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I like minceraft. It is game. I have forum account. I'm not very hostile, I guess. In all honesty, I usually type huge stories in my bios, but I've gotten sick of it so I'm just writing this. Hey, I'm not wasting all my energy typing a bio for Minecraft Forums. But here I am. Why are you even reading this? Do you have something to prove? Do you think this is funny?! Do you think this is a joke?!?!? Well it is, and thanks for thinking its funny. If you didn't think it was funny, at least give me a pity laugh. Thanks for reading this, I guess. Bye.


Minceraft, Indie Games, Comedy, Zelda, Star Trek, Doctor Who (before Clara... left) video games, pointy objects, swords (which is in the genre of pointy objects), being a geek, my office chair, and everyone who somewhat supports me (thanks, m8s).

Location MACS0647-JD (Google it)

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