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    *sigh* like 15 people have posted a topic about this... we dont know what it is. people say it's a shadow glitch with the end portal after you beat the ender dragon. IDK. :/
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    Pokemon with deity worship

    please dont remind me of that... stupid religious people... i'm Christan and all (i know i didn't spell that right) but the way people talk like pokemon are "demons" and all? REALLY!? people can be so stupid... makes us sensible Christans look bad...
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    Quote from zknight152

    Wisdom books should have levels and can be used to decipher enchantments and to know what enchantment you are getting. How does this sound?

    yes yes YES! i would LOVE to know what enchantment i'm getting. what if i dont WANT that enchantment? i think that's a good idea.
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    mods if this isn't in the right area move it please.
    i have a friend that borrowed my account for something and one of the mods might know the account that he borrowed: mega245. he gave it to somebody else and he changed the password also. i dont want to pay for it again so if the mods could please change the password to something simple and give it to me?
    i mean if you have access to passwords.
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