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    sent a request

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    posted a message on Long Term SMP - No Resets - Classic Minecraft Server Vibe - [Voice Chat] [Java\Bedrock] [Vanilla] [Whitelist] [18+] [1.20.4]

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    IGN: noavier

    Discord: noavier

    Timezone: AEDT

    Why do you want to join: Most other SMPs that I'm in are pretty inactive. I think its because they're all pvp/war SMPs, and people just get too scared to fight or even build since they might just lose everything. I used to play a lot on friendly hermitcraft-like SMPs though.

    How many hours a week do you normally play Minecraft: Depends. If I'm not too busy then I might play most of the day, or sometimes I might only play for 20 minutes or so. I do like to afk a lot though.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: First started on PE in about 2012, and been playing ever since

    What is your favorite Minecraft memory: About a year and a bit ago, I played on an SMP called Elict. It was a semi-popular crystal pvp x lifesteal server with an average of about 15-20 players at any given time during its peak, which I'd played on and off for most of its lifetime. I met a lot of pretty cool people on there, but my favourite memory is when my team of 4 players won against the whole server in the dragon fight. That server had some pretty good players on it too.

    What is your proudest build: In the past I've played on a lot of pvp based SMPs, so I haven't really built something big just for fun in a while. There was one friendly SMP I played on a lot called Project: Creators that I played on for like a year when 1.16 was in pre-release. On that SMP I built a massive space station base in the end, and had it linked up to one of the end gateways. I'd taken villagers and animals there, and built a ton of farms too, so it was basically fully self-sufficient.

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    In Game Name:[/b][/i]

    Discord ID:[/b][/i]





    What name do you prefer to go by?

    Xavier or noavier or whatever, I really don't care

    Do you have a mic?


    How did you hear about our server?[/b]

    This forums post

    What about Minecraft interests you?

    I've been playing the game for a while now, since about 2013. Like anything, it gets boring after some time, though by always looking for ways to make the game a brand new experience again, it breathes life back into it. So there's that, but also there's just the opportunity to spend time with and get to know some of the other people who I'm playing with.

    Do you have any questions for us?[/i][/b]
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    posted a message on An 18+ SMP for those who just want to play MC and chill

    Hi, I'd like to join. Discord: noavier#9089

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    Hi! Could I please join? My discord is noavier#9089

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