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    Pack Image No More Cave Sounds

    I've looked all over, but I could not find a resource pack to get rid of cave sounds, so I decided to do it myself. This resource pack will hopefully get rid of all 18 cave sounds, please tell me about any problems!

    Once downloaded, simply unzip the folder, go to your ".minecraft" folder and place into the "resourcepacks" folder.

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    A puzzle map that will make you think.
    Subtle hints will lead you to the end. However, you have no idea to what you are supposed to be doing.
    Proceed through the desert and find the end.


    This map was very influenced by:

    Simplicity and Nothing


    Map Information:
    -Please note any bugs, glitches, or problems in general with the map.
    -You May pick up any items you see on the ground.
    -Refrain from dropping, and destroying items!
    -Refrain from straying from the map, do not go anywhere that there is no path.

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