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    posted a message on Ammx Texture Pack 1.4.2 [16x16]
    Quote from Dylbo

    items and tools done on this pack yet?

    Yes, I don't think I've changed every texture though, but most of them have been done.

    EDIT: yes all are done now
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    posted a message on [ADV&MAZE] Lost Maze
    Lost Maze is a maze in which you will have to do parkour and some puzzle in all three realms!

    1. do not break blocks unless you placed them or instracted
    2. you must be on easy difficulty or higher
    3. do not cheat
    4. you can place blocks


    1. all leers/pressure plates do something
    2. if you turn left at first turn and keep going do NOT pull any levers
    3. in the room you start in there is a secret exit
    4. there is only 1 way to get stuck, all other ways are dangerous
    5. the End section is real quick
    6. monsters can spawn in maze
    7. sneaking at the edge of a pressure plate does not turn it on


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    posted a message on [TOOL] MCNostalgia 2.1.2 (With GUI) Now works with 1.4.6!
    for this you should add PCgamer demo
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    posted a message on Ammx Texture Pack 1.4.2 [16x16]
    bump for update
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    posted a message on Joining Server Help
    Some people don't update until the servers do so they can play online
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    posted a message on Earth Creation build map
    Yeah I saw that too but on the forums, minecraft dl just advertises them, it's a cool map though
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    posted a message on Ammx Texture Pack 1.4.2 [16x16]
    This is more of an abstract texture pack i've made, its still in progress and not all textures are complete, this update is biggest i've ever done, scince I got alot of hate messages i've also made a new thread, all other updates can be found in updates.txt, thank you Noahbald

    note that over the holidays I am going overseas, if there are any updates suring the holidays it might be quite delayed.

    Screenshots :iapprove:

    also if you wish to support this texture pack please put the following as you signiture


    Future updates will come, comment if you want any changes, thank you, noahbald

    Note this is a new thread old thread (version history) can be found here the Planet Minecraft post can be found here and the Pocket Edition is here.

    Download 1.4.2
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    posted a message on Iron golem spawn egg
    Why do this when you can craft it
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    posted a message on Animated Item Textures?
    I guess it might be a bit late but what you got to do is 1 make a name called custom_terrain_[datavalue].png put it in a folder called anim 2 choose amount of frames (16 is best) so put the amount of the same image of terrain and copy+paste 16 times one after the other in a vertical line 3 change the image for that frame of animation 4 test it out to see if it works

    this does not work for items
    you need MC Patcher
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    Quote from 42and19

    Did you report me? If so it didn't do anything. In fact in the year I have been on this forum I have never seen someone warned for saying they didn't like a pack.

    I suppose that I should have at least given you something to work with. The problem is that pattern packs in general do no really work. There are a very few that do and one of the things that makes them work is that they don't sacrifice detail for a pattern. Try to focus on incorporating detail into your textures along side your patter. A good example of this is repeticraft.

    That being said. I will not back down. I do not like this and I will not retract either post. I will not look the other way as good packs get buried under bad. If you are willing to at least consider constructive criticism them that puts you a step above most other people who post here.

    no, I like constructive criticism, you would have gotten a message from the moderators otherwise
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    posted a message on Ammx Texture Pack 1.1
    This has been changed and will be avalible in the next update the grass and sand will be different too
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    posted a message on X-ray texture pack for 1.1 - 12w06a
    Should have The texture outline so you know what block it is.
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    posted a message on MineCraft: Scary Pyramid

    No pics No clicks

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    posted a message on What are the minecraft forum ranks?
    Redstone miner, ghast hunter and I think an over 9000 one you get at 9001 posts
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    posted a message on [1.1.0] Lottery Mod!
    Seems good, a lottery machine which cost a ticket too! Maybe you could place a bet of tickets and then you gain more or less tickets!
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