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    I want the Totem of undying to give the fire resistance effect back especially since this is the Nether update, you might need it to escape lava. I'd only suggest give it 20 seconds of the effect.

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    The new Piglins are enemies with Wither skeletons but one thing that may be inconsistent is that they don't fight the regular skeletons. Piglins should attack regular skeletons since they look similar to a wither one. Would be nice behaviour to see.

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    No support, It wouldn't have a good use in the overworld dimension. The lava pools in overworld aren't that big and easily passable with water or blocks, Lava lakes are expansive and you can't use water in that dimension. Its in Nether for a reason.

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    This is an analysis on the biomes that Minecon 2019 is showing and i will be speculating on what these biomes offer, why they should be added and my thoughts on them.


    What will be added: Vultures, Tumbleweeds and a new cactus type.

    Why improve them: Make the environment stand out more and giving it a unique life.

    My verdict: Sure they can be improved. The vulture mob is something i look forward to, a new bird mob but i'm not sure about them stealing your items. Badlands could use a touch to the environment to make them different from deserts. The new cactus is an addition that could have potential as well as tumbleweeds. I find tumbleweeds to be a bit interesting in that they may be blocks or an entity that is moved by wind, something that isn't in the main game. The fact that also they can hit you, there could be more to this block than being an decoration block.


    What will be added: Improved generation, deeper snow and goats

    Why improve them: Make them more realistic.

    My verdict: Mountains are fine at the moment. I don't really see new for them to be added. Terrain is mostly fine but we could probably make mountains more jagged like in real life. Goat mobs, could be really used for milk or their fur but we have cows, llamas and sheep which are at least appropriate enough for the biome. I find deep snow to be potentially useful for traps and other surprises.


    What will be added: Mangrove trees, treasure boats and frogs.

    Why improve them: Give the biome more life and unique.

    My verdict: Swamps should be improved. They don't offer anything else unique apart from lilypads and witch huts. Currently they just feel like flooded forest biomes and they need something special to stand out. Mangroves another wood type are welcome but I feel maybe the trees should be different judging from the video. And another thing seeing the preview video is that the terrain is possibly being kept the same way. Frogs could add more to the aesthetic, maybe also they could have a use? A chest boat may be useful for travels if you don't have any llama, donkey or shulker box with you. Maybe the chest boats do spawn like how abandoned mineshafts have minecart cars? It makes exploring the biome a bit more fun.

    So that ends it here. Leave your comments here and your thoughts on the biomes shown that should be improved.

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    Navigation can be tough especially if you want to go home but for long journeys, it may prove to be a hassle to find your way. You have a compass but the problem is that it doesn't specifically point to your home location instead it points to the original world spawn point. I present to you a suggested feature, Landmark blocks!

    Landmark blocks are blocks that assist in navigation. Although it doesn't do it itself, it must be used in conjunction with an item which is compasses. The landmark will be used to make a compass point in its direction. A compass that is assigned to a landmark will have its pointer coloured yellow. Each Compass can be only assigned one landmark. To give it a landmark to follow, you must simply right click the landmark while holding the compass. Right clicking on a new landmark with an already assigned compass will resign to the new one. Right click the same landmark again if you want to reset the compass to default option (Pointing to world spawn). There is no limits on how many compasses a landmark can be assigned. The compass can only detect its landmark if its in the same world therefore if you leave to nether for example, it will not detect. And speaking of dimensions, yes they can work in dimensions without interference but remember, the compass can only find its assigned landmark if its in the right world. If the landmark has been destroyed, the function resets to its default setting. The compass must be reassigned again to the landmark if destroyed and placed back.

    Ways of Obtaining it are crafting, and trading from Cartographers. The first way is by crafting, (crafting may be subject to change) making it requires three gold ingots, one glowstone, one redstone dust and two cobblestone. Second way is by trading. A Cartographer villager must be at journeyman to sell it for 14 emeralds which they always sell.

    I know players have other ways of navigating. It should be implemented to also give use to the compass. Its not really a reliable navigation tool as it only points to the world spawn, not some other point. We have some makeshift navigation like torch pillars like that but it won't really work if you are on the seas or at dense forests. The landmarks would be useful for long travels especially going to strongholds or woodland mansions in case if you want to go back to your original base. Its a pretty simplistic way to travel journeys without getting lost.

    This is my first suggestion here. Feel free to leave criticism positive or negative, i would like to hear what other sides think of it! I can change some things if needed here.

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    Hello, im notniceperson. Though my name doesn't literally mean what i am, i'm pretty chill for the most part. I am pretty familiar with Minecraft.

    I've created this account months prior but didn't use it until now. So i'm giving a proper intro here of course as my first post.

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