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    posted a message on This realm is now closed!!!


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    posted a message on Minecraft SMP ♦ 1.16.1 ♦ Long-Term ♦ Quick Invites ♦ Hermitcraft Style ♦ Friendly

    IGN: nipotsu
    Age: 18

    Timezone: GST

    Your plans on the server: just building houses and helping out the others

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    posted a message on Ladonia *BRAND NEW* | SMP | Vanilla | 1.14.4 | Community | Whitelist

    Minecraft Username:nipotsu
    Country:I live in UAE right now but I was born in the Philippines (It's where dubai is located)

    Discord name: nipotsu #5191
    Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm 17 currently doing As levels and I wanna use the extra extra free time for myself by playing/meeting with other players.
    Tell us about your experience in minecraft: Been playing it since its prime years using the cracked version because the 10 year old me was never allowed to buy games :C It's actually the first game that I played and I loved making internet friends here which is my favorite aspect of the game.

    Media Accounts (Optional): I prefer not to share it unless you're a close friend
    Show us your builds (Optional): I don't have any photos as I deleted minecraft a few months ago after getting burned out from it.

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    posted a message on ☀️ *New Beginnings* Vanilla+ [Vanilla GP] [Small Community] [SMP] [Java 1.16] [No Resets] [No World Border]

    IGN: nipotsu

    Discord : nipotsu #5191

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    posted a message on [CLOSED] 🍺 Ebrius SMP 🍺 | 18+ | 1.15.2 | Vanilla | Whitelist | Discord | Weekly Events | Community Focused |

    IGN/Username: nipotsu

    What should we call you?:nipotsu or just nip


    Country + Timezone:GMT+4

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I recently finished most of my exams and finally found some time to play some video games other than napping,drawing,and trying to learn how to edit videos.Somehow for the past few weeks i felt nostalgic on minecraft after re-listening to the soundtrack by the great C418 and i felt the need to buy the actual game (I have been using the cracked versions of minecraft back in 2012 until 2014 so when i finally had the money by myself through the part times I've done i bought the java edition!

    How active will you be?: I should be pretty active especially since there's only 5 exams left which I am confident I will get high in.(It's gonna be 8-15 hours)

    Have you ever been banned from a private server?: I have always gotten along with the players I've met in many servers that I joined and I have never violated any rules in all the servers I have joined in!

    What do you think you can bring to the server? I tend to get along with everyone as long and I hope I can help others in terms of farms and especially building medieval styled houses as its my favorite aspect of the game.I may not be a good PVP player as weird as it sounds mainly due to lag and my awful jumping mechanics (I always get stuck between blocks).Players can also rely on me atleast in terms of supplies as mining is something i enjoy especially once I achieve Haste II

    Any other questions or comments?: I am really really not drunk. Thank you for taking your time on reading my application and hopefully i get accepted! Also I really love how organized and how serious the application process is! It reminds me of HermitCraft for some reason and this was one of the main reason why I wanted to join haha.

    Show us some of your past builds or contraptions (images/videos) (Optional): Since I just started a few weeks ago,and the servers I joined was closing down as well as being a bit busy with revising I am only able to show you a few builds so far! Sadly I don't have any redstone contraptions as I only know the basics and I usually just copy and paste builds that require redstones using YouTube I am trying my best to learn and expand my knowledge on it though!

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    posted a message on Vanilla - MooCraft - Whitelist - 1.14 - Friendly

    Gender (Optional):Male
    In Game Name:nipotsu
    Referred by (Optional):no one i was just server hunting

    Time Zone (Optional):GST 4:00
    Minecraft Experience (#Years or Start Date):Started around 2012-2014(cracked minecraft versions) 2015-2017( MCPE) and due to nostalgia I finally bought the java 2 weeks ago.
    A sentence about you:I'm a more builder type of player and exploring would be go-to everytime i lose creativity when building.If any players need any assistance with either of these such as building and coords for certain biomes just ask me !!

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    posted a message on Pretty New Minecraft Server Looking for Applications [Vanilla | Whitelist | 1.14.1]
    • MC username: nipotsu
    • Age: 17
    • Location: Dubai GST+4:00
    • How active you'll be: Almost everyday with 8+ hours. Might be inactive in some days due to exams rip
    • Why you would like to join:Why not, server looks pretty organized and it seems i can still catch up with all the players.I would also like to play with a few players thats close to my age range as well as play with less griefers,rude players etc.
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    posted a message on NULL
    1) IN GAME NAME:nipotsu

    2) AGE:17

    3) WHY DO YOU WANT TO PLAY ON OUR SERVER? I'm looking for servers that is just starting out and this server had the mmo tag so i immediately took interest in thread. Another reason why I would like to join is because the server that I have been on for the past 2 weeks is inactive and there were players that weren't normal lol, there were also griefing incidents which i didnt like either.

    4) ARE YOU OK WITH ADULT DISCUSSIONS (Any Mature discussions, NSFW)?Yeah

    5) DO YOU AGREE NOT TO GRIEF?Obviously I don't get how other players have a hard time following this simple rule

    6) DO YOU AGREE TO RESPECT ALL PLAYERS?Yes I'm a pretty friendly person and i barely have any drama with other players in all my experiences of joining a server.

    7) DO YOU AGREE TO THESE RULES?Yes these are easy to follow rules and they're the most basic ones so you can be assured that i 100% agree to these rules
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    posted a message on Dino Vanilla [Whitelist] [Tight-Knit Community] [1.14.2] [No Teleportation] [Survival World] [Superflat Creative World]

    Minecraft IGN: nipotsu // discord is nipotsu#5191

    Why do you want to join?:I recently had a nostalgic trip down memory lane and bought the game two weeks ago.I joined a server which was fun but as time went on the players that i loved playing with didnt wanna play anymore due to server problems,griefers,and rude players (main reason why i left was because it was pretty toxic atleast for my taste)

    Favorite thing about Minecraft: That you can do anything with the game and that your creativity is your limit! (ah the good ol minecraft trailer quote)

    What do you bring to the community? (In Game): I'm confident i can bring average-above average builds with my medieval building style skills,for the past 2 weeks i have caught up with all the common farms and the new mechanics especially the pvp combat system.With that said I can bring farms that would make all the player's lives much better !! I can also help with exploring the whole biomes and share the coords in the discord as exploring is one of my favorites apart from the building.

    What do you bring to the community? (Outside of the Game) (Subreddit, art, etc.):I don't really make anything outside of the game that would be relevant to the community.Well i can help with organizing server wise but i think that's been handled already considering your years of experience in server management! OH if you count memes then yes that's what i could bring lmao

    Have you read the rules?: Yes these are pretty much the simple rules that isn't that hard to follow.

    Do you have any pictures of your builds?:Yes !! I can send it to ya in discord !!

    What are you like in Minecraft?:I'm pretty interactive with players and i start to get talkative when i get close with them! I usually give gifts to new players when I'm ahead such as basic resources, a few iron blocks,coal blocks etc. I also help other players with building if they ask for it !!

    What is one thing you are good at? (Outside of Minecraft):\I'm a student I can confidently say I'm pretty good with maths (except mental maths for some reason)

    Anything else you would like to add?:Will there be any datapacks that would be very convenient such as eltytra drops after every dragon as exploring in the end would suck for the new players,armor stands,head drops,one player sleep,or even double shulker drops !! OH and almost forgot i didn't like how double spacing every paragraph looked so i just stayed with the one spacing format hopefully that's okay with you.

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    posted a message on 🌎Craftona SMP🌎| Pure Vanilla | Season 1 | Hermitcraft Seed | 1.14.2 | Whitelist |


    IGN/Username: What should we call you?:nipotsu or you can just call me nip nip


    Country + Timezone: GST+4:00 Dubai

    Tell us a bit about yourself:Well game-wise I think i can call myself a pretty good player (?) im mostly into building and exploring using elytras which is super fun to do ! Personality wise I rarely get tilted unless i die from a bug but that shouldn't be a problem as the servers running 1.14.2 pre release.All in all I tend to be interactive with the players and i don't really do pranks unless I'm really close with the player (eg:school mate)

    How active will you be?:I should be active almost everyday (8 hours+)

    Have you ever been banned from a private server?:No

    What do you think you can bring to the server?I think im pretty confident with my builds and i can help with the spawn builds as the server goes on.I can also help with exploring and finding all the biomes we need

    Any other questions or comments?:Hmmm nothing except i'm really excited and looking forward to joining the server!

    Show us some of your past builds or contraptions (images/videos) (Optional):I can show you in discord !! (nipotsu #5191)

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    posted a message on SERVER START UP | 1.14 | White listed | Vanilla | SMP


    How old are you?: 17!

    How long have you been playing minecraft?:Played from 2012-2014 through cracked versions and moved onto MCPE from 2015-2017 and then finally i bought the java game 2 weeks ago

    Do you think you'll be active in the server?:YES! i have been on in my current inactive server everyday for atleast more than 8 hours!


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    posted a message on FMCraft+Starts 19/5/2019+ Vanilla 1.14.1+ Hermitcraft type server




    Experience in Mincraft: Been playing for along time since 2012-2014 in cracked versions,i then moved to mcpe from 2015-2017 where i took a break and finally i bought java 2 weeks ago

    Reason for wanting to Join: Server I'm currently in is inactive and has way way too many server oriented problems. I also would love to meet more players and hopefully play with them !! I would also like to join mainly because i'll be there from day 1 so yeah,,, hopefully i get accepted !!

    thanks for reading

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    posted a message on New 100% FRESH 1.14 Survival (HARD Mode) Server On a Good Host (CubedHost) - Absolutely No Cheap/Cheesy Stuff-100% PURE VANILLA

    Helloowh there !!

    I would like to give my shot in applying to join your server.Upon reading the the post i thought that it'd be just a normal pure survival but damn was i wrong,I really like your idea on banning AFK fishing although i was bummed when i saw that exp farms are also banned but it sounds a lot of fun and would most likely increases the idea of doing grouped/duo partnered takes on exp grinding.One of the few things that low-key lacked in some realms that i have played in was the engagement between the players so maybe your rules would improve that aspect.Anyway here are some basic things that i think you'd want to know

    Age: 17 sadly i didn't meet the age criteria but I'm still gonna try giving my shot

    IGN: nipotsu

    How long have i been playing ?? I have been playing the game since 2012-2014 using cracked versions until i moved to the bedrock editions in 2015-2018 where i had an on/off thing with the game. AND finally i bought the game 2 days ago out of nostalgia and wanting to experience something different than playing CSGO and league

    Some extras haha: I mostly do building(medieval/rustic-ishy styles) ,exploring when i have no inspiration to build anything.I also only have the basic redstone knowledge which i don't think would be used on anything as exp farms are not allowed.Also i don't have much of a PVP experience due to the new way of attacking system that was updated a long time ago (I'm just used to doing the spamming)

    Timezone:Dubai GMT+4

    anyway i hope i could hear from you soon thanks for reading !

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    posted a message on 🌟Deep SMP [Vanilla] ⚡️ [NEW] [Whitelisted] 🌟
    Helloowwh !!
    ✦ Minecraft name/IGN:nipotsu

    ✦ Age:17 rip

    ✦ Why do you want to join this server?I'm just looking for servers to join and i found this thread interesting and alot more organized/professional than the others.I would love to join a server that has little to no lag, and that has a friendly and interactive community

    ✦ What is/are your play style(s)?I'm mostly a builder type of person however i do also do love exploring and redstones.I'm not really used to the PVP part of the game as this is my first time playing in a java edition(i've played cracked versions way back in 2012-2014 and started playing in the bedrock edition and finally 2 days ago i decided to buy the java edition to try the game out again out of nostalgia and to join in the update)

    ✦ Discord name:MilkyBees#5191

    ✦ Have you ever joined a SMP server? If so what was it like?Yes i have played a few servers however they were realms in the bedrock edition.I would honestly say it was a great experience thanks to the kind owners,and the players ive built with who gave me alot of inspo however, the lag just killed my interest along with the other players i was with in the realms as it was literally unplayable to the point that mining a block takes 5 seconds to register and that holding 10 players would seem very difficult due to the amount of rollbacks that would happen.
    Hope to hear from you soon !!!
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    posted a message on thinking about allowing people to join my server

    Hello there !! i was wondering if theres any discord channel i could join to do the application form but if there's none here are some details!!




    Location:Dubai GMT+4

    Been playing the game since 2012-2014 and i then moved to bedrock edition where i had an on/off thing and finally i have decided to buy the java the game because of nostalgia.Hope to hear from you soon

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