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    posted a message on Horrable FPS, resolution, chunk rendering, and draw distance
    My biggest issue is the draw distance. If it had the PS3 draw distance, and ran the same as it does now, I would be fine with it.

    The draw distance is not acceptable. I like to look at my creations from far away. It isn't acceptable because I have way better draw distances on my Galaxy S4. The Vita is more powerful than a Samsung Galaxy S4.

    The awful draw distance is why I say the game isn't optimized. I think they are going to work on optimizing it more, but for now we have to deal with seeing as far as you would when its foggy outside. I sure hope that this is the case and the draw distance can be fixed. It is what is preventing me from wanting to play the Vita version.
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    posted a message on Ps4 vs ps3 vs ps vita
    If the Vita version is like Pocket Edition, I'm gonna be mad.

    As far as world size goes, I think PS3 Edition is gonna be like Xbox 360 Edition, PS4 Edition is gonna be like Xbox One Edition. However, I don't know about Vita. Despite its power, developers have a tendency to underestimate the power of Sony handhelds. and they water games down when its not necessary. If its the best case, it will be like PS3. It may be like one of those games that you buy it once, and it runs on all those systems, and they can play together, no matter if their on PS3, PS4 or PS Vita.

    Thing is about the Play Station version, it may be behind on the updates VS the Xbox 360, for the same reason why the Xbox 360 version is behind on updates VS the PC version.
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    posted a message on Builders needed. GTA:SA. 1:1 scale build. 20k views. Structures built, need details added
    I would love to help with the build. I really like San Andreas, and GTA in general. Plus I'm a good builder when it comes down to modern building.

    But are there any standards you have? For example, what street lamps are made of, what roads are made of, ect?
    Also I'm sure you want me to make the trees look more like the way it would be built in MC. (but the size they would be if they were in SA).
    But for things like gang tags, and grafiti, do you just want me to count it out?

    For the countryside, I could get it done with World Edit pritty fast. Only problem is picking where roads and dirt roads would be. I'd have to run GTA SA and look at it well building them. Also with World Edit, I could even take it to the extent of setting the right biomes for each area. Not only does that include desert biome vs forest biome, but I can make the area with the muddy water in the country side swamp biome, and maybe even setting bioms so the grass texture matches the lighter vs darker grass texture in SA. However, I would like to help on the city area too.

    However, maybe when you get San Andreas done, you could add LC and VC to the map. For LC, I'd do the GTA III one as the IV one isn't in its era.

    Edit: When you send me the schematic, be sure to include the map below it so I can use it as a reference too.

    And another question. How do you want buildings to be handled? Do you want interiors for all of them, or just interiors that were in San Andreas (if possible as some SA interiors don't match exterior in which case won't fit or will be ulterd.)
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    posted a message on What would you ask for in the next big update...
    Things I am hoping for, and want to come in future updates.
    PC has these, and I'd like Xbox to get them soon
    -Up side down slabs and stairs
    -Corner stairs
    -Different wood types
    -Jungle biome
    -Height limit increased from 128 to 256 (Really big one for me. I got a metropolotan city I'm working on, and I can't make it look similer to Chicago with out a 256 height limit)

    New things that are not on the PC and I hope they have. Some, the Xbox 360 version could really use. These have a much less chance of being put in.
    -DLC texture packs
    -Upload worlds to the public like on Halo. Including a file share
    -Save a friends world on your Xbox like on Pocket Edition
    -Some form of an official world edit for PC, Xbox 360, and Pocket Edition for Creative Mode. It would be ingame like the World Edit mod on the PC

    The official world edit tool would allow you to:
    -Cut, Delete, Copy, and Paste selections, Change biomes, Set and Lock the time of day, Generate trees,Generate snow, Pritty much everything thats on the World Edit mod on the PC.
    -Save selections and load them on other worlds.
    -Selections can be uploaded to a database, much like the world idea, and they are able to be downloaded and be used on the Xbox 360, Pocket Edition, or PC Edition.
    -Permissions can be set to Everyone, Friends only, Host only, and Host only plus players with the world edit box checked on their username in host options.
    -Blocks that are not on the version of the game the selection is downloaded to are turned into ether air, a different block, or a block that shows that the id is missing.
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    posted a message on Cloud level
    I completely agree with you. They should also have different cloud types for weather. (as in automatic changing not in options).

    Here are some things that would be great to add to your idea.
    1. Clear weather. No clouds. Fog is also less prevelent. (I'm talking about a weather type, and not turning it off in the settings.)
    2. Reguler Cloud ammount. Still sunny, and normal fog.
    3. Cloudy weather. Complete cloud cover. Fog is heavier than normal. Above the clouds, the lighting is as if it was sunny.
    4. Precipitation. Complete cloud cover. Above the clouds, the lighting is as if it was sunny and no weather particle effects. Fog is heavier than normal.
    5. Thunderstorm. Same as Precipitation but with lighting. No lightning above the clouds.
    6. Still only cloudy weather in deserts. Once in a great while, it may rain.

    Maybe in mountain biomes, it could snow above a certain height. (Only mountain biomes, because it would be annnoying if it was snowing ontop your sky scrapers.)

    Also the weather has a transition. It isn't sunny and suddenly starts poring rain. It fades in. There start to be more clouds in the sky, and the weather smoothly transitions from A to B.
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