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    posted a message on How to use /tp facing in the new snapshots

    It doesn't even let me put 'facing'. It glows red.


    Never mind, I got it to work.

    In case anyone is curious, I was working on a "Mob Conveyor Belt"; an old project I saw on Dragnoz's channel around 6 years ago.

    Using 1.16's overhauled /execute command I was able to move any entity, including players, exactly 1 and a quarter pixels every tick in whatever direction I choose. It's basically eight simple 'if block' commands that run a teleport command to inch them forward at the rotation they're moving. Walking east means 'facing ~1 ~ ~', walking west 'facing ~-1 ~ ~' You get it.

    Just in case anyone is actually curious, I have the commands right here.

    execute as @e at @s if block ~ ~-2 ~ purpur_stairs[facing=east] run teleport @s ~.125 ~ ~ facing ~1 ~0 ~

    This forces anything 1 block above purpur stairs to move the direction the purpur block is facing. The block is facing east, so the entity will walk east.

    execute as @e at @s if block ~ ~-2 ~ purpur_stairs[facing=south] run tp @s ~ ~ ~.125 facing ~ ~0 ~1

    Same as the first, only moving mobs south.

    execute as @e at @s if block ~ ~-2 ~ purpur_stairs[facing=west] run tp @s ~-.125 ~ ~ facing ~-1 ~0 ~

    Same as the first, only moving mobs west.

    execute as @e at @s if block ~ ~-2 ~ purpur_stairs[facing=north] run tp @s ~ ~ ~-.125 facing ~ ~0 ~-1

    Same as the first, only moving mobs north

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    Somewhere in the Garry's Mod Workshop on Steam, there's an addon called 'NPC Tools'. This mod pack contains several added tool gun functions that are specifically designed to manipulate NPC behavior.

    One of my favorite NPC Manipulating mechanics within this addon is called 'NPC Relationships'. A simple tool that allows you to change NPC interactions between the player and other NPCs. By default, Combine Soldiers hate Citizens. But with this nifty tool, you can make it to where these two enemy factions function side by side without a hitch. Another thing you can do is change sides entirely, set all Combine forces ally to the player, and set anything Resistance enemy.

    Source SDK games work on built in 'AI_Relationships'. Simple point entities that define how an NPC class reacts when faced with another. Beit Attack on sight, or Ignore.

    Here's the point:

    Minecraft has many different mobs with their own defined factions in place. Passive Mobs, Hostile Mobs, Neutral Mobs, Illagers, Villagers, etc. I was wondering if there was a type of Mob Relationships Mod that allowed you to customize mob interactions.

    For instance: Zombies and Skeletons attack each other on sight; Villagers and Iron Golems hate the Player, while Illagers are friendly to the player; Iron Golems and Wolves attack Creepers instead of ignoring them; Wolves, Sheep, Skeletons live in harmony, and Cats and Creepers no longer repel each other.

    If there's already a mod out there that does this, I would love to know about it.

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    I put the "/execute as @e[type=villager,distance=..5] run data modify entity @s {'modification'}" command in within 5 blocks of a Villager, literally nothing happened. I didn't get a message of any kind. I even double checked my nbt data to make sure it was correct. No dice.

    What I am trying to do is the equivalence of /entitydata; modify mob nbt data. For some reason this command is no longer in the game. And that sucks.


    I figured it out.

    What I was trying to do was rotate a villager to face west. This is what I needed to do:

    /execute as @e[type=villager,distance=..5] run data merge entity @s {Rotation:[90F,0F]}

    Thank you for your help.

    I wish they kept the command system the way it was, as this is one of the silliest NBT modification commands I've ever seen. It's backwards, it's much more difficult to figure out for the first time, and it uses a lot of the command prompt character limit. But I guess we can't have the improvements without their cost.

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    posted a message on Commands using '@e' not working at all

    Thank you for your help man. I really do appreciate it!

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    posted a message on Commands using '@e' not working at all


    If this isn't the place to ask for help, I apologize. I just started this account today. Minecraft isn't a Steam game, so there's no official forums that I know of. Please bear with me.

    I started playing Minecraft back when 1.5 came out, and in that time I've learned how to use commands through a few redstone and command block YouTubers. Ever since the 1.14 update commands that sometimes involve specific mobs or items like '/kill', '/data', or '/tp', no longer work. Here are some examples of commands that no longer work:

    /kill @e[type=minecraft:zombie,distance=5]

    No entity was found (standing within 5 blocks on 5 zombies.)

    (This does work when I take away 'distance=5', but then it just kills every zombie in the area, which is not what I wanted.)

    /data modify entity @e[type=minecraft:villager,distance=5] (This doesn't work regardless of whether I take the away 'distance=5' or not.)

    "Only one entity is allowed, but the provided selector allows more than one"

    /tp MilitaryGrunt @e[type=minecraft:villager,nbt={VillagerData:{profession:"minecraft:fisherman"}}]

    "Incorrect argument for command"

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? Has the structure for commands like this changed since I was gone? I would appreciate a response.

    Thank you for your time.

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