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    posted a message on LWJGL Error
    Yes I had a similar issue with my Mac. Being the person I am, I thought it was LWJGL causing the issue and it indeed was. I believe others later confirmed this issue. I thought it was fixed, but I guess you'll have to try updating LWJGL.
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    posted a message on No bin file in .minecraft?
    The bin folder is no longer used. Instead, you use what is in the version folder.
    @sp614x does a good job explaining how to install mods with Optifine using the new Launcher ... http://www.minecraft...-and-much-more/
    Go to the installation and check out the Not-So-Easy method Method B).
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    posted a message on What Is The Thing You Hate The Most On The Internet
    N ewts
    O f
    O tiose
    B rainless
    S ocieties
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    posted a message on How much time do you spend on a world?
    Quote from LofferLogge

    Do you mean per day? Then I spend five minutes a day wondering what to do until one day every once in awhile when I spend five hours on it.
    Or do you mean before you delete it and start over? Then I have one world which I have had since I started playing that I keep adding to, but I make others when I get bored, but I usually end up abandoning them quickly.

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    Quote from Seiferus

    I appreciate it, and I do agree that the weakest aspect of the piece is my acting ability. I kept it short because although I work in the VFX and game industry I've never motion tracked footage before so I had to learn how to use Matchmover before I could start animating and compositing the project. I wanted to make sure I got the video up before massive changes were made to the game. When I heard they were making a new launcher I was worried that it might change the way the main menu looked so I bit the bullet and finished the project. Originally I had intended to re-record the audio but in the end I decided there wasn't enough time to integrate new dialogue and make it feel like it was natural.

    I will be doing these specials with the dwarf every 50 episodes. Now that I have figured out the formula to pulling this kind of thing off, I can assure you that the next one will be longer.

    Thanks again for your feedback!
    Thats great to here! Keep up the good work!
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    Quote from Seiferus

    I'm sorry you didn't enjoy my work Cornflake2013. Mind telling me what you didn't like about it?

    Actually, it was pretty good. It was a pretty unique idea, and the fact that it is pretty realistic enhances the quality! However, the commentating could be better and the video could be longer, but I don't care about that :P . I hope you enjoyed making that video, because it was neat!
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    posted a message on Notch's bone meal vs Jeb's bone meal.... What you prefer?
    Although Notch's bonemeal was easier to handle, Jeb's bonemeal seems correct. Not only is it a little more of a challenge, it doesn't leave a thousand bonemeal in my chest and seems more ... right.
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    posted a message on Minema 3.2 - The smooth movie recorder
    Just bumping my issue ... again:
    Quote from BarracudaATA

    Try setting audio.autoplay and audio.wav to true. If the system settings are correct, then it should record the sound automatically after the video recording has been finished.
    I'm not recording microphone sounds, I'm recirdubg in-game sounds. In-game sounds are not being recorded, and I could swear in Minema version 1.5 they were.

    By the way, I tried that way before :P

    Quote from Creamed_Koala

    Hey. when I try and record it says that the video encoder is missing. please help. :(
    Read the installation instructions.
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    posted a message on Aquatic Update
    Although aquatic animals will be nice, I have a feeling Minecrafters will start complaining "this fish does nothing; this doesn't do anything; Minecraft is stupid now" etc.
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    posted a message on 12 votes Prepaid Minecraft Gift Cards Now Available!
    I'm very interested in these!
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