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    posted a message on Any other veterans still out there?
    Quote from Luvitus»

    The majority of their accounts don't even exist anymore, so we're mostly safe.

    You call?

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    posted a message on DarkNovaGaming - 3 Brand new servers now open! Vanilla, Factions, And possibly more to come!

    My goal is to create a community with the focus of it being games. Playing games are one of many common interests that we all have. By having common interests in a game or games, it makes creating friends a lot easier. As this community grows there will be times where we will start forming bonds and playing together. So not only are we creating a community. We are creating a commitment and relation that will make this community feel more like a family. I believe we can create a place for anyone to feel comfortable and safe to share their own thoughts.

    None of this can’t work without everyone’s commitment!

    These are brand new servers that have opened up so there is a lot to be done and improve on!. You can help be the seed for hundreds of players!

    Currently all servers are working however factions server will take some time to take effect.

    Application to join:

    • IGN -
    • Age(not required) -
    • Gender(not required) -
    • Country(we are a USA based server) -
    • Do you have a headset/mic? Are you willing to talk? (not required) -
    • What do you like to do in minecraft? (redstone, building, farms) -
    • Any questions? -
    • Willing to join discord? -
    • Are you willing to register to a website? (puts you in the whitelist for a vanilla server)
    • Have you read the rules? -

    Currently there are only 3 servers running currently:

    Hub - starting world where it is currently vanilla survival but will slowly evolve as the community grows,

    Survival - is a vanilla server with as little mods as possible nothing that effects the gameplay.

    Vip - for future use, donators, close friends, and for testing things. but mainly a chill place. ( Currently a WIP )


    1.No Griefing

    2.No Spamming

    3.No Advertising

    4.No Cursing/No Constant Cursing

    5.No Trolling/Flaming

    6.No Banned Items(Tekkit Rule)

    7.No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

    8.Respect all Players

    9.Obey Staff

    10. No Racist or Sexist Remarks.

    11. No Mods/Hacks

    12.No Full Caps Messages

    13.No Builds Near Spawn

    14.No 1x1 Towers

    Mod/Admin Rules:

    15.Be Responsible with the privileges you are given as a Builder/Mod

    16.Do not spawn blocks or items for other players

    17.When Trading, only buy and sell legit items

    18.Only help build for other players using legit items and blocks

    19.No Power Abuse

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    posted a message on 5 years on this forum thingy

    2 more months for 8 years here. Not sure if I should feel happy or sad that I'm getting old.

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    posted a message on What would you do for 100 dollars?
    Quote from ZeBlueDevil»
    Get a job at McDonald's and work for 10 hours

    Must be a awesome McDonald's to work at if they pay you more then 10/hr.

    I would do a lot things for $100. Economy is bad, so every money helps.
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    posted a message on What do you hate about youtubers?
    I hate it when youtubers say that never played the game before but there actions prove otherwise. I actuality seen many videos where they said they never played it before and it clearly shows there old save file that is like 2-15 minutes long. They say they were just testing stuff but even that isn't true all the time.
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    posted a message on Your Personal Achievements
    Quote from Marvelle22»
    Huh, I'm totally gonna enjoy this.

    I have never gotten a grade lower than an A or a percentage lower than 86%.

    I feel so bad boasting that, but whatever.

    Tutor me haha show me your ways.xD
    That's quite impressive actuality.

    My personal achievement is that I am still alive after all the crap I been through. Oh also that I managed to advance through my classes, Think that's a achievement even though it is expected of me...
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    posted a message on Need advice for getting a girl I like
    Go to your local store that sells nets. Make sure it is big enough for you to fit in. Don't worry this will make sense later. After purchasing the net. Go buy a pair of uggs. Lay them down in the route she will be taking. Be sure it is under a tree to make this easier. Leave the pair of boots there. Climb the tree with that net you just bought earlier. Wait until she is walking by and spots the uggs. She will immediately attempt to grab them. That is when you throw the net to get the girl you like and that is how you get the girl you like.

    Serious note, you should probably listen to Lily. Go up to her and compliment something she is wears, does, or is doing at that moment. Just make small talk until you are comfortable not being shy around her.
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    posted a message on Has someone ever started a rumor about you?
    In middle school a lot of rumors spread. Like you guys, they thought I was rich another one was that I had a boner in class. Who hasn't? But honestly the time they said it I didn't really have one. I just had a damn small rubber ball in my pocket to toss around in lunch. They didn't buy it, even though I showed them the ball...

    In high school a bunch of rumors spread. I just learned to ignore them.
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    posted a message on Post your favorite music here

    Although All the stuff I listen to isn't on there heres a list I made like 2 months ago.

    *A Day to ­Remember
    *Asking Al­exandria
    *Attack At­tack
    *Avion Roe­
    *Bella Mue­rte
    *Black vei­l Brides
    *Blessing ­A Curse
    *Brand New­
    *Breaking ­Benjamin
    *breathe C­arolina
    *Bring me ­the horizo­n
    *Bullet fo­r my Valen­tine
    *Chelsea G­rin
    *Crown the­ empire
    *Drop The ­Pilot
    *Escape th­e Fate
    *Famous la­st words
    *Fit For R­ivals
    *Five Fing­er Death P­unch
    *Get Scare­d
    *Green Day­
    *Hollywood­ Undead
    *I see sta­rs
    *I the Mig­hty
    *In Hearts­ Wake
    *In this M­oment
    *La Disput­e
    *Linkin pa­rk
    *Live like­ Glass
    *Make Them­ Suffer
    *Mayday pa­rade
    *Modern Da­y Escape
    *My Chemic­al Romance­
    *Nine Lash­es
    *Of mice &­amp; men
    *Our Last ­Night
    *Pierce th­e veil
    *Sanctus R­eal
    *Secondhan­d serenade­
    *Senses Fa­il
    *Suicide S­ilence
    *Sum 41
    *The Devil­ Wears Pra­da
    *The Early­ November
    *The last ­word
    *The used
    *The word ­Alive
    *Thirty se­conds to m­ars
    *Three Day­s Grace
    *We came a­s Romans
    I'm sure t­here is mo­re but I m­ay have mi­ssed them.

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    posted a message on Post your Art!
    Something I made about a month ago.

    No title yet.

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    posted a message on Keys On my Laptop is Not Working HELP!
    What keys don't seem to be working?
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    posted a message on Share Your Japanese Facts Here!
    Late-night dancing is illegal in Japan.


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    posted a message on My cat is gone.
    Quote from ORabbit»
    1) some of you must be budding sociopaths given your utterly uncompassionate responses. But you know, gamers. Noy exactly the most psychological healthy group on the planet.

    2) the dog did not have "a good time" . That's not why dogs attack smaller animals. They do it because of prey drive, an urge derived from evolution and breeding. It's about instinct and impulse, not "having a good time". In domesticated dogs, prey drive is suppose to be redirected and controlled and when it's not, it's a symptom something is not right with how the dog has been raised and treated by HUMANS. In all likelihood this was a dog not properly socialized and properly cared from by its owner, so it released pent-up anxiety and stress through its misdirected prey drive. I have decades of experience with rehabbing dogs. I've never met a dog that killed another animal like this that was a happy, well-treated dog. Now, please stop with this vile, Ignorant talk and go learn something about dog behavior before saying anything further. You're basically giving a bad dog owner a free pass by acting like this is normal for a dog when it's not.

    1- Its the internet don't always expect to get sympathy from anyone or everyone. Not just gamers who have this kind of behavior, so don't even start pointing fingers at gamers.

    2- My Siberian husky killed birds and even toyed with small rodents. I am pretty sure she took it off as good time because in some occasions she would come to me with a rodent in her mouth. She never harmed cats or any domestic animals from my knowledge so she wasn't just going for smaller animals.
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    posted a message on Need a web developer? I'm your guy!
    This looks like a basic website of html you learn in Intro to programming in school.
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    posted a message on When to stop using AD
    Quote from thebaum64»
    It is still AD 2014, we just do not say it... AD is after Christ.... Therefor AD will always be used for ever...

    ^^ To add onto this AD means Anno Domini .
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