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    posted a message on 1.8.1 Wooden Armour+ Mod (WIP) looking for testers!

    graphic by ET3RNlTY

    The Wooden Armour + mod!
    Because it's Wooden Armour + more.
    It all started with a simple idea: Wooden Armor in Minecraft. I plan to add much, much more!

    This is my first mod, so please be nice xP I know many other mods have probably done wooden armor and some other things like this, but I would just like some feedback on this as a first mod and what I could do to improve. I'm gonna be adding to this over time so give me any feature ideas you'd like! Remember I'm a complete noob to modding when suggesting things, and I only have use of a good computer on weekends. Don't expect the Aether here.

    - coding, textures, thread management, supervisor
    ET3RNlTY- graphics, textures, concepts

    -STATUS OF MOD: currently on hold!-
    We are currently working on- getting a computer I can code on :sad.gif:
    Predicted next release- ASAP, bear with me!
    Why is the release so far away? Refer to this- http://bit.ly/rojjUx
    If you want to watch me coding and testing, check here on weekends- http://www.livestrea...m/ninjawafflexd
    If I'm not live, it says so and loops some videos from my youtube channel.

    For better, up-to-the-minute updates and my thoughts on the mod, here's my Twitter!
    Follow me, it's my personal account but I mostly talk about my projects and updates and such :smile.gif:

    The latest version (v4) includes:
    Wooden Armour:
    Crafted like all other armors, just using wooden planks. Same specs as Chain Armour.

    Reinforced Cobblestone:
    Cobblestone crafted with Iron Bars yields Reinforced Cobble. Half the resistance of Obsidian. Reinforced Cobble is like stone in that it requires a pick to mine.

    Redstone Block:
    Storage for Redstone Dust. Crafted by filling up the crafting table slots with Redstone Dust, as when storing other gems or ingots.

    The Redstone Block does not act differently than a normal block when redstone current is applied to it. Call it a cost of easy storage. (Really I just didn't have time/know how to do this. Maybe in a later version!) Redstone Blocks now give off a red dust particle animation.

    Iron Pressure Plates:
    Set off only by players. Crafted out of Iron Ingots in the same pattern as a normal pressure plate.

    Apple Sauce:
    Crafted by placing an Apple and a Cinnamon Stick over an Empty Bowl. Has the same texture as Mushroom Soup. Eating leaves you with the bowl (bowls generally don't taste that good)

    Stews for Every Meat! (almost)
    Cooked meat over a bowl results in the corresponding stew type. Squid Chops look like pork. No Fish Stew yet, sorrz :sad.gif:

    Cinnamon Sticks!
    Cinnamon Sticks are required to make Apple Sauce. As of v4, they are collected by breaking Tall Grass. Same texture as Stick.

    Planned Features!
    Paper Armour (suggested by BrokenEye)- makes you invincible to arrows and gets stronger in water
    Stone Armour- between Wooden and Iron
    More Tools- different tools, maybe smaller versions of current tools
    Placeable Gunpowder- make gunpowder placeable like redstone, when ignited destroys only the block it is on
    Pudding! Cocoa + Milk + Empty Bowl
    Sheep dropping meat of some kind
    Green Apples- can be eaten or crafted into Applesauce, drop from leaves occasionally
    Cinnamon! Where should it come from? (see poll)
    And, Secret Stuff. This Secret Stuff will allow you do do Secret Things, Possibly. I love easter eggs.
    These are POSSIBLE ideas! No promises! Remember my nub status as a modder.

    Wooden Helmet item and on player

    Crafting Reinforced Cobble

    Close-up of Apple Sauce in the hotbar showing the name

    Version 4, showing my new textures (so proud :3)
    More pictures soon!

    xxchillen8xx on version 1:

    xxchillen8xx on version3:

    keitachan on version 3:

    Me on version 4:

    ET3RNlTY on version 4:
    More videos soon!
    Compatibilities / Incompatibilities / Bugs
    (Please report these to me in the comments!)
    Proven to work with-
    Timber Mod
    Zeppelin Mod
    Single Player Commands
    Shelf Mod
    Armor Stand mod
    Proven not to work with-
    Chemistry Mod
    and a lot more probably as it edits core files
    bed problems, cobweb problems, crashes - not sure if vanilla or me
    Reinforced Cobble takes same time to destroy with every pickaxe
    This is an adfly link. I would LOVE for you to use it, since it's only 5 or 6 extra seconds out of your day!
    version 1 http://adf.ly/2tVJV
    version 2 http://adf.ly/2tgk7
    version 3 http://adf.ly/31exn
    version 4 http://adf.ly/3MJ3c
    The adfly link gives me a ridiculously small amount of money when you use it. But every little bit helps me, and I appreciate every click.
    If you seriously, truly don't have enough time for the adfly link (maybe you want to try this mod before a bomb goes off or something) then here is the normal link.
    version 1 Mediafire Link http://www.mediafire...89zndjaczoncqbb
    version 2 Mediafire Link http://www.mediafire...1sa8c1q78pgs4ds
    version 3 Mediafire Link http://www.mediafire...xnkixktlnlw7dip
    version 4 Mediafire Link http://www.mediafire...1e7the38eqodd14

    World File!
    Here's a world file for videomakers and testers:

    If you like the mod and can afford to donate, it's very much appreciated! :smile.gif:

    Please give feedback!
    And remember this is my first mod >.<

    Version 1- added Wooden Armour and Reinforced Cobble, added Redstone Block with broken recipe
    Version 2- Fixed Redstone Block, added Iron Pressure Plates
    Version 3- Fixed Iron Pressure Plates and added Apple Sauce
    Version 4- Fixed red blocks not giving a drop, fixed red blocks not being craftable into dust, gave red blocks and hard cobble textures, gave red blocks a redstone particle effect, made squids drop squid chops, made stews for beef, pork, chicken, and squid, added cinnamon



    We now have a support signature, it looks like:

    It links to this thread.
    Here's the code, if you want to support!

    One last thing. The stuff I use to make this thread look all fancy:
    Crafting Recipe pictures- http://minecraftrecipedesigner.com/
    gifs- http://picasion.com/
    Signature- Made with the Minecraft Achievement Generator: http://mag.racked.eu/generate.php
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    posted a message on 1.8.1 Wooden Armour+ Mod (WIP) looking for testers!
    Quote from minedmaster

    Gah Last post Today : Works With ArmorStand By Risugami

    Awesome, thanks! Got your ideas too.
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    posted a message on Underground Survival v1.2
    Hooray glad the videos got done! We should be doing some more this weekend, I can't get enough of this map :smile.gif: Good job!
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    posted a message on 1.8.1 Wooden Armour+ Mod (WIP) looking for testers!

    Hey man I could help you with coding some of it. Message me :smile.gif:

    Thanks! Any advice you can provide would be a huge help! :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [WIP](1.11.2) 10-9-17 Digimobs(0.9.9) Pre-Release Redux-er Digimon in Minecraft! Now for 1.11.2
    Looks fun! I'll do a vid sometime, if you like.
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    posted a message on [W.I.P] The Dawn Of The Samurai
    Same as the first guy, I have minimal coding experience but I hope this turns into a mod, it sounds awesome and I'd definitely do a video!
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    posted a message on 1.8.1 Wooden Armour+ Mod (WIP) looking for testers!
    I have many ideas and suggestions, thanks everyone who gave me some! I'm planning on recoding from scratch using modloader this weekend because it's easier to mod with modloader and I want to restart now while there isn't much to redo :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.8.1 Wooden Armour+ Mod (WIP) looking for testers!
    Quote from Goonminiclips47

    Testing v2 will make a video tomorrow

    Awesome, thanks! Can I use the video for this thread, and for the release thread when I move it?
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    posted a message on Silver fish Mountain
    I suspect drug abuse.
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    posted a message on 1.8.1 Wooden Armour+ Mod (WIP) looking for testers!
    Quote from BrokenEye

    Is that even possible to put into the game? Armor that's impervious to arrows but vulnerable to everything else? Doesn't the game register all damage the same way or something?

    Here's an article:

    Oh yeah, and it somehow got tougher when it was wet.

    Okay, I've done some digging, and it looks like the game keeps track of damage sources. http://imgur.com/ArEVE
    The problem is figuring out how to use this stuff xD probably not gonna be able to unless I use modloader and I don't feel like starting over yet.. gonna work on some new stuff first
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