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    posted a message on ObsessivelyCompulsivelyDerived Items - OCD pack addon

    The Obsessively Compulsively Derived Items addon [OCD Items] is my rendition of FVDisco's style transferred to minecraft's items!

    Download Here

    This is a thrown together thread, I will add screenies and more on the weekend. <3

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    posted a message on Bought MC 2 days ago, skin not showing on sites like MCSkinSearch
    Such search sites are CaSe SeNsItIvE! Make sure you are using the EXACT name you bought the account as (How it appears in-game).

    Also try to view the image directly (replace my name with yours):

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    posted a message on oCd Pack by disco 1.8
    Leaves have broken textures on Fast graphics for some reason?? I've checked the images and they are all correct.


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    posted a message on tga help
    You can edit a .tga file with a photo editor called Paint.NET, which also allows you to reduce the size of your textures and resave them as the mipmap images.
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    posted a message on your first build? what was it?
    My first build was a house made completely out of glass in the classic creative singleplayer mode. Then I found multiplayer and built things like a 2 floor maze, a bowling alley with working pins (using fancy plugins), and a ferris wheel. Then I found the PCGamer demo and made a treehouse with a diving board into a little pond below.
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    posted a message on Minecraft on Amazon Fire TV cannot connect to external server over wired network
    If the message does say "through WiFi" as opposed to "to WiFi", it probably doesn't support wired connections. That isn't a bug; just an unimplemented feature. I have no clue as to why they wouldn't support wired connections.
    I don't think there is any way around your problem, however I do not own a FT, so I cannot test it.

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    posted a message on Cannot Login
    In your options you can login to Realms Alpha using your Mojang account.
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    posted a message on Log out underground, spawn in overworld over underground position when logging back in... Android version
    I was having this problem when playing on a LAN world hosted by iOS but that was in the initial release of 0.9.5; Mojang has since released a second 0.9.5 for android that fixes bugs like that, dying when spawning, spawning in random places and dying, yada yada yada.

    Go to the google play store and see if there is an available update.
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    posted a message on Cannot Login
    You cannot login to Realms Alpha with your Mojang account at this time, as it is no longer available. Next realms update will probably be the full release.

    As to why it won't load, it just takes a while sometimes. If you wait, it will bring up a screen saying pocket realms is no longer available.
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    posted a message on Less Inventory Slots

    The game will set your inventory slots based on your D-Pad size, try making it higher then resetting it to what you had previously.

    Good luck.
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    posted a message on Multiplayer Bug

    He needs to update his game from (app store, google play, Amazon appstore) so that you both have the same version.

    The latest version is 0.9.5
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    posted a message on Multiplayer questions (new to minecraft)

    You can play online multiplayer by IP, but the host will need to port forward on their home router.

    There are tons of tutorials on youtube or other helpful sites; just look it up on google.

    The default port is 19132

    Then just give them your IP and they can add an external server in their MCPE game to connect!
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    posted a message on Multiplayer issues 0.9.5

    To start off, I am having the same issue with the bug tracker not having an MCPE bug create button.

    Aside from that:

    1. Old worlds are having that issue with double chests splitting apart. You can break one and replace it to fix it but it might not be permanent.

    2. The pale mobs glitch is when it isn't showing the mob texture, but is instead showing the skybox through the entity. The only thing similar to that I have seen is that when I join a world from my iPhone, sometimes mobs are completely invisible. One of the graphics setting might change that.

    3. There was a bug where when you would spawn into a world OR respawn after dying you would die again and lose all of your stuff.

    4. Wolves are very messed up in multiplayer right now. Sorry.

    A lot of these bugs seem to be fixed when I play with my cousin, but hopefully you guys will see some changes in the next few updates. (which will probably not come out for a good while :-\)

    Happy Minecrafting!
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    posted a message on No saddle ?!?!

    To start off, you posted in the Minecraft POCKET EDITION support forum, which is for the mobile version not the computer version.

    Second of all, you need to tame horses before you can ride them. You can do so by right clicking on one with an empty hand; You will begin to ride the horse but will have no control over it until it bucks you off. You can continue to do so until the horse gives off heart particles and it will be tamed. Feeding the horse wheat, sugar, or apples to make it tame faster. You can then open your inventory while riding the horse, or get off and shift+right click with an empty hand to put the saddle on it. which will then allow you to ride it.

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on [GUIDE]MCPE Custom Superflat Worlds|Android & iOS|Jailbreak not required
    Welcome to my guide on how to set custom superflat presets for your MCPE creative world!


    1. On your device, download "ES File Explorer" and open it up.(Amazon appstore version for Kindle Fire Users)

    2. Navigate to "/sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraft pe" and tap on "options.txt" (If asked, open with ES text viewer)

    3. Find the line that says "game_flatworldlayers:[7,3,3,2]"

    Continue on to setting your superflat preset.

    <<<<<<<<iOS(with computer)>>>>>>>>

    1. Download iExplorer

    2. Plug your iDevice into your computer via USB.

    3. Open iExplorer and it will auto-detect your device.

    4. Navigate to {DeviceName}/Apps/Minecraft PE/Documents/games/com.mojang/minecraftpe" and right click options.txt>Export to Folder>Desktop>OK

    5. Go to desktop and open options.txt

    6. Find the line that says "game_flatworldlayers:[7,3,3,2]"

    Continue on to setting your superflat preset.


    The numbers in []'s are block IDs for the layers of the flatworld with the first number being the bottom layer and the last number the top layer.
    (It might seem confusing, but don't worry, its not.)

    If you want a custom one, go to this Minecraft Item ID list and search for any block. get the number next to it(if it says 35:1, do 35:1 exactly as it is.) and type the numbers between the [brackets] with commas between each number.

    Most people would want bedrock at the bottom so that's [7]
    add any blocks you want, like TNT [7,46]
    with fire on top? [7,46,51]
    and some grass to stand on. [7,46,51,2]
    I've tested it, and this will crash your game so use at your own risk. lol

    Here are some presets from the PC version:
    (Presets with ** are untested. Use at own risk)

    ON iOS, after editing the txt file, you must drag it back into the same folder in iExplorer.

    Classic Flat:

    *Tunneler's Dream*:


    *Water World*:


    *Snowy Kingdom*:


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