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    posted a message on War to End All Wars (WW1) 4th Grenadiers
    4th Grenadiers
    A German WW1 Regiment
    (Part of Mount and Bayonet the Great War)
    The 4th (Queen Augusta) Guards Grenadier Regiment (K├Ânigin Augusta Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 4) was an infantry regiment of the Royal Prussian Army. It was established in 1860 in Koblenz and until 1893 it was the only one of the Prussian Guards outside the region around the German capital Berlin.

    The regiment was named after Queen Augusta in 1890 - to commemorate her death. The Guards moved to Spandau in 1893 and in 1897 to Moabit. Last commander was Walter Freiherr von Schleinitz (1872-1950) in summer 1918
    From: Wikipedia
    Commissioned Officers

    Major Nuekboi

    Non Commissioned Officers

    Sergeant Major Huski


    Marksman Menasor
    Private Bobby
    Private Sighfin
    Private LukeNuke


    Before you can join the 4th, you should check up on the Great War Forum Thread for all the necessary things you need. The thread can be found here: http://www.minecraft...d#entry17461742.
    Once you're done with registering you need to download the 4th Grenadiers skin so you can be easily identified by your officer in the heat of battle.
    The skin can be downloaded here: http://www.minecraft...adiers-private/.
    After that send me a PM on Minecraft Forums and I can confirm you as a member of the 4th Grenadiers.

    See you all on the trenches!
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    posted a message on Texture packs forum sub-forums?
    what about 64x?
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    posted a message on Texture packs forum sub-forums?
    I think it would be a lot easier to find a texture pack you want by dividing the texture packs forum into various sub-forums like so:

    16x packs :Iron:
    32x-64x packs :GoldBar:
    128x-256x packs :Diamond:
    remix packs(from doku) :Soup:

    I know there is the texture pack central thread, but sometimes it doesn't have all the texture packs and I just feel it would be more organised that way.
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    posted a message on Incentive to Explore at Night
    TL DR sorry
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    posted a message on Parachute?!
    support, but i just wanna add one more thing, how about if a skeleton arrow hits you the parachute is gone and u fall, oh and its a one time use so you always have to make a new one, it'll encourage spider hunting
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    posted a message on Redstone Powered Retractable Spikes As Traps AND Floodgates!
    Nice idea, would be cool, support! :iapprove:
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    posted a message on VERY good suggestions
    Oh god OP, just because people don't like your idea u don't have to whine like an immature child. Don't say "they are being mean to me" Yoshi is offering CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM but you are just calling him a jackass because he doesn't like your idea. even if they are flaming remember "the best leader is one who can take abuse with a smile"
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    posted a message on Positive and negative?
    another undeveloped idea
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    posted a message on This thread is to die...do not post!
    Here is some constructive criticism

    1: If you throw at anyone (mob or player) it will burn their items
    2: If you throw it at a forest the the entire place will become a mess and tree huggers will be pissed
    3: Extreme Griefing tool

    Also its just not a well-developed idea, its like "yo man it would be awesome if they put this". I'm not saying you should make a 10 paragraph long post with diagrams, just look at your idea, is it unbalanced? what would it be useful for? are there any easier alternatives? If you could give me one good use for this I might give it a second thought
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    posted a message on Hurricanes and Tornados
    facepalm, i don't like being mean but this idea just has no point and it would **** people of knowing there crap just got blown away
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    posted a message on Headshots (not a guns thread)
    I don't know if this has been suggested or not because the search button is not working for me :SSSS:.

    Any ways, my suggestion is quite simple: if you shoot an arrow at the head it maximizes damage (but not a one-hit kill though).
    here is the damage chart
    Normal shot: 2 hearts of damage
    Headshot: 6 hearts of damage (3 times the damage)

    (I don't know the equation of how much resistance armor gives so if someone would give me that it would be very helpful)

    Now in single-player you could still arrow spam and win but in SMP/PVP it would require you to be more tactical since if you and your enemy are both not wearing armor, it takes 5 normal shots to kill someone, but only 2 headshots. That way, at the end of the day, the winner is the man with the better aiming skills. Team Fortress 2 inspired this idea with "The Ambassador" item which gives critical hits if you manage to make an accurate headshot.

    Thanks for reading and please tell me what you think
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    posted a message on Clock idea
    already suggested a million times
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    posted a message on The Conservatives
    Quote from Deaven »
    Quote from Gkardos »
    i know what a troll is, i was joking

    As was I, for my first sentance of that post. After that I was talking to nukeboy14.

    Thanks for you definition of the term good sir! lets get back on topic now?
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    posted a message on Bed Updates?
    Quote from minecrafttingz »
    oh i didnt know that.

    P.S: Are you on these forums 24/7?

    P.P.S Do you hate on everyone you meet?

    Well he is a troll (as I have seen so far) and he got over 1500 posts in a month, he is probably some guy who lives in his mom's basement, as for your idea, already suggested, don't worry just use search button next time
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    posted a message on The Conservatives
    Quote from TheZombie »
    Ygdrasel isn't trolling, he just likes messin' with people. It's how he get his lol's, and he's doing it in a "Joker" manner.

    Anyways, I'm out for the night. Peace all.

    Isn't that the definition of a troll?
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