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    Hello everyone in the Minecraft group
    here is
    Introduction to the Earth_Survival server
    Server name: Earth_survival (Earth Survival)
    Current version: 1.16.2
    Communication platform: Discord
    Opening time:
    Weekdays: 6:00 to 10:00
    Holiday: 10:00~22:00
    (Emergency conditions will affect the opening time)
    Server login method:
    There are no rules on this server
    Updates are also explored by players themselves
    As long as you are not malicious
    Up to you
    The map uses Minecraft 1:500 (version 1.16)
    If you need to find islands, please search this website
    There is a way to query the coordinates
    Survive on a primitive earth
    What can you create?
    Is to occupy an island with friends
    Create a country
    Still a bard
    Travel around the world to perform your performance
    Or you want to be at sea
    Create everything yourself?
    3, 7 fixed updates every week
    The content is all explored by the player
    A variety of gameplay options
    The server is set up using Akarin
    So the version update speed
    Will be slower
    The owner's suggestion:
    Respawn point will place a command block
    Send randomly to
    +-100k+-100k surface
    Start to survive
    0,0 coordinates start calculation
    +-128+-128 cells cannot be destroyed
    The update content will not be disclosed by the owner
    Some content may
    Lead to different gameplay
    And in the absence of an administrator
    (Including the host are players)
    This server will
    Same as earth society
    Full of countless changes
    So-called government
    It is also established by your group of players!

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