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    Hey guys its Ninjastar101 and this is my second mod if you would like to see my first mod it is in my signature! however this post is for my second mod Mo' Foods. This mod introduces a few new types of food (which i will defiantly add more) Thanks now i will get to the mod!


    Pasta: Heals 2 hunger bars because they are very easy to make.

    Bolognes: Heals 4 Hunger bars, double as much as regular pasta.

    Noodles: same as pasta but like for some reason heals more because i like noodles! :) (heals 3)

    Plastic Container: Its like a smaller Portable chest!

    Flour: One of the main components of this mod!

    Plastic: Used for more things to come and containers!

    Cone: It's a paper cone for snowcones....

    SnowCone: It's snow in a cone. (Heals 2)

    SandWhich: Its just bread with meat in it.. (Heals 5)

    Kebab: MEAT ON A STICK! (Helas 3) quite pointless... will increase in update.

    Raw Lamb: Dropped from sheep! (Heals 2)

    Cooked Lamb: Lamb that is nice and tender! ( heals 4)

    Raw Sausage: Its like Bacon but a sausage! ( Heals 2)

    Cooked Sausage: Cooked long sausage that is wonderful (Heals 4)

    HotDog: Its a sausage surrounded by bread! ( heals 6)

    Sushi: Its Fish raw fish with seaweed! ( Heals 1.5)

    Seaweed: its seaweed that has been carried by a squid. (heals nothing)

    Apple Pie: its a pastry with APPLE! ( Heals 5)

    Meat Pie: its a pastry with MEAT! (Heals 6)

    Pizza Slice: like a melon but a delicious Pizza. (Heals 1)

    Pizza: A full pizza that heals nine and is mouthwatering (Heals 9)

    Olives: Delicous and common broken off vines! (Heals 1)

    Fried Egg: Delisious egg that is great for waking up!

    Waffle: Its a waffle nuff said

    Slice o' Cheese: Put a bucket in a furnace and NOM! (heals 2)

    Cheese Wheel: It heals the amount of FOUR CHEESE!



    Thanks to matic0basle

    Thanks to bestiaryharry

    Thanks to Best_Architect

    Thanks to tmascraft


    1) Download mod
    2) Download Risugamis modloader
    3) Delete Meta-Inf
    4) Drag and drop Modloader files
    5) Drag and drop this mods files in!
    6) ENJOY!

    Release V3! Mediafire: http://www.mediafire...2jpk5bxgd175807

    Release V3! DropBox: http://dl.dropbox.co...7%20Food%29.zip

    Old Versions

    V1 : Initial Release!
    V2: Added Fried Eggs
    V3: Added Cheese slice, Cheese wheel and Waffle!

    Thank you please leave feed back and ideas

    -Ninjastar101 Coding
    -BlahThing Textures



    ALSO! please check out my Website for more of my mods! at http://teamlagzillamodders.webs.com/
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    So far i have added caramel, toffee, and caramel apple working on the cake tomorrow, its late here!
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    A Little Bit of Everything
    Hey guys I'm Ninjastar101 and this is my first mod. I only started making mods about 2 or 3 months ago and I was just playing around with it but I have decided to release 1. This mod has a little bit of everything (which is quite of obvious). I will update this mod as soon as I can when each patch comes out and if I have any more ideas for it (Feel free to post ideas in the comments).





    Glow Glass: Like Glass but GLOWS!!!!

    Trampoline: It's like a bouncy block!

    Dynamite: BOOOM!

    Uranium Rod: For furnace fuels and DYNAMITE!

    Muffin: Delicious Food

    Iron Katana: Pretty much an iron sword BUT FOR NINJAS!

    Diamond Shard: Used for crafting diamond tipped iron swords(more to come)

    Diamond Tipped Iron Sword: Same strength as diamond but same durability as iron.

    Obsidian Tools: Better than DIAMONDS!

    Ghoul Tome: Used to summon a ghoul... that will attack you...

    Blast Glass: Glass that can withstand TNT and MORE!

    Blast Proof Wall: A wall that can withstand ANYTHING, except fists, picks and anything else that isn't explosions(Place holder texture)

    Dirt House Block: left click when in survival and you will get a small dirt house.

    Coal Block: Just for storage purposes

    Grenade. bouncy and EXPLOSIVE

    Redstone Block: Used for storing redstone

    Solar Panel: Emits a redstone signal when light is above it

    Nether Diamonds: Like Diamonds but made with stuff from the nether....

    Fire Starter: its like flint and steel but powered with redstone...

    gun: shoots bullets.

    Bullet: Shot by a gun


    Latest V1.6.1 (1.2.5) Release http://www.mediafire...6i1azlqgjg8b5cx

    alternate: http://dl.dropbox.co....6.1%281%29.zip

    Older Versions
    V1.5 (1.2.5) http://www.mediafire...hwc7ble7a28xlzp
    V1.4 (1.2.5) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?hg5c4xpw734k3m3
    V1.3 (1.2.5) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mpw1z78xc3qggph
    V1.1 (1.2.5) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?h2dv5eho1w081zj
    V1.0 (1.2.5) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?izx57p2tq6yeyzx


    This mod Requires ModLoader.
    1. Simply Drag ModLoader files in minecraft.jar.
    2. Delete META-INF.
    3. Open mod with winrar or 7Zip and then open the minecraft folder.
    4. Drag All of this mods files into Minecraft.jar
    5. Play and have fun

    1. Chocolate spawns in dungeons
    2. Trampoline bug is being worked on
    3. Pumpkin soup is made with a pumpkin on top then a bowl underneath.
    4. Titanium can be smelted and used for tools
    5. Nether Diamonds can be used to make armor that makes you immune to fire


    The Irocate's Review:

    TomProGamer's Review:


    ilikepi315 for textures
    The Irocate for video ( http://www.youtube.com/user/Irocate )
    TomProGamer for Video (http://www.youtube.com/user/TomProGamer )


    Initial Release
    Bug Fixes
    skipped...(By accident)
    Bug fixes and added grenade and redstone block
    Made ghoul tome spawn ghoul where right clicked
    Added solar panel :) & texture updates
    Fatal ERROR!!!
    Large Update with a gun armor suit, booster and a fire starter


    Thanks Matix!


    Oh! and thanks Ilikepi315 for editting just that little bit!


    ALSO! please checkout my modding website! at http://teamlagzillamodders.webs.com/
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    posted a message on [Mod] Mo' Food (1.2.5)
    sure ill add that

    and im adding waffles and more soon!
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    posted a message on [MOD] A Little Bit of Everything (1.2.5) { +600 DOWNLOADS! }
    Sure ill Get right on it!
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    posted a message on StarWars Mod[Starting when mod API comes out]
    Hey guys its ninjastar101 here i just wanted to get some ideas on this.

    My friend and i were planning on making a starwars mod when the Mod API comes out and i just wanted to get some ideas so far i have these:

    After killing ender dragon a spaceship crashes into the over world and has to be repaired.
    Light Saber
    Custom GUI to pick planets
    Different tiers of ships
    Randomly Generating cities
    Alien Cities
    Random merchant stalls
    New Items
    Energy Cells
    Alien technology
    Some how the force (coding will be hard)
    Differnet Planets
    New Vehicles
    New Mobs
    Hidden Addons(?, you have to find out)
    Choose to be bad or good
    Armour (Jedi, Clone, DarthVader)
    Custom Animation For travelling to different planets
    Spaceship needs fuel
    Community Input-
    MikeThePotato- Npcs and aliens that give out quests, New Power Source
    BedrockPuncher- new dimension called spaceworld or something with the spaceships and the aliens and space stations to raid,bases,etc

    Current People Working on it-

    Me-Coder, Modeler, Texturer
    MatrixLicker-Coder, Modeler, Texturer

    So it would be much appreciated if you guys would give us some ideas.

    PS: we may need some help if you want to help PM me but progress will only start when Mod API comes out .


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    posted a message on [MOD] A Little Bit of Everything (1.2.5) { +600 DOWNLOADS! }
    Okay new grenade and redstone block and fixed not being able to get coal back
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    posted a message on [MOD] A Little Bit of Everything (1.2.5) { +600 DOWNLOADS! }
    I can try but it seems quite hard, but I will try
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    posted a message on [MOD] A Little Bit of Everything (1.2.5) { +600 DOWNLOADS! }
    Thanks for all the feedback and it's great to see all the ideas do lets keep them rolling ;)
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    posted a message on [MOD] A Little Bit of Everything (1.2.5) { +600 DOWNLOADS! }
    Great send me the link and I'll put in the OP
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