you all for being so patient!

    We do still need modelers for armor and objects, model texture artists and builders

    So please do not hesitate to PM me or contact me via this OP or on DISCORD if you'd like to help.

    Discord for WC: https://discord.gg/gwN48t


    Hello all, this mod will introduce different warrior cultures from history, along with their myths, weapons and techniques.
    Some weapons will remove an enemies shields, and other weapons can disarm your opponents, some weapons out range others, and some are simply stronger than others.

    Some weapons, items, and artifacts will not be craft-able. and can only be obtained by looting, raiding and pillaging. go on treasure hunts and venture into dangerous territory to find the rare and precious artifacts.

    Create alliances with clans and orders or form your own.

    Decorate your walls with weapon mounts/trophies or place then strategically for easy access like above your bed, above your fireplace or in the hall ways.

    If u like the what we have planned, a +1 or feedback cant hurt. :steve_wink:
    If you would like to help in any way please post what u would like to do.

    New Forge and artisan table will be used to craft most WC weapons armor and shields:

    Crafting GUI:

    New inventory GUI:

    Say hi to Kratos:

    Careful , when you run into him in your MC world he will have armor and weapons

    New planned features:

    • New diverse weapons and weapon behavior.
    • Dual wielding.
    • New 3D armor
    • New items with special features and behavior.
    • New mobs and NPCs with interaction and new behavior.
    • New sounds.
    • New challenges.
    • New blocks.
    • New ore.
    • New GUI.
    • New animations.
    • Throwable weapons and other items
    • Bonus/secret and un-craft-able items.

    New Blocks:

    Bamboo is the first preview of a building block we are willing to show.

    New GUI:

    Old preview of GUI has been removed and changed, will upload preview soon.

    New Items and blocks:

    Main blocking items:
    • shields,
    • gauntlets,
    • wrist bands.
    • pavises.
    • iron rings.
    • buckles.
    • AND MORE.
    • helms,
    • chest plates,
    • leggings,
    • robes,
    • capes,
    • wraps.
    • hats.
    • masks.
    • headbands.
    • shoes.
    • sandals.
    • boots.
    • chin guards.
    • AND MORE
    Close-Medium combat weapons:
    • long swords.
    • short swords.
    • knives.
    • spears.
    • pikes.
    • canes.(staff)
    • sickles.(scythes)
    • spikes.
    • batons.
    • chain weapons.
    • AND MORE
    Long range weapons:
    • bows.
    • arrows.
    • bolts.
    • crossbows.
    • javelins.
    • throwing knives.
    • darts.
    • other throwables.
    • possible primitive muskets
    • AND MORE
    Other items and blocks:
    • mobile beds
    • opium pipes
    • walking canes
    • jug of wine.
    • battle standards. (carry-able/place-able banners)
    • chopping board.
    • mounting blocks.
    • wok. (frying pan)
    • rosaries.
    • stoked forge.
    • anvil.
    • hammer.
    • umbrella.
    • fan.
    • safe keeping box.
    • various musical instruments.
    • grinding stone
    • AND MORE


    humans, gods, heroes:
    • Athenian
    • Spartan (bronze, crimson ghost of sparta)
    • Roman (centurian, legionare, ceaser, praetorian guard)
    • Thespian
    • Trojan
    • Arcadian
    • Alexander the great
    • Hephaestus
    • Hurcules
    • Amazons (Guard, queen and princess)
    • Maximus
    • Gladiators (Bestiarii, crupellarus, hoplomachus, mirmillo, peagniarus, retiarius, scissor, thraex)
    • Berserker
    • Celts (tribesman, merlin)
    • Concuestedor
    • Crusader
    • Dark knight
    • Dark Templar
    • Dracula / Vlad the impaler
    • Dragon slayer
    • English guard
    • Germanic tribesman
    • Golden paladin
    • Gothic Tribesman
    • Highlander
    • Hun
    • King arthur
    • Lowlander
    • Renaissance assassin
    • Robin hood
    • Vikings (chiefton, hordesman, thor, loki)
    • Hussar (cavelry, footman)
    • Bamboo ronin
    • Bishamon
    • Dark ninja
    • Dragon samurai
    • Dynastic guard
    • Emperial giurd
    • Geisha
    • Guilded samurai
    • Kamuso
    • Kung lao
    • Lighting samurai
    • Mongol
    • Ninja master
    • Turtle warrior
    • Okinawan master
    • Panda warrior
    • Rattan ronin
    • Scorpion ninja
    • Shaolin monk
    • Shinobi assassin
    • Snake samurai
    • Sushi chef
    • Taiwanese fish warrior
    • Taoist monk
    • Thai warrior
    • Baluba warrior
    • Basotho (warrior, herdsman)
    • Crocodile warrior
    • Egyptians (soldier, pharoah, anubis risen, horus risen, scarab mummy, scorpion king)
    • Ethiopian warrior
    • Ivory warrior
    • Masai warrior
    • Zulu (warrior, shaka zulu)
    • Zande warrior
    • Apache
    • Aborigine
    • Aztec (eagle warrior, priest warrior, jade warrior, jaguar warrior)
    • Buffalo warrior
    • Grizzly bear warrior
    • Hawaiian warrior
    • Hopi
    • Inca (general, soldier)
    • Inuit (polar bear warrior, hunter warrior)
    • Kiribati warrior
    • Mauri warrior
    • Mayan (pheonix warrior, shell warrior, warrior of the dead)
    • New gunea warrior
    • Rapu nui warrior
    • Tlingit warrior
    • Wolf warrior
    • Arab fighter
    • Filipino fighter
    • Ganesh
    • Gurkha
    • Hashashin
    • Indian guardian
    • Indonesian head hunder
    • Abir fighter
    • Persians (prince, immortal)
    • Rajput fighter
    • Shiva
    • Sikh fighter
    • AND MORE
    animal mobs:
    • Nemean lion
    • Lion
    • Elephant (indian, african)
    • Horse
    • Snake
    • Jaguar
    • Leopard
    • Cheetah
    • Ostrich
    • Eagle
    • Fish (shark, empurau, puffer, salmon, marlin/swordfish whale, narwal)
    • Buffalo
    • Goat
    • Kudu
    • Bear (grizzly, black, polar, panda)
    • Silk worm
    • Parot
    • Rhino
    • Hippo
    • Crocodile
    • Seal
    • Walrus
    • Wild bore
    • Turtle (red sea turtle, aligator snapping turtle, green sea turtle)
    • Tortoise(american tortoise, african tortoise, ivory tortoise)
    • Horn-bill bird
    • Tiger
    • Camel
    • Golden lamb
    • Elk
    • AND MORE

    New materials:

    • tin.
    • copper
    • bronze.
    • steel.
    • silver.
    • turtle shell.
    • bamboo.
    • rattan.
    • cloth.
    • skin/hide.
    • new wood.
    • AND MORE

    Greko-Roman cultures:

    Armor Preview:

    Coming Soon

    All gladiator armor and weapons can only be acquired by fighting in the arena against gladiators once u have acquired a specific type of gladiator armor then only can you craft that armor set.

    Acquiring a full bestiarii armor set will stop normally hostile wild animals from attaching you without provoking them. this armour and weapon is the weakest of the gladiator sets, more details to come later.

    This is the heaviest and strongest of the gladiotor sets wearing full set will gain u respect from the other crupellarus fighters. more details to come later.

    Wearing this full set will gain u respect from other hoplomachus fighters. more details later.

    wearing the full set will gain u the respect of the other mirmillo fighters more details to come later.

    wearing this full set weill earn you respect with other peagniarus fighters ,ore detals to come later.

    wearing this full set will earn u respect from other retarius fighters, more details to come later.

    wearing this full set will earn you respect from other scissor fighters. more details to come later.

    Wearing this full set will earn you respect from other thraex fighters, more details to come later.

    The rest:
    warrior princess (yes based on xena):

    amazon queen:

    amazonian guard:



    arcadian murcenary:

    alexander the great:


    bronze spartan:

    crimson spartan:

    ghost of sparta (yes based on kratos):


    praetorian guard:



    maximus (yes based on the movie gladiator):



    Primary weapons:

    roman legionarys gladius: can be thrown. cannot be dual wield.

    roman centurians gladius: can be thrown. can dual wield. can stab.

    thracian mercenarys falcata: can be thrown. can dual wield, cannot stab. can slash.

    achiles sword : can be thrown. can be dual wield. can stab, can slash up

    athenian gladius: can be thrown, cannot be dual wield. can stab.

    thespian gladius: cannot be thrown, can dual wield. can stab, can slash up.

    gladiator xiphos: cannot be thrown, can dual wield can stab can slash up

    bronze spartan falcata: can be thrown, can be dual wield.

    spartan king falcata: can be thrown, can dual wield, can stab

    crimson spartan kopis: cannot be thrown, can dual wield, cannot stab, can slash.

    praetorian guards xiphos: cannot be thrown, cant be dual wield, can stab. can slash up.

    Secondary weapons:

    roman whip: long melee range, can disarm enemy. crack'a whip!

    athenian bow: long range. (not so accurate) short range. (accurate) long draw back. (slow firing)

    spartan lakonia knife: can dual wield. can be thrown accurately at medium range. no draw back. craft in 2x2 grid. stack up to 3. can stab.

    crimson spear: can only dual wield with shield. long melee range. can stab. can swing horizontally. (hit surrounding mobs) rear thrust. (hits mob behind you automatically wen attacking)

    crimson javelin: throw long range (accurately) long draw back, cannot dual wield. can stack up to 3. can be placed on ground (home defense)

    gladiators trident: can be thrown at medium range (accurate) short draw back. cannot stack, can only dual wield with shields. long melee range. can disarm mobs. (certain weapons only) can stab. rear thrust. (hits mob behind you automatically wen attacking) horizontal swing. (hit surrounding mobs)

    praetorian guards pike: cannot be thrown. long melee range. can stab (penetrate 3-4 mobs)
    rear thrust. (hits mob behind you automatically wen attacking) horizontal swing. (hit surrounding mobs)

    roman bow: long range (accurate) short range (not so accurate) quick draw back. (rapid fire)
    can penetrate 2-3 mobs.

    roman spear: long melee range. can stab. cannot throw. can horizontal swing.

    spartan king spear: long melee range. can stab (over penetrate 3-4 mobs) can horizontal swing. can throw at medium range (accurate) (over penetrate 2 mobs) rear thrust.

    spartan kings javelyn: throw long range (accurately) (over penetrate 3-4 mobs) short draw back, cannot dual wield. can stack up to 3. can be placed on ground (home defense)

    thespian bow: long range (not so accurate) short range (accurate) (over penetrate 2-3 mobs)
    multi-shot at long range (4-6 arrows at once) short draw back
    thracian spiked axe: medium melee range. can dual wield. can horizontal swing. can remove shields from mobs. can be thrown at long range (accurate) short draw back. can stack up to 2. can chop whole trees (at high cost of durability)

    trojan pike: long melee range. can stab. can remove shields from mobs. can horizontal swing. can rear thrust. can only dual wield with shield. can throw at medium range. can be placed on ground (home defense)


    athenian shield: light weight. low durability. can be thrown

    bronze spartan shield: heavy weight, medium durability. can rush(charge)

    spartan king shield: heavy weight, high durability. can rush(charge)

    crimson (dark) spartan: medium weight, high durability. can rush(charge) can block while attacking.

    gladiator shield: medium weight, medium durability. can be thrown

    praetorian guard: heavy weight, high durability.

    roman centurion shield: medium weight, medium durability

    roman legionary shield: heavy weight, high durability. place on ground (acts as a pavise)

    thespian shield: medium weight, low durability. can block while attacking.

    thracian shield: heavy weight medium durability. can block while attacking.

    trojan shield: medium weight. medium durability. can be thrown.

    East Asian:

    taoist monk:

    bamboo warrior:


    dragon samurai:

    dynastic guard:

    emperial guard:


    guilded samurai:


    kung lao:

    lightning samurai:

    mongolian warrior:

    ninja clan lord:

    turtle warrior:

    okinawan master:

    rattan warrior:


    shaolin monk:

    shinobi assasin:

    snake samurai:

    sushi chef:

    taiwanese warrior:

    thai warrior:

    South Asian:

    sikh warrior:

    filipino warrior:

    ghurka warrior:

    indian guard:

    indonisian warrior:

    persian immortal

    persian prince:

    rajput warrior:

    arab fighter:

    Knights/Barbarian-Europian cultures:

    viking horde:

    viking berserker:

    viking chiefton:

    thor (yes based on the movie and myth combined):


    germanic warrior:

    warrior celt:

    highlander (yes based off braveheart and history):



    crusader templar:

    dark templar:

    outlaw archer (yes based off robin hood):

    the kings guard:

    thel ion heart king:

    renaissance assasin (yes based of assasins creed and history combined):

    dark knight:

    golden knight:

    dracula the impaler (yes based off dracula and vlad the impaller):

    dragon slayer:


    shaka zulu:

    zulu warrior:

    baluba warrior:

    crocodile warrior:

    etheopian warrior:

    masai warrior:

    zande warrior:


    egyptian armie:


    scorpion king:

    horus risen:

    anubis risen:

    Mesoamerican and Island Cultures:

    wolf warrior:

    apache warrior:

    australian aboriginy:

    eagle warrior:

    guilded priest warior:

    jade undead warrior:

    jaguar warrior:

    buffelo warrior:

    hawaian warrior:

    apache chief:

    inuit eskimo warrior:

    kiribati warrior:

    mauri warrior:

    pheonix warrior:

    sea shell warrior:

    new gunea warrior:

    inuit tlingit warrior:

    progress from scoped:

    Scoped has dissapeared and no one can contact him, BUT the mod will continue with a new team.

    [*** COPYRIGHT NOTICE ***]

    This art is Copyright (2011-2021) and is the intellectual property of the author. (obsidianCore) It may not be reproduced under any circumstances. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this art on any other website or mod is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

    Support Signatures:

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    i like what i see, i will give it try wen i get home

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    No pic'ah no click'ah

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    Hello all!

    I have been wanting a specific mod for a long time that will essentially give you a multiplayer feel in single player survival, let me explain. .

    Imagine your not the only Steve out there but this is no server . . this is your survival world, much like how you would run into villages you mite just run into another survivor gathering resources to stay alive and building huts or tree houses or full on castles, but beware for this "other Steve" is unpredictable he could be hostile right from the start, . . dehydration, hunger and the wild does strange things to a Steve's square head/mind.

    He could also be friendly and helpful, who knows u might make a friend, but treat him well try to build trsust or he might just decide to take what you have and leave you for dead, or he could see the advantages of working together for mutual survival . . you know i scratch your rectangular back and you scratch mine kind of deal. you can hunt together, mine together, and build together tho he truly seems to have a mind of his own.

    This "other Steve" mite not be alone, he could have friends or a "Tribe"

    (i understand that this will be difficult to make as the AI will have to be complex but i am sure it will be well received by the survival?single player community)

    Thanks for reading and considering this, kind regards


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    Actual focused chi GUI allowing you to choose body part to focus your chi to?

    If focused on torso you take less damage from attacks, if focused in arm punches do more damage, If focused in legs you can jump a block higher and/or take less fall damage??

    hmmm Focused chi could make you be able punch stone and actually get the cobblestone?

    Focused chi could make your punches mine faster (dirt,sand,logs,gravel)

    Chi is earned by meditating? siding on a peaceful hill almost like sleeping but no bed needed just craft incense sticks right click with them in your hand and all of a sudden u meditate like a BossMonk :P
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    the MC forum rule is no pics . . no clicks :P
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