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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    Thread should be locked for redundancy....
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    posted a message on Craftable Packed Ice
    Quote from Arsenous»
    Overpowered. No support.

    Packed Ice is overpowered...? As far as I know, there's no tactical advantage to having it, other than it looks pretty.
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    posted a message on Craftable Packed Ice
    I was thinking it would be cool (no pun intended) to have craftable packed ice. It could be similar to sand into sandstone, where 4 ice blocks make 1 packed ice. More flexibility for people who want to build things out of ice without finding Ice Plains Spikes biomes.
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    posted a message on Ocean & Boat Sounds?
    I was sailing between continents in my survival world today when I noticed how quiet it was. When you are in the middle of a deep ocean/ ocean biome, there is nothing that makes sound whatsoever. It makes it unnaturally quiet and I was thinking it would be cool to add some mellow sound effects to the experience.

    For instance, what if when you were within earshot of an ocean biome, you could hear waves?
    It would also be neat if the boats themselves made noise... maybe an occasional soft creaking noise for the wooden planks?

    Just a thought. I appreciate the little things they do in minecraft like that, like the different sound effects for footsteps depending on the blocks you step on.
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    posted a message on How to place chests next to chests
    Quote from IronMagus

    The "secret," for anyone who didn't know, is placing trapped chests next to regular chests. I flippin' hate when people make a video-only post for something as simple as this, and can't just write what it is next to the video. You, sir, have just earned yourself a thumbs-down. Hope you're happy.

    At least he doesn't have a 6 minute introduction about how his day went. Props for that at least.
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    posted a message on Save File started in 1.2.5
    Quote from Darkmalachi

    Looks great! i really like the tower!

    Thanks! :D

    View from throne:

    Looks like i need to put the carpet back... at one point i accidentally converted it back to 1.5.2 so the carpets are gone atm.
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    posted a message on Mob Talker Scripts Chest
    Sent a message to Flammarilva, the one who posted the original Mob Talker thread to see if he can give any feedback.

    Think I'm gonna take a break.. i've been at this for the past 2 or 3 hours lol
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    posted a message on Mob Talker Scripts Chest
    Quote from jflc0l3

    This is a great interest to me, if one of you guys figure out how to use custom emotions, let me know!

    Way ahead of you guys :P

    I found a way to decompile the .class file, but it re-saves it as java.
    I just need to find a way to re-compile it into a .java .class file.

    EnumFaces.class modified:
    public final class EnumFaces extends Enum

    public static final EnumFaces Normal;
    public static final EnumFaces Angry;
    public static final EnumFaces Sad;
    public static final EnumFaces Happy;
    public static final EnumFaces Tired;
    public static final EnumFaces Shy;
    public static final EnumFaces Custom1;
    private static final EnumFaces $VALUES[];

    public static EnumFaces[] values()
    return (EnumFaces[])$VALUES.clone();

    public static EnumFaces valueOf(String name)
    return (EnumFaces)Enum.valueOf(EnumFaces, name);

    private EnumFaces(String s, int i)
    super(s, i);

    Normal = new EnumFaces("Normal", 0);
    Angry = new EnumFaces("Angry", 1);
    Sad = new EnumFaces("Sad", 2);
    Happy = new EnumFaces("Happy", 3);
    Tired = new EnumFaces("Tired", 4);
    Shy = new EnumFaces("Shy", 5);
    Custom1 = new EnumFaces("Custom1", 6);
    $VALUES = (new EnumFaces[] {
    Normal, Angry, Sad, Happy, Tired, Shy, Custom 1

    Modified portions are higlighted in blue.

    Should work if I can just figure out how to re-compile the damn thing.

    That should add the emotion "Custom1".
    If that works after I figure out how to compile it back into a .class file, we should be able to add at least 4 or 5 custom emotions.
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