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    I run a medium sized server (BuilditCraft - Server IP: and we are looking for a new admin, preferably one with Java experience. Our server is a somewhat vanilla style and we have had major issues with staff abusing their power so we have had to liquidate our staff leaving a couple of open positions. In order to contact us either go on the server (we have staff on pretty constantly) or go to our website www.builditcraft.enjin.com.
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    Server IP:
    Server Web Site: BuilditCraft.enjin.com
    Teamspeak IP: ts55.gameservers.com:9254


    Server Features:
    Factions- Form factions to stay safe and have power in numbers
    Economy- Iron/Gold based economy. Trade in your ingots at the bank for credits to spend in the user run shops
    ChestShops- Become an entrepreneur or sell/buy wares to survive
    Experience for mining- (easier to get enchantments)
    TNTFishing- Submerging dynamite in water and igniting it with a lighter yields fish!
    CreeperDJ- Creepers have a chance of dropping any of the music disks in the game.
    Stargates- Use the Stargates made famous by Stargate SG1.
    Weekend Events- Double XP Mining, Treasure Hunts, Building Competitions.

    We are a small and friendly community who just love playing minecraft. Our website allows for creating out of game connections with server members by being able to friend other users. Join our community today!

    You must take part in a short "adventure" to gain build privileges, this is only meant to weed out greifers who just want to mess with the server. It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes.

    We like to keep a lot of the vanilla game mechanics in tact.
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    BuilditCraft is a server that is dedicated to providing an active server as well as controlling some of the annoying shortcuts that douches use to annoy you.

    FYI: there will be a short "adventure" until you gain member rights, this is only meant to weed out greifers who just want to mess with the server. It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes.

    WARNING: there is very limited teleportation (no TP or F HOME...Stargate travel only)

    Limited teleportation makes the PVP real, which means people cant attack you and then disappear and then come back again. It also means you have to be more careful when adventuring.

    This server is meant to keep you active. There will be weekly events, and you will need the rest of the week to supply what you use in the competitions.

    We also have a teamspeak server (chat program) the Teamspeak server IP is : ts55.gameservers.com:9254

    Please visit our website for forums and donations as well as for any new info you need http://builditcraft.enjin.com/

    Plugins that you will use: [Factions][Iconomy][ChestShops][Lockette][LogBlock][Wormhole Xtreme]

    P.S. if you go to our website there are applications for Mod and Admin positions

    The IP is:
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