About Me

I consider myself a nerd, as I am smart compared to some people on the internet, but I am also a pretty big geek. Yes, there is a difference. I enjoy reading, but also enjoy all things medieval, and actually own a sword, re-curve bow, and a cloak. I am also a big fan of Doctor Who. I have recently fallen in love with FullMetal Alchemist. The video games I love, Minecraft, especially modded version of the game. My favorite video game series is Legend of Zelda. My favorite game in the series is, Breath of the Wild. I absolutely love this game. The Oracle games are my second favorites. I belong in the House of Ravenclaw, my want is 13 inches long, with a phoenix tail feather core, my patronus is a komodo dragon of all things, and my animagus is a phoenix. My bending element is water, which I mix with fire techniques. I own a Type 85 Tardis, permanently disguised as a boulder. My full first name is Torgothpyxoegreyahyraegreyakolo.


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