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    posted a message on Want To Win a Free Copy of Minecraft?
    i would enjoy winning if possible so i can play with my brother :3
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    posted a message on Savage Realms - [1.7.x] [The BEST Server] [24/7 Lag-Free] [Towny] [Custom Bosses w/ over 250 abilities] [PvP World] [RPG/Dungeon
    • Your "IGN': nysiah (yes it is a lower case N)
    • Age: 13
    • Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below? Yes i have
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? Just one THIS SERVER LOOKS SO AMAZING sorry for excessive caps but im very exited about joining
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    posted a message on I Need a adventure map partner
    Do you have your own server: No
    Do you have a youtube channel: Yes it is nysiah12345(and i already have a few videos if want to see them)
    Please show your Email here: [email protected]
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    posted a message on Need Help
    1)get the server software from the website
    2)Port forward/use hamachi(youtube it to find it out how)
    2A)make a hamachi network
    2B)have your friends join that network
    3)start up the server software note:if you want plugins and fancy things you need bukkit
    4)play and have fun
    (if on any one these steps you have problems pm me ill help you)
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    posted a message on Survival island needs you!!
    Username: nysiah
    Skype: josefelix1998
    Age: 13
    i enjoy playing survival and i am good under pressure
    i would also prefer using teamspeak
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    posted a message on Can someone make a server for me
    i could make a hamachi server for you i could be 24/7 but may lag a little
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    posted a message on [RPG] Two Kingdoms [24/7]
    kafdar and onewolf4 i would love to accept you guys but due to circumstances out of my control the server is down until the host and i makeup or i create another server so until i find a host (which i am close to doing ) i will let you guys know about the serv er thank you for your cooperation
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    posted a message on Looking for a person to host my server
    Well i had a server call Two Kingdoms and it was a mildly popular server with a lot of players,until the server host decided i did something wrong and completely destroyed the server and disbanded the sever.i am looking for someone to host this server again you will have last say in everything,ill do a lot of the work and all i ask is that you host the server (24/7 if possible) and do a little building. also if the server gets any donations you will get them to go towards a better server please fill out the form below and i will get back to you ASAP and thank you for helping

    Time zone:
    Skype(if you have one):
    What time you can play and host the server:

    again thank you for helping me rebuild my server.
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    posted a message on Looking for SPLEEF CHAMPIONS
    this server is great i won in the spleef like 3 times
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    posted a message on Role-Play Naruto Server
    Role-Play Exp.:i have play on several RP servers and i once hosted a popular one but it went down due to the host being a racist and i dont want to explain all the details
    Why Us:i enjoy naruto i watched alot of the anime and read a good amount of the mangas
    Time You Can Dedicate:i can dedicate most times from 3:00 PM(est) to 10:00 PM(est) unless something comes up with my family or i have alternate plans


    Name: Genshiro Komodo
    Village: Leaf village
    Appearance: black hair,long scar over left eye(see back story),dark brown eyes,muscular physique,and a large claw mark on his back
    Type Of Jutsu(Nin ,Tai ,Gen, Jutsu):Genjutsu
    Personality: mysterious,loyal,and quick-witted
    Occupation(Everyone starts as students):chuunin (if i have to start as student i apologize for saying this so im a student)
    Skills: a very manipulative person who does what he needs to do to get what he set out for and can tell what any ones feelings are just by looking at their movements
    Nickname (Optional): Gen
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    Kaigo:hey Gen
    Genshiro: im on a mission right now i have no time to talk
    Kaigo: whats mission is this important?
    Genshiro: im trying to find a spy but im having a hard time
    Kaigo: oh that's whats so important, i can help help
    Genshiro: fine but dont get in the way
    Kaigo: ok lets go
    30 minutes later both Genshiro and Kaigo are prowling the streets for the spy
    Kaigo: hey i think i hear something in the alley way
    Genshiro: ill check it out
    Genshiro: theres nothing here
    Kaigo: well theres about to be some blood
    Kaigo cuts Genshiro's eye
    Genshiro falls to the ground
    Genshiro: so it was you
    Kaigo goes to finish Genshiro but he used his genjutsu to make Kaigo believe there was 30 of him
    as Kaigo flails around trying to cut the fake Genshiros
    Genshiro grabs 3 shurikens and throws them at kaigo
    1 misses but 2 hits directly in his chest
    Kaigo: damn you, you got me. well played Gen
    Genshiro: i thought you were my friend,but i forgot there is no such thing as friendship
    as kaigo breathed his last breath he admitted that he kinda liked Genshiro,he knew it was a lie
    The next morning he told the hokage of the spy and he was never the same again
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): When he was a boy Genshiro was a happy and playful boy,but that all changed when he wa s 10.Genshiro and his 3 friends where in the forest when a wolf appeared.Genshiro's friends where in shock. When the wolf pounced,he pounced on Genshiro while he tried turning his back,Genshiro's friends heard his crys of pain but they refused to help him. Genshiro wouldn't have survived if not for a passing by jounin who killed the wolf and rushed Genshiro to the village for medical help. Genshiro's so-called friends were there but Genshiro shunned him and became very distant to almost everyone.
    when Genshiro turned 22 he met a man named Kaigo from a diffrent village who he actually befriended and became good friends over the next 3 years.But when Kaigo revealed himself to be a spy and nearly murder Genshiro, he became completely secluded from other people. Many people attempted to befriend him but Genshiro rejected them all and the only person he talked to,very shortly,was the hokage for missions.
    PS. this looks like a very fun server and i like RP servers very much.
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    posted a message on new hamachi server
    says the hamachi doesn't exist
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    posted a message on Need help for server
    1.get server software server
    3.either port forward or use hamachi (look on youtube to find out how)
    4.find your ip at
    5.give people your ip (and your hamachi lobby details if you use hamachi)
    6.let them join and have fun
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    posted a message on New Bukkit Server Need Help
    it would work as a temporary solution until you fix the issue
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    posted a message on New Bukkit Server Need Help
    hmm go to just to make sure that's the right ip because the ip the host uses to connect is different than what other people use
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    posted a message on New Bukkit Server Need Help
    Quote from baseballboss

    it should work fine i port forwarded and server is running right now

    is it the right ip?
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