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    Quote from Marvelle22»
    Huh, I'm totally gonna enjoy this.

    I have never gotten a grade lower than an A or a percentage lower than 86%.

    I feel so bad boasting that, but whatever.

    Tutor me haha show me your ways.xD
    That's quite impressive actuality.

    My personal achievement is that I am still alive after all the crap I been through. Oh also that I managed to advance through my classes, Think that's a achievement even though it is expected of me...
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    posted a message on Need advice for getting a girl I like
    Go to your local store that sells nets. Make sure it is big enough for you to fit in. Don't worry this will make sense later. After purchasing the net. Go buy a pair of uggs. Lay them down in the route she will be taking. Be sure it is under a tree to make this easier. Leave the pair of boots there. Climb the tree with that net you just bought earlier. Wait until she is walking by and spots the uggs. She will immediately attempt to grab them. That is when you throw the net to get the girl you like and that is how you get the girl you like.

    Serious note, you should probably listen to Lily. Go up to her and compliment something she is wears, does, or is doing at that moment. Just make small talk until you are comfortable not being shy around her.
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    posted a message on Post your Art!
    Something I made about a month ago.

    No title yet.

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    posted a message on Need a web developer? I'm your guy!
    This looks like a basic website of html you learn in Intro to programming in school.
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    posted a message on When to stop using AD
    Quote from thebaum64»
    It is still AD 2014, we just do not say it... AD is after Christ.... Therefor AD will always be used for ever...

    ^^ To add onto this AD means Anno Domini .
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    posted a message on Is My Dog Cute?
    Quote from MATT17HMR

    Sure is!

    Some people say my dog isn't cute either but I don't listen what they have to say, if you like something, don't change your mind because someone else doesn't :)

    Looks like the same dog I had but got stolen. :\ Looks like an awesome dog though! This is my dog.

    ^^ She is flying with me to Arizona. She's a Siberian husky but I already looked online on what would be her best way of being healthy and cool. Hell I constructed her a dog house outside with a fan that she can press if it gets to hot and a little pond she can jump into in our backyard. I loved that dog.

    The last picture is the last picture I have of her. She did her time great, always made me smile, even when she made a huge mess. Had a moment where she learned how to open my bedroom door and trashed the whole house. While she trashing the house. I was out getting the mail. I will never forget her. She saved my life. Sorry for sob story :l

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    posted a message on Scariest things you've ever seen?
    Most likely my moms angry face.
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    posted a message on What do you fear most?
    My biggest fear would probably be dying without anyone's knowledge.
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    posted a message on I finally did it
    Today is my birthday, also the day I decided to come out to my family.

    I left a note on the fridge before I went to school saying:
    You always ask if I'm gay, I'm not gay however
    Guys are cute and girls are hot.
    I like guys but also girls.
    I am bi and i cant help it.
    So understand this now before it gets too late.
    Thanks AGAIN for understanding this so much.

    Really nervous I came back home and nobodys home but I know they read it.

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    posted a message on [WIP] Numbaz878's Castle - Post suggestions! - And Feedback!
    I am currently building a small castle and i thought maybe i can record what i build with pictures for everyone to see. i hope you guys like it, it is taking me a long time to build.
    If you have any ideas what i should build, Post suggestions :) .

    If you want to help out in making this pm me to join the server ( i got it working ) you needhamachi

    The first picture is the whole castle

    Farm almost done just need to find cacti and bring a few seeds and a sapling from my home to make it a official farm!

    farm is complete

    More details to walls

    Sleeping quarters complete

    Currently working on the walls:

    Almost done with the wall but ran out of resources so i am going to be doing

    Currently building:
    Build the main castle wall - postponed

    Stuff that is Striked is finished
    Rooms to sleep in
    Boats entrance
    storage room
    school maybe
    hunters hut
    main castle wall
    Military castle
    dining room
    Escape route

    little bit more detail into the walls - done
    explosions room

    Latest changes:
    Added a different color to the flag.
    Farm entrance completed.
    Fence around perimeter completed.
    entrance decorated
    Farm done
    added windows

    If i missed anything feel free to let me know.
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