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    Awesome. You guys are inspiring me to restart work on this. I definitely will at some point. Btw, just put the mod on curseforge, so that should make modpacks easier.

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    Per Fabrica Ad Astra
    Through crafting, to the stars

    Per Fabrica Ad Astra aims to enhance the technical complexity and realism of Minecraft to enable more sophisticated modeling of the modern industrial economy, including mineral extraction, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation. Eventually, gameplay will extend to worlds beyond Earth. Its broader aim is to help realize the potential of Minecraft in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education. Since reality is often stranger and more interesting than fiction, many of the ideas are directly inspired by nature and actual science. Of course, gameplay takes precedence over realism, because if no one plays, no one learns. Community involvement is a prerequisite of this becoming a reality: contributions are welcome to this wiki, as well as to the development of the mod itself.

    For more details: wiki


    Geologica adds realistic and interesting geology to Minecraft, with the goal of enhancing the mining experience. It defines new types of rocks and minerals and relies on the Custom Ore Generator mod to place them in the world in a way that is totally configurable. Vanilla stone is completely replaced by the new types of rocks. Mineral deposits, including metal ores and industrial minerals, spawn in psuedo-realistic veins and clouds, accoding to the type of rock and, often, the biome. Since Geologica is implemented on top of CustomOreGen, it is possible to override every aspect of its generation using the standard COG mechanisms (see its documentation).


    Geologica adds:
    • 24 types of rock, each with corresponding stone, cobble, brick, stone/cobble/brick slab and cobble/brick wall blocks. Limestone, granite and marble also have cobble/brick stair blocks. Cobble blocks may be smelted to stone. Existing stone/cobble/brick recipes are automatically ore-dictified to support the new rock types.
    • 35 types of metal ore, found in various types of deposits, in stone, sand or clay form.
    • 25 types of industrial mineral in stone, sand or clay form.
    • 4 types of oil, oil shale, oil sands and natural gas.


    Dependency: CustomOreGen

    1.7.10: PFAA-0.2.29 (Requires CustomOreGen 1.2.13)

    • Attempt to fix the alpha-blending issues (leaves)
    • Register oil sand in the ore dictionary (oreOilSand)
    • Rename rock salt in ore dictionary as oreSalt
    • Fix alpha blending of overlays for blocks in the world
    • Add red sandstone and incorporate into mesa biome
    • Fix block dropping for stones with random drops
    • Rework some textures
    • Fix crash when breaking un-hosted clay/soil ores, like bentonite
    • Fix fuel burn times, thus preventing NEI crash
    • Add natural coal coke ore (found at bottom of deep coal beds, next to granite)
    • Generate bituminous coal instead of vanilla coal (put in crafting table to convert to vanilla)
    • Anthracite and lignite drop eponymous lumps, instead of vanilla coal
    • Oil shale drops lumps, instead of blocks
    • Soil and clay ores drop clumps (like vanilla clay, craftable to blocks), instead of blocks
    • Add proper bog limonite ore, embedded in peat in swamps
    • Oil shale, coal, and coal coke are all supported as fuels
    • Remove limonite from rivers
    • Fix crash with Rotarycraft
    • Some texture improvements
    • Add peat generation in swamps
    • Add two new types of coal (lignite and anthracite) that drop different amounts of coal
    • Swamp limonite (bog iron) deposits consist mainly of clay instead of dirt
    • Fix glauconite generation (used invalid biome type)
    • Fix crash with Chisel
    • Fix gold ore crash.
    • Fix losing oil bucket when clicking on BC tank.
    • Fix the glauconite texture (packaging failure).
    • Fix torch placement and monster spawning on stone.
    • Fix crash when rendering slabs.
    • Fix the massive chunk generation lag.
    • Fix alpha blending of cobble, bricks and rubble overlays. This change will confuse Carpenter's Blocks again; however, I have a patch for CB that should be in its next release.
    • Tweak some overlays to blend in better.
    • Fix glauconite sand ore name and processing.
    • Fix rendering issue with leaves.
    • Rewrite rendering. Overlays should no longer overlap e.g. potion effects, except for wall blocks (would disturb mob pathfinding -- that's Minecraft for you). Should play a bit nicer with carpenter's blocks.
    • Redo overlays. Old textures are back but as overlays, many of which have been modified heavily but hopefully for the better. Every ore has a distinct overlay now. Vanilla ores use vanilla-style overlay.
    • Generate our own version of sandstone, which is has behavior consistent to that of the other rocks and is intentionally distinct from vanilla sandstone (potentially for balance, and because vanilla is more of a decorative block).
    • Add pyrite ore, which is a minor component of various sulfide ore deposits.
    • Add realgar, an ore of arsenic found in granite veins and new volcanic fumaroles, which are found in the Extreme Hills and BoP Hot Springs and also consist of gypsum and rock salt.
    • Give polluted soil hardness and step sound
    • Fix the incompatibility with recent Buildcraft.
    • Improve? the appearance the medium ore overlay -- contributions are welcome here.
    • Fix rendering of falling blocks
    • Fix flicker of block items in world
    • Use a custom item renderer instead of block renderer to avoid breaking path finding around wall blocks (and probably other things).
    • Fix ore/rock block dropping
    • Fixed accidental usage of scale Arrays class
    • Overhaul rendering. Ores are rendered as overlays, where the overlay pattern depends on the strength and material type. Colors distinguish ore types. Cobble, brick and rubble are also rendered as overlays. The base stone texture is fixed for some ores, for others it is selected based on nearby stone.
    • Many textures have been reworked to "blend in" more.
    • Add vanilla ore equivalents that use the overlay system and blend into the surroundings. By default, they drop items as in vanilla, but this can be disabled.
    • Conglomerate can drop copper nuggets, garnet sand can drop gold, silver and electrum nuggets (requires a mod to be installed that adds these, except for gold of course).
    • Glauconite is now a sand instead of a rock.
    • Use "stoneBricks" instead of "stoneBrick" as ore dictionary term for stone bricks.
    • Fluid source blocks are now flammable, so infinite fires should no longer consume CPU
    • Kyanite now generates in quartzite and quartz veins, not so much in pegmatites
    • Many ore distributions now replace vanilla stone, so that they generate even when Geologica rocks are disabled
    • Config cleanup
    • General nerf (1/2) of ore densities in clouds
    • Balance/compatibility with COG Gregtech config
    • Graphite clouds are more common and can contain diamonds
    • Add hint veins for apatite and gypsum
    • Drop magnesite, beryl, and scheelite from pegmatite veins (too crowded)
    • Add quartz (aplite) veins to granite
    • Add scheelite veins to skarn deposits
    • Cassiterite veins now contain some gold and scheelite
    • Small chance of lapis in skarn deposits
    • Sedimentary generation disabled in deep oceans (not enough space)
    • Add config options for disabling manganese, chromium and titanium ore generation
    • Carbonatites are now localized to mesas and shield volcanos; the composition of carbonatite veins has changed
    • Add specific rock strata to mesa biomes
    • Squid (water mobs) should now longer spawn in industrial fluids (like oil)
    • Flammable liquids can be ignited by nearby lava
    • Farmland near industrial liquid will convert to "polluted soil"

    0.2.9: Fix respiration in water, other liquids

    0.2.8: Biome dictionary fixes (laterite in jungles, basalt in oceans, etc)

    0.2.7: Fix client-side crash related to flammability.

    0.2.6: Fix for dedicated server crash.

    • Fix dedicated server support
    • Model respiration in fluids: it is now possible to drown in liquids, and asphyxiate or suffer other ill effects in gases
    • Burning entities can ignite flammable fluids

    • Fix crasher bug related to setting private fields by name, which breaks after obfuscation.
    • Override fog rendering so that the fog assumes the color of a custom fluid when the player is submerged in it.
    • Chemica is actually a mod now (in same jar as Geologica)

    • Add petroleum resources: crude oil (light, medium, heavy, extra-heavy), natural gas and oil shale. As usual, other mods are expected to add uses, but the fluids will burn if near fire, lava or if they pass into a torch or fire block. Natural gas required a new gaseous fluid behavior that I think is consistent with Minecraft; feedback welcome.

    • Fix compatibility with (and require) CustomOreGen 1.1.7
    • Add configurable hardness and resistance multipliers
    • Fix block resistance (now set to 5 * hardness, except rubble/sand is zero)
    • Hardness is now configurable
    • Ores should be compatible with Gregtech (fixed its mod ID)
    • When a new config is generated and Gregtech is installed, more appropriate defaults for the initial tool damages are selected, as recommended by the Gregtech community.
    • Add Russian translation (thanks Malcanteth)
    • Sands should spawn at more appropriate heights when using ATG.
    • No longer necessary to open COG config GUI to get generation to work.
    • Add Chinese translation by sb023612.
    • Some texture tweaks.
    0.1.3: Disabled dependency checking, because it causes a crash in certain situations. Forge bug?

    0.1.1: Fixed ore dictionary, ore drops and an annoying NEI issue.

    0.1.0: Ported to 1.7.2. Many changes behind the scenes to chemica.

    • Add the requested Geologica (cobble)stone => vanilla (cobble)stone recipes.
    • Add config options for strength-specific harvest levels and stone pickaxe damage.
    • Minor changes to world generation
    0.0.11: Fix stone slab crash (and lighting).

    0.0.10: When Gregtech is installed, register all minerals and ores under their proper names, rather than their simple names; i.e., cassiterite is oreCassiterite, instead of oreTin.

    0.0.9: Initial wide release


    (OUT OF DATE, textures are much improved now, or not)

    The Biomes O Plenty alps, showing the transition from limestone, to sandstone, to gneiss peaks.

    Typical continental sedimentary strata: limestone, claystone, mudstone, conglomerate.

    Large beds of coal, suitable for pit mining.

    Chalcopyrite (and gold) veins, one of the types of vein deposits.

    Layered evaporite deposits, consisting of salt ores like rock salt and gypsum.

    Clay limonite (iron ore) deposits in tropical biomes and swamps.

    Placer deposits of mineral-rich sands on river banks and beaches.

    Banded iron ore being extracted from a hillside.

    A layered igneous intrusion, diorite into gabbro, with molybdenite veins.

    An ore-rich pegmatite vein intersecting a mineshaft.


    Community participation strongly encouraged. Suggestions always welcome. For code access and contributions, see the github repository.


    Released under the Artistic 2.0 license. In a nutshell, do what you want, as long as you give credit where credit is due.

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    Custom Ore Generation:
    First Revival
    • Author: JRoush
    • Maintainer: noogenesis


    This is the revival of the venerable Custom Ore Generation, last released for Minecraft 1.4.6. Custom Ore Generation was originally written by JRoush, and he/she deserves virtually all the credit for this work. Please see the original thread for most details. The current maintainer aims to keep the mod up to date with Minecraft, to fix bugs and to add a few features here and there. The configuration layout has changed since the times of JRoush.

    Mod Support

    Thanks mostly to the efforts of reteo and his Sprocket tool, we current support the ores from these mods:
    • Applied Energistics 2
    • Ars Magica 2
    • Biomes O' Plenty
    • Chisel 2
    • Dartcraft
    • DenseOres
    • Electricraft
    • Factorization
    • Forestry
    • Fossils and Archaeology
    • Galacticraft
    • Gregtech 5 and 6
    • IndustrialCraft 2
    • Mekanism
    • Metallurgy 4
    • MineChem
    • MinecraftComesAlive
    • NetherOres
    • Netherrocks
    • PamsHarvestCraft
    • ProjectRed
    • Railcraft
    • Reactorcraft
    • SimpleOres
    • Steamcraft 2
    • Thaumcraft 4
    • Thermal Foundation (Expansion)
    • Tinker's Construct


    Minecraft 1.6.4, Forge
    CustomOreGenRevived 1.0.25

    Old Downloads (Universal)


    1.2.24 and above:
    1.2.21 (The Mod Compatibility Update):
    • Thanks to the efforts of reteo (and the help of his Sprocket tool), COG now has consistent support for a greatly expanded set of mods (see the spoiler above).
    • Reteo has also added a "huge veins" mode for most distributions.
    • Support restriction by block adjacency (PlacesAbove, PlacesBelow, PlacesBeside), see the github wiki for more details.
    • The GT5 config should now use the correct hardness values (thanks harveyt), and also places some limonite in the "iron sand" deposits to allow easier early game access to iron.
    • Fix Railcraft ore block names
    • SimpleOres options should now be visible
    • Remove obsolete Mystcraft symbol stuff from configs
    • Support Gregtech6, set Gregtech5 hardness values.
    • Add FirstOreDictBlock as alternative to OreBlock for placing the first block registered in the ore dictionary for some ore.
    • Add IfOreExists and oreExists() function for checking whether there is a block registered for an ore.
    • Increase tolerance for total match weight check to avoid precision-based errors.
    • Draco18s: Add Wald distribution type, which favors extreme values.
    • Draco18s: Add Pitch setting that specifically controls Y angle deviation for veins.
    • Fix Thaumcraft config (had wrong biome type for magical biomes)
    • Options not visible in the GUI are saved at the dimension level
    • Report error when using an invalid biome type
    • Fix overriding of distributions; solves conflict between Gregtech and Geologica.
    • Attempt to fix the infinite recursion caused by multiple chunk loaders.
    • Update to Chisel 2.0 block names, so version 2.0 is now required for Chisel support.
    • Fix accidental overriding of substitution distributions that could cause some vanilla and/or mod-default generation to leak into the world.
    • Gregtech generation always considers GregtechActive option; no longer removes GT ores in other dimensions.
    • Dimension-level option files only store options specifically set for that dimension, instead of holding *all* options. This will make options more sensitive to changes in defaults and the save-level options; please let me know if there are any issues.
    • Fix saving of options set via the console
    • Gregtech config fixes and tweaks
    • Fix PFAA + Gregtech compatibility; PFAA will override almost all GT generation, except for "native" ores (copper, gold, silver, electrum), lignite, lapis (lazurite and sodalite), the gold veins in the extreme hills, and the kimberlite diamond pipes w/ olivine. Note that you will need a source of redstone (like the default COG generation). This stuff is still not well tested. You will want the latest PFAA for better balance.
    • Add BETA Gregtech config; uses realistic patterns similar to those of PFAA Geologica.
    • Fix handling of air blocks (caused crash with Forestry apatite distribution)
    • Fix clearing of Mekanism-generated ores
    • Fix crash due to broken Gregtech config (disabled for now)
    • Rewrite of deferred generation algorithm; please test if interested. Hopefully this resolves the missed chunk issue.
    • Support NBT element as child of OreBlock; expects standard NBT JSON
    • Add Steamcraft (Mr. Flaxbeard's) support
    • Hopefully fix biome height scale for amplified world type
    • Started removing MystcraftSymbol stuff from configs, as Mystcraft and COG have evolved to be implicitly integrated, and the symbol stuff has not been supported for ages
    • Distributions will override preceding distributions of the same name, facilitating customization
    • No longer clear ThermalFoundation platinum and mithril ore (in case user configures them to generate in the world)
    • Update Forestry support for Forestry 3.0
    • Railcraft config is robust to configurations that completely remove the Railcraft ore block from the game
    • Fix failure to generate in Cold Taiga variants (temperature was outside of bounds).
    • Update for changes to biome dictionary, including config fixes.
    • No longer support matching by biome ID (just name, type and climate)
    • Fix Metallurgy 4 support (all utility ores had incorrect metadata, use /cogPopulate to fix).
    • Add dark iron support for Factorization (thanks Bakerman)
    • Add COGActive option, inspired by Keybounce's suggestion.
    • Add support for Mekanism, thanks Greylocke.
    • Update Galacticraft support for 1.7.
    • Update configs for Factorization and ThermalFoundation (was ThermalExpansion).
    • Update to 1.7.10.
    • Fix placement of fluid blocks by cloud distributions.
    • Sealevel height scale is fixed and is now half the ground level in hell worlds.
    • Update SimpleOres support for 1.7.
    • The element now matches exactly, which makes config loading much faster when there are many blocks. If you still need matching based on regular expressions, use .
    • Updated the Project RED config for 1.7.
    1.0.25 (1.6.4): Updated to ATG API 0.9.5.

    • Add localization support for config strings visible in the configuration GUI.
    • Fix Railcraft config; abyssal geodes should actually be worth something now.
    • Hopefully fix Metallurgy config to avoid generating invalid blocks.
    1.1.5: Fix Railcraft config.

    • Added Chisel config for its limestone and marble (thanks agilmore2).
    • Updated Metallurgy support for 1.7.2.
    • Restored integration with ATG (surface-relative height stuff works).
    • Misc fixes: Forestry config, biome-relative heights.
    1.1.1: Fixed dependency metadata so that Geologica works.

    1.1.0: Update to 1.7.2.
    • Configs should work for vanilla, Biomes O' Plenty, Forestry, IC2, Railcraft, Thaumcraft and Tinker's Construct.
    • Since Minecraft is moving away from integer IDs, configs need to identify blocks using the unique name (e.g., "minecraft:redstone_ore") instead of the ID or unlocalized name. Eventually (probably next version) matching will be by identity (rather than by regex). The motivation is performance (matching every descriptor against every block takes a long time in a modded environment), as well as safety (no accidental ambiguity). There will be a ReplacesPattern that implements the previous behavior.
    1.0.24: Fixed deployment of the Galacticraft config.

    • Rework the height scaling (see github wiki)
    • Galacticraft config added (thanks to Gaelmare)
    • Leave saltpeter generation to Railcraft (thanks to Gaelmare)
    • Various mod config cleanups (thanks to Gaelmare)
    • Fix bug when substituting with air blocks, and issue with Railcraft sulfur
    • Dramatically speedup world loading with large ore dictionaries (like with Gregtech).
    • Support height scaling of certain settings like Height and Frequency. Supported scales are sealevel, biome average and surface (only ATG but currently broken). See the github wiki for documentation.
    • Hopefully fix the floating point imprecision issue when checking that the sum of ore weights adds up to 1.
    • Add SimpleOres2 support (only veins but not tested for balance).
    • Use block IDs for netherack and endstone to avoid conflicts between the Metallurgy config and the Chisel mod.
    • Deferred population range now defaults to 16 (big enough for vanilla clusters)
    • IC2: Options are hidden when ores do not exist (disabled in config)
    • Thaumcraft4: Fix typo for order shard clusters
    • Metallurgy: fixed utility ore labels, generalized biome support
    • Config expression functions like blockExists() fixed for attributes with default values.
    • Fix typo for tin clusters.
    • Rebalance configs for Tinker's Construct, Thaumcraft and Thermal Expansion.
    • Restore gravel/dirt generation when vanillaOreGen is disabled.
    • Support mod-added configs in modules/mods directory.
    • Add config for Thermal Expansion 3.
    • Add ReplacesOre element for replacing blocks according to ore dictionary key.
    • Standard configs now use ReplacesOre for stone, so mods like UndergroundBiomes work.
    • Fix generation of TC4 order and entropy infused stone.
    • Fix Railcraft sulfur generation when diamond veins were not enabled.
    1.0.14: Fix compatibility with Mystcraft and above.

    1.0.13: Hotfix disabling the experimental extra caves (oops).

    • Rework BiomesOPlenty, Railcraft and Thaumcraft configs; fix for Forestry since
    • Standard overworld configs now look for either RandomLevelSource or ATGLevelSource, rather than dimension ID 0.
    • Substitute determines surface based on block material (rock, sand, clay, etc) so that it is no longer fooled by trees; checks canBlockStay() before placing.
    • Surface-relative height for other distributions has been dropped for now, but we should be able to restore it for ATG.
    1.0.11: Tweaked configuration management strategy to always export default base config. If you ran version 1.0.10, this version will crash with an error about the custom attribute. This is intentional; just delete the CustomOreGen/CustomOreGen_Config.xml config file.

    • Reworked configuration management strategy. Configs are now replaced by default.
    • Made BOP gem generation biome-specific, in the spirit of the mod.
    • Factorization, BOP and Metallurgy configs now check if mod is installed.
    • Fixed Substitute distribution (oops)
    • Remove stray Ruby symbols from Railcraft.xml
    • Added standard configs for BiomesOPlenty and Factorization, thanks to reteo.
    • Add support for surface-relative height specification; e.g., generate layers that follow the terrain (see the github wiki for documentation).
    • Support Alternate Terrain Generation by changing condition from requiring RandomLevelSource to requiring the overworld dimension.
    • Added standard configs for Railcraft and Thaumcraft 4, thanks to Sandwitches.
    • Fixed compability with Forestry (which we now require)
    • Added standard configs for TConstruct, ProjectRed, Dartcraft, and Metallurgy, thanks to Sandwitches and others.
    • Maybe fixed compatibility with True Randomite
    • Updated to 1.6.4
    • Options are now saved per-dimension, with the overwold in the DIM0 directory, regardless of whether a dimension has a config file. Only the visible options (those shown in GUI) are stored at the level of the save.
    • MinecraftOres.xml now only applies to the overworld.
    1.0.5: Fixed expression evaluation (blockExists, biomeExists, isModInstalled, etc should work now).

    1.0.4: Removed warning when Mystcraft is installed, fixed block counting for veins, clouds.

    1.0.3: Renamed to Custom Ore Generation: First Revival first major release.

    0.1.0: Added BiomeSet, BiomeType and climate attributes for Biome

    0.0.0: Revived to 1.6.2 compatibility.


    Ore distributions are specified by XML files. Since XML is often a headache, Reteo has made an extremely useful and convenient utility, Sprocket, that enables authoring of CustomOreGen configurations using a simple INI-based format.

    For those brave enough to tackle the XML, all original features are documented on the original wiki. For new features listed in the changelog, see the github wiki.

    See the original thread for some pictures (under the Distributions heading).


    How do I configure distributions for a server? Choose one:

    • Easiest: Generate the world using a client (and thus the GUI), and copy to server.
    • Edit the CustomOreGen_Options.txt file from another world directory and save it to server config directory for CustomOreGen.
    • Options can be modified via the server/admin console (see wiki).

    Can I use this mod in my mod pack? Sure, this is released under the terms of the Artistic 2.0 license.

    Related mods

    • HarderOres makes ores... well.. harder.. and easier to find via a clever prospecting mechanic.
    • Geologica uses COG to add realistic distributions of virtually every economically important mineral, and petroleum.

    The source is freely available on github and is subject to the Artistic 2.0 license. Collaborations and pull requests are welcome. Ideas for new development directions are listed here. If this maintainer falls off the grid, please revive the mod (and then it would be the second revival, and so on).

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    Quote from Hoops4sho»

    clicking on "Advanced Options" in the GUI doesn't make any additional options appear...

    BOP gems are set to NONE and clicking provides no other options, but maybe BOP haven't added gems into 1.10 versions yet. i can't confirm that off the top of my head but it might be on their end. i'll look it up later if someone hasn't beaten me to it by the time i can get around to it.

    EDIT 2: upon world creation, when clicking on "More World Options" the "Custom Ore Generation" button persists into the next menu, partially blocking the "Allow Cheats" button and "Bonus Chest" button.

    I will look into these issues. Mod support (BOP) is still a WIP. We will need block state support to robustly support all of them.
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    Just uploaded a 1.10.2 beta to Curse. Please test.

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    Quote from Faelinor»

    hello everyone. it's been some time since it has been mentioned. Are there still plans to update to 1.9 or 1.10?

    We fully updated to 1.10 a couple weeks ago. Haven't release it yet though. Might put out a beta this weekend.


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    I just updated CustomOreGen (a dependency to 1.10.2) last week. This one would be a bit harder, because of the custom block rendering. Another issue is that the version of GitHub (and my local updates) is very much under construction (the processing stuff), and the stuff that is finished takes advantage of (but does not specifically depend on) mods that are still stuck in 1.7.10. So yea, I could update, but all of this would be simpler if I had the time to match my ambitions ;) If enough players are moving on, I'll make the move, too. It looks like Gregtech 5U has 1.10 in beta, which is encouraging.

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    Quote from NocturneBlock»

    Okay, hit a new issue. Still using 1.7.10 Minecraft and COG 1.2.24.

    I think I short-changed the changelog for 1.2.26. This is the first release in a year (time went by fast), and this issue was fixed last November. Please upgrade.
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    Alright guys, I released 1.2.26 on curse. Should have reteo's latest configs, as well as the biome height scaling adjustment. I also happened to find that adjustment in BiomesOPlenty, because their terrain generator uses the interpretable notion of average block height, while still supporting vanilla biomes.

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    I didn't realize the release was holding things up. I'll push it out this weekend.

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