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    BONUS! The gravity gun can let you carry spawners out of dimensions to build mob farms with


    actually grabbing blocks is weird, you have to find that sweet spot and abuse the hell out of it

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    Tinker's FirmaCraft micropack

    v05 Update! Limited smeltery support for TFC metals!
    (not-so-stealth edit: I'm looking at adding HQM to provide tips and help, in-game, although that may take a while to get going)

    v04 Update! Now for 1.6.4 - this means TerraFirmaCraft b78 (including food decay, better ore distribution, and YOU CANNOT USE YOUR b77 WORLD - too much has changed, trying to use your b77 world in b78 would be disaster, if it loaded at all), Natura (mostly for the cotton plants) and a special from Tinker's Construct - slime islands correctly generate - and even Better Storage for the crates!

    Have you gotten bored with building massive structures? Or are you just looking for a CHALLENGE in your survival worlds?

    Well guess who's here to help you out - that's right, me!

    So you think you'll go punch some trees? NOPE, DOESN'T WORK.
    You need an axe! Collect some loose stones off the ground and do this

    "But how do I get sticks if I can't punch wood?"

    So you want to build a smeltery? Congratulations,
    This is correct for TFC b77 only.

    you are about to embark on a long and perilous quest to the nether and back! The recipe for Grout does not recognize TFC's sand or clay so you have to use the Nether version of the smeltery. Metals are also not working in the smeltery. Seared stone and clear glass only.

    You can no longer go to The Nether! It will crash and possibly CORRUPT your world! Minetweaker conversion recipes now allow you to make a smeltery.

    "But wait" you cry, "doesn't terrafirmacraft disable vanilla ores?"
    YES IT DOES! Here's the fun part about these mods interacting - vanilla ores are disabled in worldgen, but Oreberry Bushes still spawn underground! So do Essenceberry Bushes, good luck finding them!

    "But wait" you continue - HOLD UP RIGHT THERE, I already know what you're going to ask, and there's an explanation prepared!

    TerraFirmaCraft and Tinker's Construct interact a little better than they used to (see the next spoiler, and the images), the smeltery (with TFC B78) actually works with some metals correctly! Not TerraFirmaCraft metals, which is why there are conversion recipes.
    This is correct for TFC b77 only

    poorly in this situation, so you can NOT use the smeltery for metals - only for making seared stone (or seared bricks) and clear glass, as seen here

    For this reason, I did some config things with TFC, and re-enabled the vanilla furnace - if you forgot that TCon adds a slab furnace, which costs two LESS cobblestone to make.
    At the same time, I enabled the TFC -> vanilla metal conversion recipe - stick a single ingot of wrought iron or gold in your crafting grid to get the vanilla version. Diamond conversion is also enabled.

    Cobblestone? Yes, cobblestone. You CAN obtain cobblestone with TFC installed, all it takes is crafting four TFC cobble into vanilla cobble
    This is correct for TFC b77 only

    some patience and planning - flowing water over lava will STILL net you obsidian and/or cobblestone, depending on how well you planned.

    Obsidian? Yes, as you can see above, with the nether portal. However, in order to harvest obsidian, you need either a Tinker's tool that can, or a Wrought Iron pickaxe.

    "What's this IguanaTweaks thing and why is it included?"
    Well, here's the fun part. So, Tinker's Construct tools are, with vanilla ores (and metal working with the smeltery) disabled, a little harder to make. In fact, from my various test worlds, you won't have access to Cobalt or Ardite at all, and this also means that the alloys are right out of the question! So, how to solve the mining level issue?

    IguanaTweaks provides the solution!

    Tool leveling is the answer, and here's how that sort of works

    If you ARE already familiar with IguanaTweaks, you'll notice that these experience values are considerably higher than you may be accustomed to - this is, after all, intended to be a more difficult experience.
    For this reason, I have elected to NOT address the biggest change to TerraFirmaCraft that IguanaTweaks causes - copper level pickaxes cannot mine any ore blocks.

    You will REQUIRE bronze (start exploring and collecting those loose stones, you need cassiterite (tin) and tetrahedrite (copper) for straight up "bronze", or tetrahedrite (copper), sphalerite (zinc) and bismuthinite (bismuth) for "bismuth bonze" to make the alloy) to collect ANY of TerraFirmaCraft's ores.

    This is not unreasonable - you may still, of course, make all the TFC tools out of copper, but be prepared for this. In fact, Many players may find that preferable - IguanaTweaks has a way to boost the mining level of copper pickaxes with specific mob heads that rarely drop upon killing them.

    The Tinker's Construct mattock will not till soil. It will still break it, but the soil and farmland is vastly different in TFC, and cannot be tilled by a mattock.

    The mods included:

    There is a wonderful wiki for TerraFirmaCraft that is currently being updated, as b78 is out, so be aware of that.
    Things may (probably) have changed from B77, like food decay, and how the Blast Furnace worked.

    If you like the resource pack I'm using in the screenshots, you can check it out at http://terrafirmacra...ck-heads-07721/


    A NOTE: Google Drive may display the contents of the zip instead of just a prompt to download it. Do not be daunted if it does, simply look at the upper-left corner where it says "Tinker's FirmaCraft" and click file -> Download.

    FirmaCraft v05a (Don't Mind The Filename edition)


    Just drop it into your minecraft instance after extracting it.

    Minecraft 1.6.4
    Forge 965

    FirmaCraft v04c

    Wow I'm just dropping the ball today! Got the thing fixed for real this time though. Accidentally included optifine, which doesn't play well with a fair number of computers for some reason.

    Just drop it into your minecraft instance after extracting it.

    Minecraft 1.6.4
    Forge 965

    FirmaCraft v01

    There are a few things in the minetweaker config you might appreciate if you want vanilla clay or sand, go take a look

    My copper pickaxe will not mine TerraFirmaCraft ores.
    -Not going to fix. This is exactly how I like it.

    Tinker's Construct mattock will not till soil.
    -Not going to fix. Not even going to TRY.

    Metals don't work in the smeltery. (FirmaCraft v01 only, resolved by v04)
    -I have accounted for this in the config options, metal tools can be made with the wood patterns.

    TukMC may corrupt your world if you add it and look at a TFC anvil.
    -Do not add TukMC.

    Tinker's Construct weapons are taking too long to kill mobs!
    -This is a result of the revised health system that TFC implements. Can't do anything about it.

    My metal stuff doesn't cool off while it's in my Tinker's Construct crafting station! Why not?
    -This is not a problem.

    How am I supposed to make the Part Builder if I can't get the log blocks?
    -Use NEI and figure it out. This was the main reason I added MineTweaker.

    My Blue Steel bucket won't put lava into the smeltery's tank!
    -Try a different bucket. There's a one-time-use Clay Bucket you can make.

    Your game will crash if you attempt to view the page after Punji Stick in the starter Tinker's book.
    -No fix at this time. I can't explain WHY, but this just happens. Was not fixed in the update to v04.

    If the smeltery doesn't work how can I make (alloy)
    -Check the ingot's recipe in NEI

    If there are any other major issues you encounter that I haven't covered, kindly let me know and I'll do what I can to address them. If I can't reproduce an issue, I won't be able to help.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    Yes. It is a joke. I spent a week putting this together as a practical joke and just happened to miss my target date of April 1st.
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    I did have a look at the LiquidAPI integration, and unfortunately, there's still a lot of work to do. The BC pump doesn't pick any caustics up, and there's no mechanic for storing liquids from vials in tanks, or for getting them back out with empty vials. I'll work on that next.

    This is the most exciting news in a long time!

    I can't wait to be able to store all those giant terrain-blocking pools of acid in tanks.

    They're seriously killer for stopping the BC quarry dead.
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    Quote from DragonMaster16

    This mod seems to not be compatible with TrainCraft. mDiyo, can you fix this?

    Look, son, what you did there? That entire post?

    You just called a mechanic and said "my car is making noise, fix it"
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    I like to think of that as a feature, because then you can have stacks upon stacks of lead ready when you come back from mining, or farming, or building
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    thank god that test tube bug was addressed

    I literally have 14 barrels full of them right now and I was afraid of using the Synth any moreI just had two questions (and one question comes with a link)

    1 - So, with Minecraftium, does it actually have a use?

    2 - With the Fusion Chamber, I realize we're working on an exajoule basis here (exa is apparently "quintillion") but there is a buildcraft addon that has 500MJ/t generators and it seems to me, enough of these working on feeding the Chamber would provide enough power, albeit much slower than the Nether Star does.

    Link for the interested - http://www.mod-buildcraft.com/forums/forum/sub-mods-and-texture-packs/dakshen3s-advanced-power-system/
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    yeah, last I heard, ThaumCraft3 wasn't going to happen because ThaumCraft's author is working on an entirely different project now
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    Quote from Dreossk

    They just have to acknowledge the fact that the update exists and say they are/are not working on it. That's it. It's the basic of having a product and running a website.

    Eloraam is ONE WOMAN. She has a life outside of Minecraft modding. She is also working on her own project on the side. You want instant updates to a mod? MAKE IT YOURSELF.
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    [20:27] * Derek has joined #redpower
    [20:27] <Derek> Hello?
    [20:27] <Derek> Is this the IRC channel for the redpower mod?
    [20:28] <Derek> Is anyone going to answer me?
    [20:30] <Derek> To not get a response on the forums is one thing, but to be ignored by redpower mod support in their own IRC channel? Well **** you assholes too. I have no respect for modders who don't support their customers. ****ing jerks.

    Hey Derek, pay attention. 3 minutes in IRC? Often is not long enough for anybody to notice you're even THERE, let alone answer a question. But yes, that was the channel for RedPower 2.
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