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    I see you were skilled enough to make an addon which is a rare thing. I was wondering if you could try to take on the challenge of making an addon that allows controller support. It will probably involve a lot of research to find out how bluetooth android controllers communicate with a device, but if you could make it.... LOTS of people would be sooooo thankful.

    The TMI mod is amazing otherwise. As you know the X-Ray is not functioning totally properly. On my Kindle Fire HD 7", it worked correctly in 16c, but in 17: the coal is not visible.

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    I don't know if this thread has been moved in the time since the other two posts but this is the Pocket Edition forum, and I might not be able to help but I can certainly give you the information you need to figure this out.

    Blocklauncher Pro is a wrapper for MCPE that allows you to easily patch mods, use texturepacks, create ModPE scripts, or install addons.

    Always make sure the switch for any option is on in the top right.

    Lets start with mods:

    MCPE mods usually end with the file extension".mod" (e.g. a spiderman mod might be called "spiderman.mod"). After downloading one, you can activate it by:

    1. Open up BLP
    2. Tap the wrench at the top of the screen
    3. Select "Patch mods in-game""
    4. Select "Import"
    5. Navigate to your Downloads folder
    6. Tap the ".mod" file
    It will appear in a list where you can tap it to enable/disable it or delete it from the list. (it will not be deleted form your Downloads folder.)

    NOTE: Most ".mod" mods will not work in the current version of mcpe, so check what version it is for before you download it.

    Texturepacks are stored as a ZIP file, and activated within the Launcher Options.

    1. Open up BLP
    2. Tap the wrench at the top of the screen
    3. Select Launcher Options
    4. Select Texture Pack
    5. Tap "Select"
    6. Navigate to where it is stored on your device and select it.
    You can also use the Demo texture pack by following steps 1-4 then selecting the "Demo". (The demo Texture Pack is that cartoony one, and you may be able to disable it by turning OFF the texture packs option.)

    ModPE scripts are javascript code that run in singleplayer worlds. They can be activated in multiple ways:

    1. Open up BLP
    2. Tap the wrench at the top of the screen
    3. Select "Manage ModPE scripts"
    You can Import scripts by selecting "import" and choosing one of these three methods:

    1. Import from local storage:
    Select a ".js" file from the memory of your device
    2. Import from web address:
    Paste a URL containing the ".js" file
    3. Import from clipboard:
    Paste the raw code into BLP where it will create its own ".js" file containing your code.

    Addons are a newer feature where you install an "apk" file onto your device as an application, then select it in BLP:

    1. Open up BLP
    2. Tap the wrench at the top of the screen
    3. Select Launcher Options
    4. Select Manage addons
    5. It will autodetect and you will just have to make sure it is enabled.
    I hope you can figure it out! If you need any more help, you can reply with the info/question. :)
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    The game will set your inventory slots based on your D-Pad size, try making it higher then resetting it to what you had previously.

    Good luck.
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    Sadly, Minecraft PE worlds are saved locally on the device they are created on. There is no way to access them from any other device.

    The amazon account does not save worlds to the cloud, nor can you create a login to automatically update maps from other devices, sorry.

    As for your son, you might encourage him to have a survival mode world on one device and a creative mode world on another. That way it can be equally as fun even without this capability.
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