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    posted a message on xbox 360 player looking for friends to play minecraft with

    Hello to those interested I am looking for people to play Minecraft Xbox 360 with. If you are interested please let me know or friend me on the gamer tag: UnbiddenClub59

    I am mostly looking for people to screw around with, on survival or otherwise. if you have any adventure maps or anything of the sort I am intrested.

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    posted a message on F.F.F survival server (teams allowed)

    hello i have a survival server up for free for all survival teams are allowed and you must have a mic anyone can join but remember respect others and don't kill someone just to destroy their stuff or you will be banned

    main objectives

    anyone kill the ender dragon

    make a few shops

    add currency at some point

    and much more to come including contests every once in a while


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    posted a message on Xbox 360 Survival hardmode Semi-pvp server (Claim your land)


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    posted a message on Minecraft Xbox 360 Creative builders needed

    i would like to join i have sent you a request already but gt is :unbiddenClub59

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    posted a message on TNT WARS MINIGAME

    gt: UnbiddenClub59

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    add me I would love this gt:UnbiddenClub59

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    posted a message on Looking for people to play with?


    just looking for some people to screw around with on random maps

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    posted a message on [CURRENCY][COMMUNITY/FACTION][MATURE][BEST XBOX 360 RPG] [PICS NOW UPDATED 10/10/2015]

    this sounds like a very nice server in my idea of jobs


    -shop keep(of any short)


    i would prefer black smith but if you can't get me that the shop keep is better


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    posted a message on tnt wars server looking for builders
    I am looking for people to come to the server to play
    the rules are as follows
    1.No cheating or you will lose a live
    2.players get 5 lives each and will be put in creative when all lives are lost
    3.you may repair tnt cannons and make a wall only on the border
    3.you cannot take the opponents items out of the chest they may get destroyed by tnt but nothing else
    4.don't be a jerk
    5. be respectful
    6 have fun
    if you think any rules may apply let me know

    area description and teams

    players will be set in a gigantic box with a bridge between 2 side going over lava
    each base will have a oak plank wall around it with doors on each side
    the chests will contain building blocks(see rules above) bows and tnt for the elevated cannons as well as swords and food and other items i see fit
    team size goes up to 8 people and 16 people in an xbox live party while minimum size is 2 to a team
    once you step over the opposing teams line they can legally kill you unless you are both over the line then you may kill eachother

    killing and destroying

    now then i have already touched ground with stepping over the enemy line but here are some general rules
    you may destroy the enemy wall to gain an advantage for tnt cannons but nothing else
    tnt cannons may explode on their own but they may get destroyed by the opposition tnt
    enemies may knock you into the lava with a bow or maybe tnt
    each team will also have fixed arrow dispensers these can be used to prevent an attack across a bridge

    I feel as though i have touched on every important issue now but if you have anything that you feel I should know let me know
    I will be looking for builders to help make more arenas that have more of a variety to them so if you have ideas shoot me a message

    shoot me a message to gamertag:UnbiddenClub59 if you wanna join in the chaos of my minecraft severs
    oh and please tell me if you friend me for the server because i want to keep a list of contacts so i don't get screwed up

    pssst trolling is allowed given permission and explanation as to what you are doing

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