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    posted a message on New soon to be awesome server DreamClan - Need YouTubers, staff And builders
    Position: any I honestly couldn't care less I just want something to do in minecraft
    IGN: Nigeki (if you're asking for account name)
    Timezone: GMT -5 or Eastern Standard Time
    age: 22
    Experience: None as any of those though I played quite a bit of singleplayer (5000+hours) and am skilled at redstone
    HMDWA: Basically available everyday depends on if something else comes up
    HMHPD: I can't promise I'd spend time every day, However I could probably spend upwards of 10hours a week on the server, again other stuff may come up that prevent that
    Skype: [Removed for privacy reasons]

    P.s: My personal build specialty is "interior" I can make the inside of a game or building look good but the outside would look like a grey block in most cases, so I'd need to rely on someone else for outside embellishments, if that matters at all. I'm also not knowledgeable with command blocks though I'm a quick learner so If needed I'd go and learn the commands and how to make them work

    Edit: I forgot to mention I have a youtube channel, though I make videos for fun so there's no real schedule or anything and very few at the moment. but to display builds or events I could easily record.
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    posted a message on Recording Programs?
    A free software would be "OBS" or "Open Broadcasting software" it's free and technically a live streaming software but with a few settings tweak you can use it for screen capture. It's more complicated and needs a more hands-on approach than fraps or bandicam but can do the job
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    posted a message on Don't just survive your first day on a new world, prosper!
    As most of us experienced players know, the often hardest part on a new world is the first day and night. We explore around to find a good looking location for a home, Plan out future bastions and various constructions etc. And before we know it the darkness of night envelops the world.

    Without shelter nor equipment the first night can be a nightmare, especially for new players or on higher difficulties and whilst one can always dig in the dirt for short term shelter... Well that just can't do!

    And so I set forth on a video making journey to display tricks and tips for new minecraft players to help them make their first day and night as efficient as possible and in this video I do just that! I show everything from gather wood for shelter to making charcoal for light and even getting food and a bed! Beyond just that I could keep half the day for whatever other activity I wanted to perform!

    So new players and experienced players alike, if you want to know a great way to survive the first night well: Here it is!

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