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    posted a message on 🤖Miners Tech🤖 - 👾New Faction Minecraft server looking for players👾
    IP Address: minerstech.mcserv.fun

    Join us today
    and discover a new factional world embedded with new features!

    Established in February 2021, this server aims to provide Minecrafters a community to mingle and socialize with each other, while creating endless fun and unleashing creativity for players to delve hundreds of hours with.
    Featuring a player-based economy within the server, players are given a huge amount of freedom on what they would like to do, or play with.

    Chill and meet new friends, climb the rank ladder and grow into someone well known within the server, it is all up to you.


    - Fishing Contest

    - Chair

    - Support color code on anvil

    - Bounty & Hunters

    - Combat Log (Prevent escape from battle)

    - Auction House

    - Customized Pet System

    - Custom Enchantment

    - Lift

    - Chest Lock

    - Marriage System

    - Mobarena

    - PlayerParticles

    - Silk spawner

    - Rankup

    - Exclusive Event

    --> Jobs Boost 1.2x (Every day 8pm - 9pm)

    - Fishing Tournament
    --> Every 6 hour with minimum 5 players

    - Red Packets Giving
    --> Every 1 hour with minimum 5 players

    - Fun Time (Every saturday 4:00pm - 5:00pm)

    - Referral

    - Custom Skin

    - Gun

    and many more upcoming events and updates!

    What are you waiting for? Join us today!
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