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    Redstone is an awesome way to introduce someone to computer science. Although it's definitely not the same as real electronics, it can teach you a lot and get you interested in it. If minecraft didn't have redstone I would probably have stopped playing a long time ago
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    Quote from Khlorghaal

    'terrified the yogscast' Lol that doesn't make it sound intimidating

    It doesn't take much to scare those guys xD
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    Hello everyone! I am Newomaster, a redstone engineer from the ORE redstone foundation. Today I have a creation I've been working on for quite some time: a redstone calculator. I made this calculator for fun over a few weeks (off and on building). It can handle input numbers up to 999 (10 bit) and do all four of the "basic" arithmetic operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide). It is also capable of decimal output for division accurate to two decimal places (+ or - .02 accuracy).

    Video of it in action:

    You can download it and check it out for yourself here:
    Keep in mind that it is still newly finished and might be a big buggy. If you find any issues just let me know and I'll fix and problems.

    This project is also on the ORE redstone server at: mc.openredstone.org

    This being my first real post on the minecraft forums, I hope it's at least somewhat interesting to people. If you liked it (or didn't) leave some feedback, I'd love to hear anything you guys have to say about this.
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    This is a fractal pattern I made a long time ago while messing around with worldedit. Found it when clearing out my screenshots.
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