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    You can use the BlockEntityTag to preset tile entity data for placeable blocks. This and more is explained in my console modding guide https://courses.universalminecrafteditor.com

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    Can anyone point me to a list of every DataVersion value and the changes for each version?

    DataVersion is an NBT tag stored within the files of a world. Each version number tells Minecraft what changes to make to any data within the world to update it to the latest version.

    Seeing as 1.13 is such an extreme change to the format, a record of every DataVersion value would be very helpful!

    Thanks for your time :)

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    Universal MInecraft Editor Logo

    Universal Minecraft Editor
    A complete PC (Java) NBT editor+

    6 supported platforms!
    (but we will only talk about PC and PE to respect the rules)

    Also, it's FREE!
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    - Quick Mods
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    - Pocket Edition Support
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    - Constantly Improving
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    System Requirements

    - Windows XP (SP3) or higher (32 or 64 bit)
    - Some RAM bruh
    - Some storage space bruh
    - Internet connection (for updates, highly recommended)

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    Even though the Universal Minecraft Editor is free, you can still benefit as a Minecraft YouTuber!

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    I know you've used NBT editors in the past...
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    Setup is super quick, here is a guide I made for you:

    Thanks for your time! <3

    (Ignore virus warnings, feel free to scan it as much as you want)
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    The longer a session is played, the longer it takes to open the creative menu. I had one world loaded for hours, came back and every time I tried to open the creative menu, it took a good 4-5 seconds to open. In that time, the game was completely frozen. I did get disconnected from LIVE and the game was switched to offline mode, so maybe that has something to do with it? This happens on all my worlds, new or old. I have a world from pre-TU6 and TU21 and it still happens on both.
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    Powered rails are not updating properly.

    Steps to replicate:

    1. Place a single track of powered rails > 15 blocks long.

    2. Power the track on one end with a redstone torch.

    3. Keep that torch there while placing another torch next to it.

    BUG. The first unpowered track will STAY UNPOWERED until you keep placing torches up to it. The same thing happens when you depower it.

    = is a track, # is a powered track, i is a torch


    i i

    i i i

    i i i i

    i i i i i

    i i i i i i

    i i i i i i i

    EDIT: Not a bug. Same thing happens on PC
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    Quote from Schmuzig»

    did you bother reading what i said? or did you just skim it?
    when the blaze die, no more spawn. period.
    not from the spawner, not in the hallway in the nether fortress..
    not within anywhere close to within 16 block radius.
    i understand mob spawning rules, it still doesnt jive. Broken.

    No i tested it myself. In my world, I sat next to a spawner and killed each blaze that spawned, I've killed well over 30 blazes. Only when the spawn limit is reached do they stop spawning. And then at that point I just need to kill some for it to work again.

    Maybe something is going on in our worlds that we don't understand. Believe me, I am NOT here to damage control 4J AT ALL (lol). I just see everything working fine on my end. Yes it works differently in TU21, but still works correctly.
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    Quote from Schmuzig»

    Funny because i disproved your theory by making it impossible for nearly anything to spawn near by, and when traversing the nether fortress only encounter the odd blaze vs the MANY large groups that used to be present..if i find less than six TOTAL in the entire fortress
    id say that there are less than 6 in a 16 block radius.
    regardless of how many blaze there are elsewhere the spawner still only spawns one or two cycles < 3-7 blaze> and then fails to spawn additional mobs until the world is set to peaceful, saved, then reset back to normal.
    if your theory was sound, after killing the initial cycle of blaze in the trap new blaze should spawn as the nearby mob count would immediately drop.
    this does not happen in my game.

    The reason only 3-7 spawn is because the spawn limit is reached. Resetting to peaceful kills all the mobs which resets the spawned mobs to zero. Which then the cycle repeats. They work as intended, its just really bad
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    Quote from Schmuzig»

    In trying to control this i covered most of my nether fortress in lava to raise the light value and create less area for blaze to spawn.
    While this greatly reduced the numbers of roving gangs of blaze as was the case previously to my lava coverage, it still did not seem to help the number of blaze that the spawner would spawn.

    Being on console i cannot < or simply do not know how > check the actual nearbly mob count, but i find it hard to believe that there are so many other blaze in the nether after the spawner spawns 3-5 blaze that it cannot spawn more.
    Originally your explanation made sense, but after painstakingly eliminating the issue of nearby mobs and still encountering the issue of the spawner failing to spawn blaze after 3-5 blaze i can only come to the conclusion that something is broken and not a purposeful change.

    The spawner appears broken, and the only thought i can come up with for it being due to a purposeful change is that
    when the spawn rules for blaze were changed from only spawning from a spawner to then spawning throughout the nether naturally
    they intended to eliminate the spawners entirely.

    If the change was made from blaze only spawning from a spawner to also being able to spawn randomly in the world was intended to change the mob type to a randomly occurring mob ONLY then it should have been noted in changelogs, spawners removed from all seeds post update
    and announced broken for all seeds previous.

    This was not done.. id say thats why people dont like it... on a game based around rules that everyone knows and uses to understand and play the game to their enjoyment it makes it incredibly frustrating when the rules are changed and just left up in the air as to what the change actually is.

    I can understand the need for cap limits but be clear as to what they are, and what the spawning rules are.

    I tested my theory by spawning blazes in one spot in the nether up until the mob limit. When I stood near a spawner, the flames went off but nothing spawned. I went back and killed two blazes, and low and behold, two blazes spawned from the spawner. The "MaxNearbyEntities" tag detects the number of mobs in a 16 block radius by default and won't spawn any more blazes if there are 6 or more blazes nearby.
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    Quote from godofwar532»
    I found a bug with spiders in the new update. When spiders that spawn at night and they live till morning, they have bubble particles floating above them like they have a potion effect and there will be no witches around. I've seen two spiders like this.

    I have now noticed that spiders can spawn with random potion effects. I just seen one that had spawned and it was invisible.

    This is intended. During a fuller moon on hard mode, spiders can spawn with random status effects.
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    Quote from BloodyPhoenix»
    Hopper mine carts were originally a suggestion for the PC when the update first rolled around.

    I was referring to Xbox features.

    @4JSteve the "X_Ray thing" he was referring to has to do with standing in lava with fire resistance. You are able to see things in a very weird "predator" style way.
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    I have found out why blaze spawners are "not working." If the mob limit for the type of spawner has been reached, no new mobs will spawn from the spawner. While I understand the logic behind that (And that I may have mentioned how MaxNearbyEntities wasn't working and that mobs could go beyond the limit) it seems that that should be undone? People are complaining about spawners "not working" when in fact this was a change made on purpose.

    I suggest you keep MaxNearbyEntities AS IS (It is useful and prevents op spawning devices) I think you should remove the mob spawning limit caused by spawners. It only causes confusion. It was never a problem before TU21 because mobs where spawning beyond the limit. It seemed normal. Now that the limit is recognized, people don't like it.

    On a side note, I really think all entity limits should be increased. The consoles can handle them fine, and if not on Xbox 360 or PS3, AT LEAST increase them greatly on PS4 and Xbox One.
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    Quote from Koumus»

    Hey there, sorry for the late reply.

    I've succesfully replicated this glitch by creating a new map in creative mode using the seed from my original world.
    The seed is -5951899162460092788

    There's a village 50 or so blocks from spawn, to the right side of the ocean, where you can do it.
    Here are a few of the areas where the glitch happens

    X: -254 Y: 65 Z: 95
    X: -254 Y: 65 Z: 94
    X: -254 Y: 65 Z: 93

    Actually this whole area in a 5x5 radius is 'glitched'.
    By the way, I've noticed you don't need to put a chest on top of another in this area. Placing a single chest on the sand and breaking it is enough.
    Hope that helps!

    I was able to replicate it also based off your post. It seems to happen across a much bigger section of the world than 5x5. It reaches from the very southwest block of the entire world all the way to -225, 65, 80. It only happens on y level 65. It happens to any block that contains extra tile data. Not all chunks within that region are affected though. It seems to occur in "strips" of many chunks. Which makes me think it has something to do with generation/chunk loading during exploration.

    A note to 4J: A similar thing was happening to me after the new chunk format was used. Since the previous four block types in every 4x4x4 block area is stored, chests kept reappearing after being destroyed. This was also the cause of the new duplication glitch and chests resetting. Would you or someone at 4J mind explaining why the new chunk format is used and what benefit it has over the old chunk format?

    EDIT: After some more messing around, I can confirm that this has to do with the new chunk format. As you may know, the blocks section in the new chunk format only changes when a NEW block id is present within a 4x4x4 cube. If I place any block other than the ones already there (so if i placed lapis, sponge, lever, etc) the glitch GOES AWAY in the 4x4x4 cube. But as soon as I remove it and bring it back to the original block types, the bug returns. THIS IS BECAUSE OF THE NEW CHUNK FORMAT. If you could please explain a bit more of how the block section in the new chunk format works, we could find a fix much quicker. (I understand most of the new chunk format, but I'm still confused about some things.)
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    Quote from DrAtomic1»

    Changing baby zombies hitboxes actually breaks drowing/lava blade traps which rely on mobs swimming up through a block of air.

    Likewise, baby zombie hitboxes are used for cool devices where only baby mobs can fit through. It's used for some redstone devices and puzzles.

    "I hate to be "that guy", but can everyone with a suggestion please post in the Suggestions section? Please? :wub: ^_^"

    You name me one suggestion made there that actually made it into the game and I will post craploads of suggestions...
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    Quote from 4JSteve»

    Assuming it's a quick fix and doesn't cause any knock on affects I don't see why not.

    I've mentioned it to the team.

    Thanks so much. Appreciate it :)
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    Do your minecarts make a sound when you ride them on rails? As far as I know the moving minecart sound effect is missing on the few other consoles I've played on.

    Yeah there should be a sound. Another bug it seems
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